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Which is Better: Write Right or Apnawriter [Honest Review]

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A question of debate has always been raised regarding this topic. Could you tell me which one is the best? It is not limited to the content writing industry, but encompasses every sector that plays another part in the content realm. The human mind can compare two high-rated companies that are part of the same industry. This mentality often sparks our curiosity. As pointed out above, it is here where debate shall take place, as people get a clearer idea that a particular organization is better than other options available to them. Among the top-rated content writing firms on the market today, we will be taking a closer look at Write Right and ApnaWriter. It has been on the back burner for some time now, and I am happy to tell you finally.

Using the following guide, you will discover how to compare the two organizations according to multiple criteria. In addition, you will gain a deeper understanding of both firms, which will further aid you in determining which one suits you best. As you can see, every agency has its specializations on the market. A particular agency can satisfy the requirements of one client, but this same agency might not be able to meet the specific needs of another client. In my opinion, this is a sign that each client has a different expectation from the writing service, and each client prefers to have the writing style that they like most.

Consider circumstances; it is best to research the companies first and then pick the best based on your firm’s expectations. From your point of view, you want an agency that satisfies all of your requirements in the most precise and accurate manner. Here is a review that explains the importance of understanding the top two content publishing agencies and selecting the most suitable one for your business needs.

Overview of Write Right and ApnaWriter 

Bhavik Sarkhedi, one of the best content writers globally and the founder of Write Right, created the company in 2016. He has written several business books, built several startups, and been the owner of multiple companies. In addition, he works as a reporter for many prestigious magazines like Entrepreneur India, Huffington Post, Yourstory, Elite Daily, and forty-five others. It has been an incredible journey for Write Right since they have made it from nothing to become one of India’s best content writing agencies. In addition to this, the firm has also received recognition from top-rated companies, such as Good firms, Clutch, as the best writing service provider.

ApnaWriter, In contrast, Another high-ranking firm by many well-known brands. The company’s headquartered in Kerala. Founded in 2021, ApnaWriter has been growing ever since. As a result, they became the cheapest content writing agency to work within a few months. They claim that digital marketing cannot succeed without content. They help others with their content writing service so that small businesses grow their online presence. ApnaWriter is one of the best options. Sravani Sundeep founded the company with his own experience as a freelance content writer. Recently, there is increasing competition among content writing businesses, and almost all of them provide similar services at similar prices. ApnaWriter is the choice for you as they are rated as one of the best content writing service providers in India.

Services provided

Both organizations specialize in content writing. Specifically, Write Right and ApnaWriter both target content types that have a more formal tone. The company ApnaWriter is famous for content writing, blog writing and resume writings, plus they provide many services in terms of writing. Luckily, Write Right can help you write articles and blogs, resumes, and creative copy that you can use for marketing yourself effectively. The two companies both have their in-house writers, and more importantly, they can produce reasonably priced articles with high-quality content.

The other factor to remember is that these firms provide you with the content and do not assist you in publishing the content. More importantly, the company is committed to improving customer satisfaction continuously. To a greater degree than other organizations in this field, they ensure the content’s originality and creativity. Generally, content must be turned in within 24-48 hours, depending on the type of content. Our writers are sometimes able to deliver written articles within 24 hours. Observing a general survey and comparing information from various sources, it appears that Write Right comes with more employees than ApnaWriter.


Based on client testimonials, both of the organizations seem to have excellent clients. In the past, Write Right has worked with many leading brands, including Tata Consultancy Services, 360 Technosoft, E-Spark Biz, Sun Media Marketing, Software Suggest, and others. Testimonials indicate that Write Right is in the lead because they have served some of India’s most successful companies. Additionally, since both organizations have formal content as their roots, it is essential to consider the firm’s experience as well.

No matter what industry you are in, testimonials can significantly assist you when analysing an agency. This shows the extent to which the company has performed over the last couple of years. To obtain a good client, a particular organization may need to prove to oneself that its content is of the highest quality. In my opinion, Write Right definitely wins this segment of the contest because they have the most professional testimonials compared to Apna Writer.

Price and other aspects

Over the past few years, this industry has gone from strength to strength. In contrast, the expectation of the client has been rising. In the present day, clients are accustomed to paying a reasonable amount for better quality content. The average pay for writing articles or blogging is usually between Rs. 1 to Rs. 2 per word for the most part. Even though it is expected to be more relevant to specific write-ups such as website content and resumes. Apna Writer charges a similar amount for similar services as Write Right.

As we discussed earlier, Write Right is increasingly involved in producing resumes and standard operating procedures, and for a quality resume, they charge somewhere between Rs 3 to Rs. 6 per word. It has been observed that they are experts in writing resumes and have had a significant amount of success in the past. Write Right has been consistently rated as good as five stars all over the internet, with 4.9 stars being the highest rating. While ApnaWriter is widely renowned as one of the best content writing services online, the company hasn’t seemed to have registered on any such website that would be useful for giving its clients a platform to rate it.

The company ApnaWriter specializes in content writing, article writing, blog writing, and other forms of writing. Their prices are similar to those of their competitors. Although Write Right and ApnaWriter have vast differences in the writing style they employ and the genres they cover, they share something unusual: they are headquartered in separate cities in India.

In contrast, their competitors, such as Write Right, who have been able to deliver the same results as some renowned companies over the years, have been successful as well. We can refer to this period as a decline period in the life cycle of ApnaWriter, seeing as they are just focused on managing the organization and not concentrating on growth. In this situation, other agencies have the opportunity to get a head start on their competition.

Besides the central business area of Write Right, the company also has multiple subsidiaries, and all of them have been functioning pretty well under the hood of the former. It would seem that ApnaWriter does not have a perfect case when it comes to its website. As compared with ApnaWriter, Write Right takes a more positive view towards the growth of their business.

However, Write Right also has a blog owned by Bhavik Sarkhedi, the founder of the agency. In addition, the company’s subsidiaries have their blogs, which means it can showcase its work and, on the other hand, attract more customers. With 1000+ legit testimonials, Write Right has taken over ApnaWriter’s content writing services crown.


A specific individual looking to acquire content writing services does not matter what genres it is; there has always been a debate whether Write Right was the best or ApnaWriter would produce a well-written article. There has been much debate about content over the past few years, not only in the domain of content, but also in every industry. Through this article, an individual can gain expertise in evaluating the best content writing agencies in India. Neither have we stated that one agency or organization is the best, nor did we claim that one or the other is the worst, just that we have identified the two companies and compared them.

Lastly, we provided an overview of the two organizations by describing their nature. Then, we talked about the services that are provided, testimonials, and price, as well as many other things. In conclusion, we are discussing a very balanced play; however, Write Right is the winner on an overall basis.

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