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Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) holds a different position compared to other master courses because it is a niche program designed for a specific set of students. If you aim to do an MBA in a leading international university, you must create a portfolio that highlights your professional experience and personal attributes. It isn’t a course where you can get selected based on past academic records as most universities prefer experienced candidates.

The statement of purpose for MBA will also be different from generic SOPs as it should be professional, individualistic and have a futuristic theme. As an MBA aspirant, what do you intend to accomplish in the corporate world? What are your strengths and USP? Why should you get a seat in a renowned international university or college? These are the questions that require critical thinking to ensure approval on application.

At Estorytellers, we have years of experience drafting corporate SOPs for professionals and students that aim to study abroad. Our separate team of MBA SOP Writers are post-graduate with strong skill sets to create a well-researched and professional SOP. We are well-versed with top-notch B-schools’ writing standards and admission requirements in India and abroad that make writing an SOP a creative and hassle-free process for us.

But, if you want to write SOP yourself, then keep the mentioned-below guidelines in mind.

Why should an MBA applicant write an SOP?

Most universities and colleges abroad ask for an SOP while applying for a Master’s in Business Administration. Apart from the educational institute or visa officer’s requirement, an SOP is an opportunity for the student to express his side of the story and present his case in a personal yet practical manner.

Your file contains academic documents, IELTS exam score, medical certificate and financial proofs, but it is administrative paperwork. Only an SOP is a document where you can share your thoughts, clarify the loopholes in the file like a gap between the study, and, most importantly, give a reason for doing MBA and your goals. Most international students opt for an MBA as they feel that graduation isn’t enough but fail to get a visa or offer letter because their file was weak. The fact is SOP can increase the chances of approval as it will resolve doubts and clear confusion in the mind of selectors. Therefore, it is important to add SOP to your file and write it in a captivating yet realistic way.

Some Tips on Drafting SOP for MBA

We have placed some tips which our writers also follow when drafting SOP for MBA:

A Precise Plan to Follow While Writing SOP

When it comes to writing a statement of purpose for an MBA programme, most students make the error of starting blindly. You must have a strategy in place for developing your statement of purpose. The strategy will assist you in gathering all of the information you require, selecting the format that must be followed, and taking care of everything else necessary to develop compelling statements of purpose.

Gather and Provide Maximum Information

Once you’ve devised a strategy, the following stage is to gather sufficient information and facts about the sector, the course, and the university where you intend to study your MBA and the country itself. This will allow you to make the most of these details while drafting your aim statement.

Explain your Passion behind the MBA course

Every student has a reason or a passion behind pursuing a specific course; you need to define your passion behind the MBA course. It must be your motivation and desire to get an MBA. You must clearly state why you want to pursue an MBA and what sparked your interest in the programme. The easier it is to wow the admission committee, the more genuine and relatable this portion of your statement becomes.

Talk About Career Aspirations

Another key factor to consider while writing an SOP for an MBA is your career goals or aspiration. You must state clearly where you are heading and what you hope to accomplish in your career. Connect your objectives to the course to which you are applying. It will assist you in projecting your efforts to gain admission in a more tangible and quantifiable manner. This will increase your chances of acceptance.

What makes an MBA SOP Impressive?

1. Professional Portfolio

How you want the admission committee or the visa officer to perceive you? A professional seeking advancement in career or an amateur? As a professional, you must build a portfolio that strikes a balance between personal and professional skill sets. Use instances and anecdotes that show how you performed in challenging work situations or introduced an innovating strategy that reaped results. It will help develop an impressive SOP containing factual information.

2. Creating an Individualistic Theme

An SOP for MBA aspirants shouldn’t be a generic SOP. Instead, it should be an individualistic SOP highlighting your story, career graphs and plans. Make a list of personal and professional attributes and shortlist them to find your strengths. Are you a good team leader, planner, analyst or event organizer? Find that specific attribute and make it the theme of your SOP.

3. Use or not to use Corporate Jargon

Writing an impressive SOP doesn’t mean using a thesaurus to impress the admission committee. Yes! It is important to have a command of the English language and write the error-free SOP, but that doesn’t mean use technical or corporate jargon that won’t make sense. It is essential to write a naturally flowing SOP and if the corporate jargon fits naturally, then use it. If you are using technical or corporate jargon, give a brief explanation for better context. But, keep it simple and flowing. The admission committee shouldn’t have a hard time reading the SOP; else, they will lose interest.

4. Formatting and Tone

A well-structured SOP, even though formal and straightforward, will go along the way. Read the guidelines mentioned in the admission criteria before picking up the pen. Often, applicants tend to overwrite or forget writing about the explicitly mentioned points in the admission requirements. It results in rejection as the selectors followed the negation process. You should limit the word count to a maximum of 1000 words or two to three pages unless mentioned, and the tone of the essay should be formal. It is important to keep in mind the country and college where you apply. Accordingly, one must use the terminology and dialect.

5. Answering Questions that Matter

Some colleges ask questions that you should answer in the SOP essay. Logically answer those questions and be authentic while answering. If the questions are explicitly mentioned, then frame an SOP including professional experience, academic qualifications, achievements and career goals. The relevant content will make your application strong.

It is important to keep the mentioned-above elements in mind while writing an SOP. But, if you think that you need experts’ opinion, then we are just a click away. Our MBA SOP Writer will craft an SOP that will get you admission to the University of your Dreams. All you need to do is email us the brief, and we will create a creative and personalized SOP that will get you seat in the renowned international B-schools.

Seek Professional Assistance

It is often believed that enlisting someone’s assistance in revising the statement is beneficial to both you and the statement. If you follow these guidelines when writing a statement of purpose for an MBA at any university or college, you will undoubtedly impress the admissions committee.

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