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Top 10 Copywriting and Content Writing Agencies in India


In today’s era of robust digitization, good content is the backbone of any kind of online activity. For anybody, businesses and professionals alike,  trying to create an impact online, the need for quality content cannot be ignored.

The importance of a vibrant online presence has been highlighted further during the pandemic when the global business went digitalized for a good span of time.

Businesses can benefit from good content since they work based on the SEO model and can guide traffic to the website, thus increasing the quantum of digital marketing.

Such enhancement in the digital marketing of any business in the present times helps in accentuating the brand value of any business or product.

Moreover a quality and relevant content in websites can motivate the visitors to stay in the websites for longer thus enhancing the search rating of the website.

Talking about the utility of good content for SEOs, here are some of the other key benefits offered by quality content.

Good content equates to high CTR:

CTR is an important factor in SEOs. It stands for Click-Through Rate. Good quality content can cause more visitors to click on the links and the websites which can generate better ranking in search engines like Google.

Good content generates backlinks:

Gaining high-quality backlinks from top-rated authorized websites is one of the prominent SEO strategies.

For search engines like Google, such backlinks indicate the credibility and authenticity of the website hence having a high number of quality backlinks ensures a high ranking on Google.

Good content is synonymous with great user experience:

Some of the key features of successful SEO strategies are having quality blogposts on board, having good keywords, and generating high-quality backlinks.

Besides these, having a well-structured website that is easy to navigate, has catchy meta tags and optimized robots.txt files guarantee a good user experience, eventually adding to the popularity of the website.

A successful SEO strategy and content are not exclusive identities and they work in synch to get the best out of digital marketing.

Top 10 Copywriting and Content Writing Agencies In India:

Here are some of the best content writing companies and content writing agencies in India that can make the job easier for digital marketers and online professionals.

Write Right

Among all the content writing agencies in India, this one is the officially highest-rated content writing company by Clutch and Good firms. The Ahmedabad-based company is headed by Bhavik Sarkhedi, who himself is an acclaimed author, writer, and creative content developer.

The company is based on the foresight of catering to all sorts of needs of any budding start-ups or business. Some of the services offered by this content writing agency are Blog writing, content writing, ghostwriting, creative writing, slogan writing, and many more.

All the projects taken up by the company are executed with absolute perfection while keeping in view the particular needs and requirements of the client, and the quality of the content is never compromised, all the while adhering to the deadlines of the projects.

All of these make Write Right the top-rated content writing company in India, with 100% client satisfaction, the company presently stands top-ranked within a very short period.


This is one of the most reviewed and highest-rated content writing companies in India and an official subsidiary of Write right.

Estorytellers is involved with writing SOPs that are distinguishing, clear, appealing, and exclusive, which make them stand out among the other applications.

The young enthusiast team of Estorytellers has been writing dynamic, well-structured, and creative SOPs that ensure to make their mark and grant admission to the dream institute of one’s choice.

Rather than following any pattern, before writing the SOP the team discusses the achievements and the goals of the applicant to give the SOP a personal and stunning appeal that is unique for every applicant.

This allows the admission committee to get an intimate glimpse into the aspirations of the applicant.  Which can increase the chances of admission.


Taletel is another top-rated content writing company having expertise in delivering exceptional SOPs crafted clearly and concisely.

The common myth related to SOPs is the word count of the write-up. Experts in Taletel believe that to achieve the recommended article length, providing necessary information is enough rather than stuffing it up with jargon. While a lengthy SOP may look burdening to the reader, a crisp and concise one looks more appealing.

Kalam Kagaz

This is a content writing company dealing with writing professional resumes. The expert team at Kalam Kagaz ensures they understand the specifications and requirements of the client to craft an outstanding resume.

The certified resume writers at Kalam Kagaz ensure that even the cover letter of the resume gets the professional touch. The 360-degree resume writing and profile building services of Kalam Kagaz also helps the client in creating a robust LinkedIn profile that can guarantee string networking.

Kalam Kagaz is the go-to place for professionals looking to sharpen their overall profile.


Orangus is a content writing company based out of Delhi. They are associated with delivering content not only in India but to global clients as well.

The company has a team of 80 talented and dynamic content creators, managers, and editors dedicated to the task. They are known for the prompt delivery of content at an affordable charge.

Some of the services offered by the contentment writing agency are Whitepapers, articles, case studies, creative content, promotional content, marketing content, product details, and many more.


Lexiconn is a content writing company having a team of content developers, editors, and proofreaders.

This decade-old company is based out of Mumbai and is known for delivering excellent content for Indian and global clients. They have spread out services till Kolkata and are dedicated to timely delivery of quality products crafted by its experienced teams.

Web content, SEO content, copywriting, official newsletter, blog marketing, press, release, company profile are just to name a few among their wide range offered services.


It is the biggest content writing agency in India taking pride in its impressive statistics. The company constitutes a team of 100 writers and 20 editors, who jointly deliver more than 60,000 words in a day.

The company offers more than 42 services and some of them are, blog writing, website writing, copywriting, product descriptions, technical writing, and many more.

The time frame for the company to deliver projects is usually 36 hours. With more than 200 clients across 15+ countries, it is undoubtedly one of the best content writing agencies in India.


Leaps is a content writing company awarded for its excellence and having years of experience. It is one of the top ten content writing agencies in India, that provides services of digital marketing besides content writing.

Leaps have their global clients in countries like Dubai, Israel, and Saudi Arabia in companies like Pristine Fire, Fresh Desk, Felix, and Van Gogh Studio.

Among their wide range of services, a few to mention are eBook writing, guest blogging, web content, SEO content, magazine article, digital marketing, online marketing, SEO service, website promotion, and much more.


Justwords, a content writing company providing delivering content since 2010. Due to their consistent performance, the company has made its place in the list of top tens in just a short period.

This company also excels in creating video content with exceptional quality and accuracy. Some of the well-known clients of this content writing agency are Ecosphere, Hero Fincorp, HDFC ergo, and a few more.

Justwords provides services like articles. Blogs, web content, product details, eBooks, media content, and video content.


This is a Chennai-based content writing company ranking in the top ten in India. Their main focus is US-based clients owing to their branches located in the USA and Canada.

Addkraft has an expert team of content developers coming together from different countries of the world and adding to the dynamics of the team.

One can choose any service they require from a vast range of available services offered by the company ranging from, Digital marketing content SaaS content, technical and B2B content, software vendor content, re-writing, proofreading, and much more.

Marketing Bunnies

Marketing Bunnies constitute a team of excellent content developers that produce excellent content with value and flawlessness.

They have their customers across the globe in countries like the USA, UK, Israel, Australia, and many other countries.

Some of their services include blogging, press release content development, newsletter writing, landing page content writing, lead generation, article content writing, google ad copywriting, Facebook ad copywriting, Facebook page management, and much more.

4 Advantages of Content Writing Services for Businesses

They generate more leads and conversions due to new, high-quality material, as are enhanced search engine positions. However, building a library of appropriate, well-written content to attract your audience’s attention and positioning your firm as a leader isn’t easy.

  1. Old content is given a lease on life: The commitment of time required to make entirely new content intimidates companies. So before you add anything new to your website, look at what’s already there. This data can recurrently be recycled and refurbished to create unique, more appropriate, and compelling content for your viewers and push them to act.
  2. Improves the rankings of search engines: It’s vital to publish great quality content rather than a greater quantity of content. It’s hard to overstate the value of headers and meta descriptions in boosting your search engine positions. You may further demonstrate the relevance of your material to your target audience by incorporating essential keywords.
  3. Conversions are increased: It increases conversions when your webpage responds adequately. Your consumer, guests, or lead is prompted to take action via the call to action. It should be attention-getting, precise, simple, and instructional. You should also place it on your website for easy access by visitors.
  4. Creates a distinct identity for your company: When visitors visit your website, they want to discover more about what it’s like to work for your organization. Solid website content helps establish your brand identity and constantly retains your personality across all channels.

The Bottom Line

With the rise in digital marketing, the demand for good quality content that is precise, engaging, and catchy is also rising.

Hence, web readers, businesses, and professionals are looking for companies that can cater to their specific needs and produce content keeping in mind the target web visitors.

An optimized content drastically enhances the chances of being seen among the million other floating on the internet.

Hence for businesses and professionals aspiring to be seen among others, being committed to quality content is a way to succeed in digital marketing and SEO.

The true potential of SEO and digital marketing is unleashed only by good content and these award-winning content-generating brains can generate the much-valued leads.

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