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What is a perfect recipe to write a Master’s SOP? Why should it be an individualistic and personalized SOP? How writing an SOP will increase the chances of visa approval or getting an unconditional offer letter?

We at Estorytellers often get such queries, and applicants are confused about how to write a Master’s SOP. They don’t want to leave any stone unturned in the SOP and seek professional assistance to ensure nothing goes wrong. We are experts in curating a personalized individualistic SOP and assist hundreds of applicants every month to get admission to their dream institutes. If you plan to study abroad and SOP seems like a deal breaker, seek our expert guidance and get an excellent SOP written, keeping the international benchmarks in mind.

However, if you want to write an SOP yourself, then read and implement the mentioned-below guidelines.

How can a Statement of Purpose get your application and visa approval?

The admission committee and visa officers are assessing your application, and based on your file; they will decide to approve or not approve your application. An SOP is an official declaration from the student that expresses their motivation, career planning, and reasons for choosing a specific course. It is a single document that can influence decision-makers and change your life for good. So, the question is, how to write an SOP that makes you look like an asset to the decision-makers?

A well-written SOP holds a 50% weightage of the application. It is your chance to flaunt your academics, work experience, ambitions and goal, and how a diploma or degree from an international institute can change your life. If written in a well-researched manner with proper formatting, you can get admission to your dream college.

Key ingredients to make an outstanding SOP

1. “What” needs to answer

What is your family background? What is your education background? What was the deciding factor?

These are some of the questions that the visa officer or admission committee may think about while checking your application. Your statement of purpose must answer all the “what’s” in a positive manner and should suffice their questions. Step into the shoes of the deciding committee and think about what they want to read? Accordingly, you must articulate the SOP that tells about family, academics, financials, profession and goals. Your SOP should not raise any questions and should negate anything that might be alarming in the file.

2. “Why’s” are important

Why do you want to apply for the Masters? Why you choose a specific course? Why you had a gap in between the studies? Why are you planning for Masters after years of corporate experience?

Again, these questions need to be answered logically, keeping. Do thorough research about the selected program and understand what you will learn from it. Similarly, you must research the educational institute, the faculties, its history, reviews about the college, etc. and mention why you chose it. In case of a gap in studies or applying for Masters after years of a corporate job, you must have a strong explanation for the gap and why opting for Masters.

3. “How’s” decide the plan of action

How will you benefit from the course? How will it help grow your career?

The questions about the future should be addressed carefully as it shows your authenticity and intentions for studying visa. The visa officers want to know what your intentions on completing the course are. Are you taking admission for visa approval or sincerely want to study. Mentioning about the career goals and how you will achieve them will make an impressive SOP.

4. “Where” can get you closer to your dreams

Where do you see yourself in the next ten years? Where will you apply after the course? Where you wish to settle after the course?

Lastly, these are the questions where you can discuss future plans. Research before answering these questions as it will give a glimpse of your plan of action. Mention about the possibilities after the course, in which company you want to apply to and where you wish to settle. If you plan to settle in your home country, mention that you intend to return and work or start a business. If you want to do an internship abroad, mention that and explain the reason. Make sure to make a strong closing statement.

Why Estorytellers is the student’s first choice?

Estorytellers, as the name suggests, is a platform where we create stories out of real-life instances. We create success stories from work-life challenges and curate SOPs that will hold the reader’s attention, give the decision makers clarity, and help them choose you. We spin truths in stories and write SOPs that share deep insight into your professional life and career objective to make you their valuable asset.

If you are looking for researchers and experienced writers who will make professional SOPs and letter of intent for you, we will assist you. Outsource your burden to the experts, and we will eliminate your fears by creating a creative yet professional statement of purpose.

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