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Want to get in to your dream university?

Now you can!

From university selection to the application process to visa counselling to being a mentor and a friend you need, Estorytellers are here to help you with every study abroad need that can be there.

Living in a fast-growing globalised world, international education has built its worth. The last two decades have seen a rise when it comes to the number of students leaving their home countries to study abroad. Studying abroad is an ideal way to learn in an immersive environment in today’s time. Learning in a new context, thinking out of the box, coming out of your comfort zone and accepting new challenges in a new city can help you improve your self-development as well as build your career for better. This type of personal growth that you can get from studying and experience living in another country is exceptional. Studying abroad will help you expand your boundaries and make you come face to face with every situation in every aspect of living or studying. Thus, enabling you to build and nurture added skills of living in a new environment. Studying abroad will help you explore the diversity in culture, show you how to adapt, help expand your problem-solving skills, and enhance your networking. Simply put, studying abroad will give you an overall holistic learning experience which cannot be experienced in normal college education or professional realm.

Estorytellers is a study abroad consultant to help solve all your queries, work with your application to get into your dream university, optimize your profile and aim to build your career one step ahead towards a brighter future.

With Estorytellers you get;

  • Personalised guidance
  • Tailored counselling
  • Systematic approach
  • Adherence to timelines

Don’t get lost just filling out forms without knowing where and how to apply to study abroad!

Estorytellers will help you to match you with the best fit to study abroad and make your dream come true.

According to a study survey of approximately 300 students who had studied abroad in the past five years, the top factors for studying abroad were:

  • Experience another culture: 90%
  • Personal growth: 82%
  • Career prospects and marketability: 74%
  • Learn a new language: 47%
  • Recommendation from a friend: 33%
  • Career requirement: 25%

If you have the inquisitiveness, the passion and the interest to successfully study abroad. With expert assistance, planning, and management you can study abroad and make the most learning out of the experience.

Studying abroad only impacts positively to students like;

  • better understanding the cultural values and biases
  • studying abroad serves as a catalyst for increased maturity
  • it increases self-confidence
  • studying abroad influences subsequent educational experiences
  • it helps have acquire skill sets that influence future career path
  • it gives a global learning perspective
  • expands networking options
  • enhances personal growth and development
  • builds added interpersonal, management and critical thinking skills
  • helps gain long term relationships across diverse cultures

Estorytellers study abroad counselling purpose is to help students function at optimum efficiency via measures that aid to solve their most demanding issues. The focus is to bring more power to learning by evaluating updates, current status and also analyzing the latest trends. That will help achieve maximized core benefits while minimizing the costs and efforts. Thus, creating direct connections that will bring you closer to your succeeding challenging journey. Estorytellers is not simply another consulting service; it is the solution that incorporates innumerable knowledge and deeper understanding in the form of Mentorship and more so as a friend.

The procedure at Estorytellers is systematic and simple. It covers the below stages;

The planning stage:

  • How do I decide on a country to study in?
  • What kind of colleges should I apply to?
  • What qualifications and skills are required to study abroad?
  • What types of challenges should I be ready to face?

The application process:

  • What documentation do I need to study abroad? How do I produce it, to stand out from rest of the applicants? SOP and LOR services
  • What type of tests should I take to study abroad?

The cost and expenses:

  • Can studying abroad be within the budget?
  • How much should I save or spend to study abroad?
  • How should I manage my finances?

‘What next?’:

  • What should I do next after the application process?
  • What if I get rejected or refused?
  • How to cope with the diversity and make self-valuable at a new admitted environment?

So, having known the process that goes under pursuing the dream to study abroad, it is clear that a proficient expert can help pass these hurdles and challenges quickly and effectively. When you chose to study abroad, there are various aspects you need to take in to account which are extremely crucial for the future ahead. Like receiving the right advice and information about universities, their application process, the information on specific countries, their rules and regulations and also the right courses or career choices for the future ahead. An expert help from counsellors like us can help take the big and life-changing decision, while smoothen the procedure of application to study abroad. As, the entire of application process to study abroad takes a great deal of meticulousness and following the guidelines to avoid making any mistake or missing out on any crucial step.

Estorytellers is a specialist assisting in study abroad applications and is a hassle-free way. An expert helping hand will aid to get answers to process, regulations, lifestyle, finance or other aspects that need to be considered while opting for studying abroad. Estorytellers have immense knowledge and experience in crafting the crucial application documents like SOP and LOR which help get admission to any desired university. They are like make-or-break aspects which Estorytellers know well to handle perfectly. Estorytellers can really turn ambition of studying abroad into a reality. Expert guidance from Estorytellers clearly forms the stepping stone towards your career building with studying abroad skills.

You would want a mentor, an inspiration, whose input and assistance sparks motivation in you. A mentor can tell you how to do it better, more effectively and in a different way, which is quite a challenging task in today’s time – the skill to stand out from other applicants. Thus, finding a professional that puts you in high gear, works with you on your study abroad goals, and concentrates on your needs is what Estorytellers represent.

As per a modern analysis and evaluation survey:

  • 87% of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their relationships and have developed greater self-assurance
  • 98% mentees agree that mentoring has made them put them ahead for new and thought-provoking situations
  • 93% mentees feel a good mentor helped to understand the entire process smoothly and make informed decisions for their career ahead
  • 91% mentees deem that mentoring has made them more capable to identify their strengths and weaknesses

Estorytellers will put in their hard efforts and expertise to help optimize your career potential through counselling and mentoring. In addition, their wise guidance which has helped many in the past to identify values that develop prospective career paths shall be seen for your future too.

So, what are you waiting for?

For all-inclusive study abroad counselling contact Estorytellers at and turn your dream to study abroad into reality!

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