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New Zealand is amongst the top 5 countries for international education. Thousands of Indians are applying to New Zealand as it is considered the safest country (post-pandemic). The universities and institutes state that inquiries are increasing daily from around the world. It means that getting admission to an educational institute in NZ will not be a cakewalk. The admission committee will look for students who will stand out of the hundreds of applicants.

A Statement of Purpose is one such document that will help you attain an unconditional offer letter and a student visa if written correctly. The stiff competition makes even the cream students with high academic scores compete for the program’s seat, so it is essential to write an engaging SOP that represents you as a valuable asset for the educational institute.

At Estorytellers, we aim to curate a captivating and conceptual SOP supported with facts that will make the application process and hassle-free. If you intend to write SOP yourself, then keep in mind the mentioned-below points.

What to mention in the SOP for New Zealand?

When it comes to SOP for New Zealand, it is essential to mention everything that will resolve all the questions that a visa officer may consider a red flag. These questions can be related to your family background, academics or future. A visa officer or admission committee may think:

  1. Why does the applicant want to apply for the “XYZ” course?
  2. How will he/she pay for the tuition fee and living expenses?
  3. Is he looking for easy entry to New Zealand or sincerely wants to study?
  4. What are his plans for the future?
  5. Is he eligible for the course?

A Statement of Purpose should be written to satisfy these questions and remove all the doubts from the selectors’ mind. So, what should you mention in an SOP for New Zealand?

  • Academic Background: Your educational background, scores and past records are of utmost importance as it gives a glimpse to the selectors what kind of student were you in school and college. Your graduate and post-graduate marks will help them understand your inclination and whether you are fit for the institute or not.
  • Family Background: Apart from an academic background, information about the family is important as it will ensure that you won’t be a financial liability on the country and college. The Visa officer and admission committee wants to know who will sponsor your education and how. Mentioning about family background and their profession will suffice their doubts and strengthen your case.
  • Internship and Work Experience: The renowned universities in New Zealand prefer students with practical experience, especially in the master’s program. It is worth mentioning about work experience, job responsibilities and promotions as it shows you are clear about your career and want to grow in the selected field.
  • Accomplishments and Co-curricular activities: Are you an all-rounder? What are your skills or special talents beyond academics? It is worth mentioning that your accomplishments in sports, event management, or cultural events will make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Reasons for choosing the specific course: Why you chose a specific program? An SOP for the New Zealand, selection of program is more important than country or college. Explain your reasons and combine them with your present field of study or work experience as it will make sense and show that you have made a practical decision after thorough research.
  • Career Planning: Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? It is a question that will define your career and life path. If you can logically answer the question, it can get you a seat in your dream university or college and a student visa. They want to know your career plans, so research and write the answer.

The 6-step method of writing captivating SOP for New Zealand

  • Contemplate your decision to study abroad: Why do you want to study abroad? Ask yourself the question and answer it that explains the long-term benefit of choosing a foreign country over the home country. Make points that mention reasons for choosing international education and logically explain them.
  • Create an SOP outline: An Outline is a sequence or format of writing an SOP. It will help to align thoughts, reduce jargon and create a sync between the paragraphs. A well-written document starts with past to present, and then the future will make sense and engage the selectors.
  • Pen down a rough draft: Write a rough draft jotting down thoughts on pen and paper. Create one or two rough drafts and practice the negation process, i.e. eliminating jargon and repetition. Once it’s done, then proceed to step, i.e. next research.
  • Research about the course: Research your course and understand the key areas you will cover in it. Understand the outcomes of the course and future prospects. Your research will clear your mind and help you plan your future after the course completion. Write down what you want to do after the course and where you see yourself in the next ten years.
  • Edit and write a Final Draft: Lastly, before clicking send, read and proof-read your SOP to check spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and typos. Read it out loud to check if the sentence makes sense and are in sync.

Why hire us to write an engaging SOP?

Estorytellers are experts in the field and have successfully written more than a thousand SOPs. We hold a monopoly in writing SOPs for New Zealand and know what ticks the selectors. Ease the admission process by outsourcing SOP writing to us and get a well-researched, error-free and captivating SOP.

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