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Writing an impactful Statement of Purpose (SOP) makes or breaks your destiny. The university you enter into has far-reaching impacts. For a distinguished career, it is important to get into the right university that has the right program for your aptitude. But the problem is, like you, there are thousands of others vying for a university seat. The university selection committee often has very little to choose between the students. So what do they choose the students upon? Here is where the SOP comes in.

Why do universities rely on the SOP to make a student selection?

SOP is a genuine declaration of intent or purpose statement

A student’s intentions are often the determinant for a university or study program to grant or deny admission. An intent should be in line with the university’s larger objectives and vision for their students and alumni. But does anyone know of this? It’s hard to exactly gauge what the university is looking for. That’s why Write Right online SOP services has been in the forefront of SOP writing services for students seeking admission into universities. Write Right understands these subtle nuances of what universities are looking for and also what they are not looking for. We assist admission seekers in creating a perfect SOP that will go well with the university.

Gauging the interest level of the student

Universities want to understand if the student has a genuine interest towards the subject. There are a range of factors that SOPs help universities gauge the interest level of students. An SOP helps universities understand the interest and aptitude areas of a student. Universities often use this as a yardstick to determine a yearning student versus some others who are looking to join the university for several other purposes.

It has to be noted that not all students join universities because of a sheer interest in the subject area. There could be other reasons, such as wanting to graduate out of a prestigious university, studying in a region to become eligible to stay and work in that region, etc. All these reasons are good enough but not as compelling as wanting to study in the specific subject area. So any SOP that will be drafted will be based on this premise.

Values and leadership qualities

Universities want students to be ambassadors of their universities. So that even after they graduate, they remain responsible citizens. They want to admit students who will remain law-abiding throughout their life. In an SOP, although even if not explicitly stated, it is good to bring out this aspect in a subtle manner. A student has to demonstrate an intent to help society. They will have to act with discretion, justness, and courteously in all situations. They should have a vision that spans not just their individualistic personal aspirations but one that caters to a larger mission and vision and something that can benefit society.

Goal and result orientation

In a student’s life, there are various things to do. Extracurricular activities, excursions, internships, gala events, parties, sporting encounters, and more. Through all of this, many students may lose their goal and result orientation. The university wants to understand how focused a student is. They want to assess if the student will lose focus in the chaos and start vacillating. They assess this based on the information provided in the SOP. Past experiences, scores, grades, extracurricular activities, achievements  – all of this comes to the fore for this assessment.


Often, in a person’s academic and personal life, as much as there is focus on a particular vision, there should be some versatility too. Being versatile is seen as a good trait. It helps the person develop multiple knowledge areas. When addressing a problem, knowledge in multiple areas helps the person resolve the problem in an unbiased manner. This is only one of the use cases of being versatile. It also has other far-reaching implications. It helps a person develop an adaptable mindset. So that even when there is a change in the situation on their personal or professional front, they can be adaptable. They can leverage their versatility to invent new solutions to their existential hurdles.

What goes into a winning SOP?

The SOP should attract the reader’s attention

Remember that university selection committee members are reading lots of SOPs. So a well-written SOP will always be read and remembered.

Should highlight the university

No university in the world doesn’t want attention and adulation. Therefore, an SOP should spare some words in discussing why the student wants to join the university, the highlights of the university, and the good aspects of this place of study.

Answer all questions before they are asked

An SOP should be comprehensive. It should answer all questions even before they are asked. Admission counsellors or selectors may have questions regarding the educational or professional background of an applicant. These questions should be answered. It takes judgment, intuition, and experience to write an SOP like this that leaves the reader or assessor without any questions to ask.

Discuss future aspirations

Although it helps to be living and focusing on the present, having a focus on the future is just as important. There are many directions to take. But not all directions lead to the same destination. Therefore, it is critical for a person to understand their destination. Elaborating on future goals will go well with the assessors. They want a candidate who has goals, and is willing to work to get to these milestones.

Why Write Right?

Write Right understands what universities want

Write Right online SOP writing services understands the varying requirements of universities.

Write Right can help build custom SOPs

Building custom SOPs as per the applicant helps differentiate the applicant from the rest. After all – everyone is unique.

Write Right has helped thousands of applicants be successful

There is nothing that succeeds like success. Write Right is the most successful online SOP writing service, has helped thousands get admission to universities solely on stellar SOPs.

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