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Masters in Engineering from a renowned international university is a dream, but for some, it remains a dream because of a lack of writing expertise. While applying for MS in Engineering, it is important to write an SOP that discusses your unique skillsets, achievements and career planning. But, most students are not able to write an impressive and error-free SOP leading to rejection. A statement of purpose is an opportunity to highlight your portfolio and cover loopholes by giving an honest reason. So, it is important to draft an SOP that is practical, authentic and engaging. Here is our sure-shot three-step formula that will help you ace SOP writing.

Three-steps to Ace SOP for Masters in Engineering


1. Make a list of things to write in an SOP

Making a statement of purpose for Masters in Engineering can be technical and confusing. Often a student or a professional is confused about what to add and leave. The question isn’t about good writing skills; it is about making an engaging yet simple SOP that makes sense. If you are planning for MS in engineering, think like a decision-maker and ask yourself, what do they want to read in an SOP? Making a list always works as it will give clarity and direction. Enlist your professional strengths, skill sets and c-curricular activities. Once the list is ready, make a rough draft of the SOP.

2. Research your program, faculty and university of application

The second step is to research. By now, you have a vague idea of the program or course to apply. It is important to research in-detail about the course, i.e. the subjects, specialization, faculty, internship opportunities, teaching pattern and the course outcome. Once you are certain about the course, shortlist the colleges and universities where the course is available and compare. Lastly, finalize one educational institute where you want to apply and mention why you choose the specific program and educational institute. Your research will give you clarity and confidence, which will be visible in the SOP and drafting the SOP will become easy.

3. Write and revise according to the guidelines

Once the groundwork is done, now is the time to make the rough draft. Remember, the first draft of the SOP is not the final draft and will need revisions. Before writing the statement of purpose, don’t forget to read the guidelines regarding word count, any specific question they want you to answer or about the tone or English. As a thumb rule, you mustn’t write more than 1500 words and use UK English if writing for the UK, US English for the USA, etc. Once the rough draft is ready, get the opinion of the expert and edit accordingly.

Our Process


1. Fill the questionnaire

We have designed a questionnaire that needs to be filled by the applicant. The comprehensive questionnaire includes questions about family background, academic and non-academic information, work experience, achievements, course choice, university, etc. It’s like a written brief from the applicant to help the writers craft a well-structured and personalized SOP. Most applicants tend to miss sharing important information in the SOP, leading to an incomplete document leading to rejection. The questionnaire will help cover every important element in the SOP to clarify the decision-makers and answer their questions.

2. Get in touch with our writers

We have a diversified team of well-educated writers experienced in writing a statement of purpose for renowned educational institutes of the world. The writers are not merely involved in writing but are researchers and fact-checkers known for writing captivating and engaging SOPs. Once the preliminary counselling is over and the questionnaire is filled, your SOP will be assigned to the writer expert in the niche. We choose a particular writer for the SOP depending on their niche, experience and availability. Once the writer is assigned, the applicant can directly get in touch with the writer and share a briefing. The direct interaction helps in saving time and exchanging more information if required.

3. Get a well-researched SOP

At Estorytellers, our ethos is professionalism, punctuality and discipline. Our writers respect the deadline and write a well-researched, keeping the guidelines in mind. Our SOPs will be crafted with a unique perspective and free from wordiness, poor sentence structure and grammatical issues. The idea to eliminate an applicant’s stress and effort to proofread the SOP.

4. Seek revision

If you are not happy with the first draft of the statement of purpose, you don’t have to stick to it. We believe that compromising on quality is a grave mistake; therefore, we provide revisions. If you have something new to add to the SOP or feel that the theme needs to be changed, we will assist you and tailor-made the SOP according to your requirement. So, when you give us the task, we make sure to provide you with nothing except the best.

Writing an SOP isn’t an impossible task if you can stick to the guidelines and have a grip on the language. Most applicants prefer to outsource because then can converse well in English but can’t write. If you are also nervous about writing, outsource it to us, and our expert writers will make a good Statement of Purpose. Our suggestion is not to take the risk if you aren’t confident and get in touch with us.

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