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Application for PhD is challenging, and every document plays a pivotal role. Writing a Statement of Purpose to the admission committee can be daunting as it can make or break your chances of researching in the University of your Dreams. That’s why many applicants contact us to craft a personalized PhD SOP that will give them a lead in the competition. The fact is there is stiff competition, and an SOP carries a lot of weightage while applying for PhD in renowned universities in Canada, the UK, the USA and Australia. The admission committee is highly selective, so your PhD SOP shouldn’t be generic.

How is a PhD SOP different from undergraduate and post-graduate SOP?

An SOP for an under-graduate isn’t research-oriented. It caters to the personality of the student, his interests, hobbies, family and academic record. The applicant has passed senior secondary and is stepping out in the real world, so the SOP revolves around the choice of course and future prospects. Whereas a PhD SOP is required depths and research. The applicant is a post-graduate, holds solid work experience, and intends to research a field of study to contribute to the specific field. He is ready to invest his life in the research and is equivalent to a theoretical scientist. On the contrary, an SOP for Masters expresses short-term and long-term goals for the applicant. It delves into the applicant’s professional skills and discusses the correlation between the work experience and choice, of course. But, in a PhD degree, the goal is not career enhancement. The goal is to research and advance knowledge of the field. Therefore, a PhD SOP can’t be similar to UG or PG SOP.

Some Solid Tips to Craft SOP for PhD

The first and foremost tip to creating SOP for PhD is your opening must be captivating; it sets the tone for the rest of the article. Remove any broad material from the article, as your SOP is focused on you and not on others in general. As a result, you must create your own stories for the SOP. The introduction paragraph could include a real-life narrative about the applicant, emphasising his or her personality and ambitions.

You can come to us if you want to learn how to create a statement of purpose for a PhD. Our experts will create an SOP for you to help you stand out from the crowd. You can make a better selection by examining a PhD sop sample that we have already written.

The SOP for PhD should not resemble a list of your academic accomplishments and career objectives. It should be focused on your skills, with significant milestones in your academic career highlighted. Students frequently struggle to put the appropriate words in the proper places. Other times, they cram too much information into the report. Remember that unless you use a tone that captures the interest of the choosing committee, they will not read your SOP. Furthermore, you should have a thorough understanding of the content and structure of these SOPs. You can look at our PhD sop examples to better understand SOPs.

Important elements of a PhD SOP

1. Your Field of Study

Why you choose the specific field as your field of research? Do you have any prior experience in the chosen field of result? Have you done any thesis or research during your Masters in the chosen field? Do you have the passion and dedication to spend years of research?

These are the questions your SOP should answer. The admission committee wants to know are you committed enough to the research. What made you choose the specific research study, and is it related to your academic and work experience. If these questions are logically dealt with, then there are high chances of approval. If you are writing SOP yourself, create an SOP that is research-oriented, not goal-oriented. Goals should be mentioned, but it should not be the theme of the SOP.

2. Previous Research Background including Academics

Do you have previous research background? If yes, then why do you want to apply for further research?

Mention the academic background and work experience to give the decision-makers insight into your present career. It will give them an idea if you are the best fit for the program or not. You should keep in mind that your study field should be related to your academic and work experience. It makes sense that you are opting for PhD because you want to advance in the field where you have prior experience and knowledge. So, talk about your academics, previous research and work experience to increase the approval chances.

3. Department and University Selection

Why you chose the specific institute or university for your thesis? What do you know about the university, its faculty and department?

As mentioned earlier, PhD SOP is all about research. One must research the university, research department, experience, and accomplishments of the faculty. It will help you choose the ideal department and write about it in the SOP to make you sound confident. Your research about the institute and faculty will show your sincerity and commitment. It will let the decision-makers know that you are well informed and have done your research before applying. But keep in mind to not resort to praises or sugar coating to get admission.

4. Thesis Goals

How will you benefit from the research? What are your long-term goals after your PhD? Will you settle or return to your home country?

These are the questions that require deep digging and contemplation. Investing years of research and getting a doctorate is not everybody’s cup of tea. What do you intend to do after your PhD? Think about it, research your options abroad and in a domestic country after your doctorate and then pen down the path you want to pursue. It will be the closing statement that will clear the questions and doubts in the mind of selectors. It is also the statement if not logically tackled, can lead to rejection of the application. So, while writing a strong closing statement, be clear about your life goals and think about where you see yourself in the next twenty years.

Let’s put your best foot forward

We understand that there is a lot to consider while writing an SOP for PhD application. It is not a simple SOP but a research-oriented SOP that requires time, efforts and professional expertise. We also understand that no applicant wants to leave any stone unturned to get visa or application approval. So, we are here to assist you. Our professional and experienced writers have written numerous PhD SOPs and motivation letters for universities in the United States, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Our expert writers will draft SOPs that will help make the application journey stress-free.

Hiring A Professional SOP for PhD Writers

Reach out to us for your SOP if you want to get into a reputable university for your PhD degree. The specialists who work with us are well-versed in each course and have a specific understanding. Suppose you need a statement of purpose for a PhD in biological sciences. In that case, the writers will conduct the essential research on the colleges you are interested in and create the essay. Furthermore, they incorporate the relevant information about your aims, resulting in an appealing candidate profile.

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