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How to make your statement of purpose stand out from the cluster? A Master’s degree, in layman’s terms, means opting for specialization in a specific field. When an applicant chooses a niche and applies for a Master’s in renowned universities abroad, it indicates his ambition and career plan. Therefore, it is important to put your best foot forward to outshine other applicants and reserve a spot in the chosen program and university. But, the question is, what do you have that will help you get a spot? Amongst hundreds of applications with the same academic background and career goals, what is that one thing that will make you stand out?

A Statement of Purpose is a document that holds the ticket to your dream university. It is a tool, if used correctly, that will suffice doubts and questions of the visa officer or admission committee and will make you stand out of the crowd. It is also a document that gives the applicants anxiety because they don’t want to risk, therefore, outsource the task to Estorytellers.

If you intend to write your SOP, then follow the blueprint designed by our expert team of writers and impress the admission committee.

Key Elements of a captivating SOP for MS


1. Engaging not Emotional

An SOP is an essay where you are supposed to discuss your life and career graph. One must mention the family background or life alternating instances that motivated to take such a decision. But, an SOP is not a document for emotional ranting or discussing family or financial problems. One mustn’t request to grant admission or a visa because you need help or aid. Some applicants request scholarships or financial assistance, and such SOPs make the file weak leading to rejection.  Therefore, while writing an SOP, include instances that show your leadership, crisis management skills and highlight strengths.

2. Build a foundation of past

Who are you as a student? What’s your academic and family background? How well you performed in school and college?

These are the question that should be answered logically to quench the thirst of the decision-makers. You may wonder that’s what academic documents are for in the file, so why mention it in the SOP? A statement of purpose is an essay about you, and it is an opportunity to share your portfolio in your words. When you mention academic and non-academic achievements in your words and share instances, it will strengthen the file.

3. Futuristic but Practical

After giving an insight into the past, don’t forget to share your career plans. The admission committee must know you have an eye on the future and have a vision for personal, professional and country’s growth. A futuristic SOP can be your USP if it isn’t individualistic and includes the community’s welfare. Many applicants write they want to earn in six figures, live a comfortable life, etc., and it won’t outshine their application. But, if an SOP states that you want to change the country’s state of affairs, work for the betterment of society or increase employment in the country, that SOP will make the applicant unique and promising.

4. A perfect blend of personal and professional

An SOP must have anecdotes that moved you and were a catalyst to change on a personal and professional front. Share your skillsets beyond books and how they impacted your life. How in your professional life, you outperformed and helped in the growth of the organization. These professional and personal instances will highlight your personality traits, strengths and motivation, making you a viable candidate.

3. A strong introduction and conclusion

An engaging introduction will hold the attention of the audience. Gone are the days when an introductory paragraph meant literally introducing yourself and the family. That trend has taken a backseat now. An SOP should have a strong introductory statement that can start with an anecdote or a story that changed your life. Similarly, a closing statement should be compelling enough to consider you an asset to the university. It should clearly define your career goals and where you see yourself in the next decade. A strong beginning and closure will make a captivating SOP, thereby increasing the approval chances by 50%.

4. Error-free with a neutral tone

Lastly, an SOP should be smooth and easy to read the document. An SOP with grammatical errors, unrelated sentences, and wrong sentence structure is a recipe for disaster, i.e. rejection. Keep in mind to write an SOP that flows naturally and is devoid of spelling and type errors. Proofread the document twice or thrice, take the expert’s opinion, and send the edited version of the document, not the first rough draft.

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