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Master’s in the United States of America is a dream of many students and professionals. Indeed, getting admission to renowned universities in the US is not a cakewalk, but it is not impossible. Every year many students contact Estorytellers to craft a well-researched SOP for Masters in the United States. The reason is simple: our 95% success rate with more than 300 positive Google reviews makes us unparalleled SOP writers.

If you are planning to study in the US and writing an SOP has become a nightmare, we are a call away. Our team of scholars and researchers will craft an SOP that will resonate with their admission requirements and give you a ticket to study in your dream university. But, if you are a DIY kind of person, then follow the mentioned-below tips.

Tips for writing an SOP for MS in the USA

1. Find your USP

What makes you distinctly ahead of others? Is it your academics or professional achievements?

Find out what is your unique strength and play with it. It will help you make a unique theme for your SOP. Accordingly, you can mention success stories where you helped find the right solution, cut costs, or increase revenue. An SOP with facts and achievements shows that the applicants have practical experience and clarity of the future. It tells the decision-makers that the applicant knows what he wants, so he chose to do a Master’s. Therefore, finding your USP is important as it can create a theme of the document.

2. Are You an Asset or a Liability?

The decision-makers want to know, will you be an asset or a liability to the university? How will you contribute to the community? And why you should be part of their Master’s Program?

These are challenging questions but a golden opportunity to share about yourself. A Master’s in the USA is not theoretical cramming of the subject. It is a specialization that will give you practical exposure and make you the subject expert. Therefore, the admission committee would like to select committed students having an intention to give back to the community. Share your goals and mention how the Master’s degree will help achieve them.

3. Correlation with Academic and Work experience

There are certain cases where a commerce student applies for a Master’s in Nutrition. The chances of getting an offer letter or visa are slim in such cases because there is no correlation between the past academic profile and choice of program. Therefore, applicants are advised to choose a program that complements the graduate program or your work experience. Sync between past academic and present program will make the application authentic and justified, thereby increasing the chances of approval. If you had a promotion in the job or achieved awards, SOP is the right document to mention and tell why you achieved an honour.

4. Choice of Department and faculty

A well-researched statement of purpose mentions the reasons to choose the specific institute, faculty and department. While applying for a Master’s in the United States, choosing the right program and university is always the secondary decision. But, one must research about the university, its faculty and department before finalizing the educational institute. One must mention the reason to choose the department and faculty for Master’s as it shows you have taken an informed decision after thorough research.

5. Life after Masters

A practical and futuristic SOP will represent you as a mature and goal-oriented individual. The decision-makers will know that you have a career plan, and the selected program is a step towards growth. Mentioning short-term and the long-term plan will help evaluate your file in a positive manner and grant you an offer letter.

What do USA Universities look for in Students?

When you apply to any university in the USA for higher education, you will find that sports are taken very seriously at these universities. Remember to highlight your successes in your SOP if you have ever made a mark in inter-college, state, or national sporting events, since it may help you gain brownie points with the admissions committee.

Universities in the United States are also known for allowing students to regularly participate in community service initiatives. Students are not only encouraged but also expected to participate in community service at American universities. Make a point of volunteering in your community to increase your chances of admittance.

The value of meaningful community service cannot be overstated. You’ll need more than simply a solid academic record to impress the admissions committee. While drafting the SOP for admission to US universities, highlight the best sporting and community service you performed.

Many universities in the United States accept students who have faced different obstacles in academic years yet scored good marks. Top colleges such as Harvard and Yale have been known to take students who have overcome adversity and challenges. This does not, however, imply that you must fabricate a story. Remember that the two most essential qualities that universities seek are honesty and integrity.

Why do you want to study at the university, and why do you think the university is suited for you and vice versa? These are some of the most crucial questions your SOP must answer. Rather than talking about how the American country intrigues you, give concrete reasons for your decision.

Key Points to Remember for Different Courses

SOP for UG Course

If you’re applying for a UG programme, you’ll need to create a statement of purpose (SOP) that displays your overall personality rather than your academic achievements. You may be a gifted kid academically, but you are not alone. Students worldwide look forward to admission and will submit applications to the admissions committee; others may have a better academic record than you. The question can be answered by balancing academics with extracurricular activities and community involvement.

SOP for PhD/MS Course

While creating SOP for admission in PhD/MS course, highlight your research work done in your academic years. Discuss your employment experience. Talk about the obstacles you faced at work and how you overcame them. It is critical to demonstrate to the admissions committee that you have sufficient experience to handle the university’s challenging master’s programme.

SOP for MBA course

To apply for the MBA course and impress the recruiters with your SOP:

  • Demonstrate your leadership skills.
  • Include various events that have prepared you for whatever problem you may face in life.
  • Discuss how your career has evolved and how you intend to continue to do so.

Hire SOP Professionals for Admission to USA universities

Your SOP has the power to make or break your application chance. It is vital to draft a finely curated SOP for USA university admission. Hiring a professional to do this job will certainly help you take steps forward for the admission purpose.


1. How to write an SOP for a Master’s in the United States?

Along with the points mentioned above, make sure to research and add facts in the SOP. Start with strong introduction followers by academic and professional background, family background, and future goals. It is a perfect recipe for a well-researched SOP, but make sure not to give false claims that may misguide the decision-makers.

2. Should I mention the gap in between education?

Yes, one must mention the reason for the gap between education and include supporting documents in the application file. The reasons for the gap should be genuine, and documents shouldn’t be forged. If the gap is because of work experience, add an experience letter and letter of recommendation in the file.

3. How many SOPs are required for a Master’s in the USA?

Ideally, one Statement of Purpose is enough for a Master’s in the USA, unless explicitly mentioned in the admission requirements to write a Letter of intent. As for the visa officer, you can write an SOP, so that makes two SOPs.

4. What should I mention about university and faculty?

Writing about the University is important as it will show you have done thorough research before making a decision. You can mention about the faculty members, their experience and achievements, also about the world ranking of the university, teaching system, etc. It will let the decision-makers know you have made an informed decision.

5. How long should be the SOP?

Most educational institutes mention the word limit, but if not explicitly mentioned, then write a two page SOP. It shouldn’t be more than three pages i.e. 1500 words.

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