10 Best Ghostwriting Services in the World in 2024

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

What does it take to capture the attention of your audience? The art of writing simple yet impactful content is not something everyone can master, yet it is a significant factor in a company’s journey to success.

Creating any form of content requires in-depth research, professional skill, and time. The smart move for a company needing content that connects with audiences is hiring professional content writers. Choosing a content service from the many content writing agencies available can be a drawn-out process.

Many companies choose to opt for in-house writers, not knowing that in-house writers can restrict the scope of content due to their lack of experience in diverse industries. As one of the many content writing agencies, we understand that giving content curation the time and effort required to aid your company’s growth can be difficult, so we present a list of solutions to all your content-related problems. 

Content Writing is an umbrella term that covers various aspects that add to the overall success of a company. Content can include;

  • Ghostwriting 
  • Infographics
  • Videographics
  • Article writing 
  • Blog writing 
  • Product descriptions
  • SEO writing

And these are just a few examples of the many facets of content available. Content requirements mean different things to different companies, so picking one out of the many excellent content writing agencies can be a dire task. To assist you in making the decision to select content writing agencies that suit your needs, we have assembled a list of the world’s most renowned content writing agencies and their services.

1. Write Right

Write Right has made quite a name for itself in the past years. They are recognised as one of India’s fastest-growing content writing agencies and have high ratings on several platforms such as Goodfirms, Clutch, G2 and more. Not only are they known for being the best ghostwriting service providers in India, but they also offer an extensive range of services varying from blog writing and copywriting to SOP writing services for students aspiring to study abroad. 

Although Write Right has recently focused its services on academic writing assistance, do not underestimate the skill of their professional content writers who strive to provide top-notch quality content. Write Right mainly caters to students and small to medium-sized firms. With the numerous content solutions available at Write Right, your company will likely find exactly what is needed to fulfil its content needs. Before deciding, let us examine the possible benefits and drawbacks of partnering with Write Right.


  • Write Right has a stellar reputation which attests to its claims of providing high-quality content
  • It is one of the few agencies that provide the best ghostwriting services


  • Write Right primarily focuses on students and academic writing. This may limit their services to professional business seekers
  • Their costing may not be suitable for businesses with tight budgets, as their main focus is delivering high-quality content

Customer Reviews: 5 stars

“They treated the work like it was for their own company – this ensured the quality was maintained throughout.” – Prabhat Pandey

2. Estorytellers

Estorytellers outshines its competition in the global market. It is a company that is reputed worldwide for its outstanding content writing services. It is one of the content writing agencies with the best ghostwriting services, similar to Write Right. 

However, unlike Write Right, Estoryteller’s main focus is on clients requiring the industry’s best ghostwriting services. Apart from the best ghostwriting services, they also provide a vast selection of content-related services. Due to their excellence in delivering content, they have been ranked high amongst their competitors in the US markets multiple times. 

The professional content writers at Estorytellers focus on delivering premium quality academic content and the best ghostwriting services. Some of the many services they offer are SOP writing services, the best ghostwriting services, blog writing services and more. Estorytellers could be a blessing to your company with its range of services. Let’s explore its positives and negatives so you can make an informed decision.


  • This company is the one for individuals or establishments looking for the best ghostwriting services. Their professional content writers are focused on providing the best ghostwriting services globally
  • Their team of professional content writers not only provide quality but they take punctuality very seriously, resulting in a very fast TAT so your content is delivered to you in just 48 hours.


  • Estorytellers is known for delivering its content in various niches. However, its main focus is on academic writing and ghostwriting

Customer Reviews: 4.9

“Estroytellers has one of the most talented teams of professional content writers I have had in my company. Striving and thriving to accomplish the given task, he is ingenious in what he does with the words. Now that he has made something on his own, it will definitely going to be incredible. The team is really good in professional SOP writing.”- Pratik Kanada

3. Content Whale

Content Whale is a globally recognised brand for its whale-sized impact on the content industry. Content Whale strives to deliver only top-notch quality content to its clients. Unlike all other content writing agencies, Content Whale has branched out its services over an ocean of content-related solutions. Any content requirement you have, they can fulfil. They are also among the few content writing agencies providing the best ghostwriting services. 

Their clientele is spread across the globe, serving over 1500+ clients. With their rapidly growing clientele, Content Whale has earned the title one of Asia’s largest content writing agencies. The wide variety of unique services offered by our professional content writers has the ability and adaptability to meet all kinds of content requirements with 100% plagiarism-free content. 

With their team of over 50 + professional content writers, they’re always prepared to take on every content-related task and deliver it to you in 48 hours. Not only do they provide stellar content writing services and one of the best ghostwriting services, but they also offer graphic designing services, social media marketing, etc. As a well-known company in the industry of content writing agencies, Content Whale also has drawbacks and advantages. 

Let us explore them together.


  • Along with their myriad of content solutions, they also offer the best ghostwriting services in the industry
  • Their prices are unbelievably pocket-friendly, also offering discounts on bulk orders.


  • Although they offer their services in a variety of languages, they are yet to add many more to that list 
  • Their services are spread out across 20+ industries, but they hope to expand to many more in the near future

Customer Reviews: 4.6

A great content writing agency to get High-quality content work and best ghostwriting services! This is an incredible team of professional content writers and editors that will bring you exactly what you need for your brand.- Smriti Chandra

4. Wordflex consult limited

Wordflex is one of the leading content writing agencies in the market. They are based in Nigeria and offer various services, including the best ghostwriting services. Wordflec fosters a hardworking team of professional content writers, SEO specialists, and expert copywriters and ghostwriters. They provide individual authors to create manuscripts and work with brands to meet their content needs. They have a global client base ranging from Europe to America. Some of their services include; book writing, article writing, case study writing, sales pitch, newsletter and more. 

Wordflex may be the content writing agency you’re looking for, to help you finalise your decision, let us delve into the pros and cons of this agency.


  • Compared to other content writing agencies, they offer a wider range of services, including the best ghostwriting services
  • Their international clientele is proof of their capability to provide quality content and the best ghostwriting services


  • Their global clientele does stand out as an impressive quality of their company, however, a wide variety of clients may result in less attention to detail or loner TAT.
  • Wordflex does offer a range of services to pick from, but the languages in which these services are offered are limited.

Customer Review- 5 Stars

“Written contents have never gone wrong with them. You’ll be marvelled by their expertise and their team of professional content writers”- Ifeoluwa Awowoye

5. Brafton

Brafton is a top content writing agency out of various content writing agencies, especially in terms of writing and promotion. It is a leading content and marketing agency from various content writing agencies in the US and UK. Brafton provides its customers with all-round content services across the globe. Brafton has made a space for itself in the market and earned the reputation of delivering the best ghostwriting services and excellent content and marketing solutions to several brands. Brafton not only provides the best content writing services but also branches out into content creation categories like video marketing, graphic design, and infographics.

 The firm follows a strategy that ensures SEO-optimised content and tends to content requirements like social media, paid advertising, email campaigns and more. Their professional content writers are trained to conduct thorough research before crafting content for your brand- this means the content you receive is the best quality and factually correct. Although Brafton provides everything a company is looking for in reference to content, there are still some strengths and weaknesses that we would like to highlight.


  • They have a very wide selection of content solutions for you to pick from
  • Brafton is one of the best ghostwriting services providers on a global scale. It’s right up there with WriteRight and Estorytellers


  • Their pricing may be a little heavy on the pockets
  • Brafton is a large company, and due to it’s offerings of many different content-related services, it may take a longer amount of time for your project to reach completion

Customer Reviews: 4.9

“We need to promote our business locally and globally So out of the numerous content writing agencies we choose Brafton agency for our business. It was good decision to hire Brafton agency for our business branding and promotion. They works with team of professional content writers and provide a solution with in time. It offers content writing services like article, blog and other promotional content for business. They charged content prices according to content words and always provide quality content.”- Kritika P.

6. E-Writer Solutions

E-Writer Solutions provides the best ghostwriting and book publishing services out of most content writing agencies. Although they claim to provide all content solutions, their website indicates their main focus is to provide the best ghostwriting services. They have a team of skilled professional content writers, authors and editors that provide various writing-related and publishing solutions. For the best ghostwriting services, our listicle has mentioned quite a few content writing agencies, but E-writer Solutions is the only agency that is mainly focused on offering the best ghostwriting services. 

Apart from offering the best ghostwriting services, they also offer their clients basic editing, generation of charts and graphs to go along with your written content, custom copyright page, quick delivery of an outlined draft before the final draft is delivered, and many more such benefits. If your company is mainly looking for publishers and the best ghostwriting services, then E-writers is for you. Although unlike WriteRight and Estorytellers, E-Writer Solutions offers only ghostwriting services and other services related to book publishing. Consider the following pros and cons before deciding on their service.


  • They provide the best ghostwriting services, and their team of professional content writers are trained in ghostwriting 
  • Their prices seem pretty reasonable


  • Although their services seem impressive, there is no solid indicator of the level of quality they provide
  • Businesses seeking a wider range of content services may find E-Writer Solutions less relevant to their needs.

Customer Reviews: 4.8

​​Overall, I had a good experience with them. They were great at communicating. The quality wasn’t what I was hoping for, but that was more my fault than theirs. I will definitely consider working with them again in the future, likely with a more experienced writer.”

7. ContentWriters

ContentWriters is one of the better-known content writing agencies amongst its competitors. It is based in the USA and serves as a one-stop shop for all your content requirements. They offer you many services to pick from; however, like many of the other content writing agencies such as Estorytellers, Content Whale, and others that you will read about in this list, Content Writers does not offer ghostwriting services.  Not only do they offer you a large selection of services but their American team of professional content writers provides niche expertise, so whether you require a blog post or a product description, Content Writers will provide a team of professional content writers with a deep understanding of the various industries to do the job for you. Rest assured, professionals from your field will craft your content.

Another major advantage of working with ContentWriters is their flexible contracts, so if you don’t have a very large budget, you need not worry. Content Writers also offers Managed services. Your account manager can support Topic pitching, Keyword research, Custom content, Writer retention, and more. Their platform is streamlined and fully scalable, with 100% original content to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Let’s narrow down the advantages and disadvantages of partnering with Content Writers.


  • Offer an Account Manager for a more streamlined process
  • They offer flexible packages that are pocket-friendly 


  • Do not offer ghostwriting services
  • Long TAT, according to previous customers

Customer Reviews: 4.6 Stars

“Content writers gets us! Their professional content writers understand the assignment and we rarely have to go back for revisions. They are fast and affordable. With little prompting and effort on our part, they keep up with our writing needs.”- Kim S.

8. Express Writers

Express Writers is well-known out of the many content writing agencies with 90+ highly trained professional content writers. They ensure that each of their writers undergo a rigorous testing stage before partnering with their company to ensure your company receives top-notch quality content. They provide a unique 4-level strategy, which includes 4 different levels of services their clients can choose from. 

The first level comprises of ‘general writers’ in this level your content reaches you in 2-3 days, and your company is assigned one of their professional content writers, however, this doesn’t include editing services. Ordering content at the second level, includes a TAT of 4-5 days and proofreading and editing. When your company requests for more specialist content, this falls under level three. It includes a 5-6 day turnaround and editing. The fourth and last level is known as  ‘authority content’, which is crafted by the top professional content writers and includes editing, SEO research, and custom illustrations. T

hey make the process of placing an order as simple and seamless as filling out an order form. They take a unique approach to providing content solutions compared to other content writing agencies. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits and drawbacks of their services


  • Easy and seamless ordering process
  • Reasonable TAT


  • They do not offer the best ghostwriting services, and ghostwriting services are not their main focus
  • Their pricing is slightly on the higher-end

Customer Reviews: 4.5 

“Content writing with knowledged and experienced writers across technologies.”

9. The Urban Writers

The Urban Writers is the perfect fit if your company specifically seeks one of the best ghostwriting services. The Urban Writers offers various content solution services. It is one of the few content writing agencies that offers the best ghostwriting services amongst other content services. They aim to offer assistance to self-publishers and businesses. They unite your company with a team of professional content writers specifically trained in creating content that truly grabs the attention of your target audience and increases conversion rates. They even provide trained professionals to assist with SEO optimisation and illustrations and graphics. 

The Urban Writers help their customers plan and execute a quality content strategy that fits their needs and requirements perfectly. Their services are truly unique and acutely specific to your needs. The Urban Writers are a strong contender in the race for the best ghostwriting company and stand out from other content writing agencies. As competent as their services are, we have delved into their various pros and cons.


  • They offer a multitude of services, including one of the best ghostwriting services
  • They provide specifically trained professionals for all your content needs, including graphics and illustrations


  • Lack of clear communication from them to their customers
  • Customers find it difficult to navigate through their services easily 

Customer Reviews: 4.4

“I am 100% sold on TUW! Thanks to the talents of two incredible professional content writers and editors, my first book is on it’s way to being published in a few weeks. Seamless experience thanks to TUW and a great stress-free project. We’re already looking to the next one! When I need quality services, this is the first place I’ll look. There’s no point looking anyplace else if you are serious about your business. No hassles! No stress! No regrets! Keep up the great work!”- Sherry Jhonson 

10. Verblio

Verbilio is a content solution agency that is based in Denver. They are on of many content writing agencies that work hard to make the content creation journey as easy as possible. Verbilio is committed to ensuring that its content is SEO-friendly and promotes ranking and conversions. Verbilio houses over 3,000 professional content writers. They follow a marketplace business model that makes is very convenient for new users to navigate through. Their customers vary from digital agencies to online publishers. Their technology-centric strategy sets them apart from other content writing agencies with a platform that results in a seamless user experience. They provide various services, including some of the best ghostwriting services. Let’s look at some of the positives and negatives of their company.


  • Pool of 3000 professional content writers 
  • Technology-based platform, resulting in a seamless customer experience


  • Frequent complaints of quality that’s not upto par
  • Because their services are technology-based, it may create delays and setbacks in case of technical difficulties 

Customer Reviews: 3.8

“Customer service has always been top-notch. Any concern or request I have had has always been handled quickly and respectfully. The team is serious about the content produced on the platform but is also a lot of fun to work with. I also appreciate the way they proactively reach out for feedback on their products and services as they work to evolve the platform.”- Deborah D.


Whatever your content needs, the content writing agencies we have listed above will surely meet them. Each company has its unique features that set them apart from the other stellar content writing agencies. With the help of these content writing agencies, your company will soon be on a fast-tracked journey to growth. The team of professional content writers that work with these companies and their skill to provide excellence aids the growth and success of each company they serve.

Content Whale is recognized Asia-wide for their one-stop content solutions. Unlike all other content writing agencies, Content Whale delivers an ocean of content-related solutions to its clients. For any content requirement you have, they are prepared to exceed your expectations. Not only do they provide end-to-end content solutions, but they also provide the best ghostwriting services and are the perfect choice for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark in the industry.

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