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Master’s in Data Science is a technical specialization, and the competition is stiff. With the emerging demand of data analysts and data being the asset that can triple the growth of the company, many students and professionals opt for specialization in the field. Needless to say, it is a promising field with employment opportunities in the domestic and international market. It is a dynamic field that will grow in future, and that’s why many educational institutes are offering specialization in data science.

However, the competition is high, and you need to stand out from the crowd to get into the leading universities. Your Statement of Purpose is one such document that will make you an asset for your dream university if you write a logical and promising SOP. It is the only document in your application file where you can put your thought forward, be real and let the admission committee know how you are different from the rest. Here is a list of key elements that you must include in your SOP and captivate the reader.

5 Key Element to consider while writing SOP for MS in Data Science


1. What are your motivations?

What made you choose Data Science as your field of study? Is it your passion? If yes, then what was the inclination?

An SOP for a Master’s in Data Science can’t be a generic SOP telling your hobbies or interest. Our suggestion is to make it a storyline and flow with the theme. Think about what the admission committee wants to know about you. They want to know your motivations to choose a specialization in Data Science. So you can start with an incident when you were introduced to the field, share instances that increased the fascination and lastly, mention what the decision-making moment was.

2. Do you have relevant past experience?

Your past experience will work in your favour as you are not shifting or changing your career. Do you have a graduate degree in Data Science or a relative field? If yes, then discuss about the graduation, your score and what you learnt in graduation. If you have relevant work experience that motivated you to go for specialization, mention about that and give reasons.

Mentioning about relevant academic and work experience will assure them that you are not a fresher in the field. It will also give weightage to the SOP and will make your candidature viable for the specialization.

3. What makes your application ideal for approval?

Out of hundreds of application, why should the admission committee choose you? What is that unique thing about you that makes your application outshine? Now is the time to share your personality traits and soft skills that will help the community when combined with technical skills. An ideal candidate isn’t the one with strong academics. He should be someone confident, experienced and career-driven. Please find out your strengths and mention them in the SOP. Your strength can be decision-making skills or co-curricular activities that can make your application strong and substantial.

4. Where do you see yourself after the program?

In every SOP, we mention our goals and ambitions. But for Masters in Data Science, you need to research and be futuristic. It would be best if you contemplated on the personal and professional level to make a goal. The question, “Where do you see yourself after the program?” or “Where do you see yourself in the next ten years?” is not merely a career-defining question, but it is a life-changing decision. It would be best if you research about the job options, career growth and compensation after the program. Proper research will give you clarity, and accordingly, you can answer about the future after the program.

5. Do you qualify for the ESL Proficiency Test?

Do you know even the brightest of the minds can face rejection if their grip on the English language is loose? In fact, it has happened to crème students as there were mistakes in the SOP, and their IELTS score wasn’t up to the mark. Learn and practice writing in English, proof-read the document before sending and always seek expert’s guidance. A well-drafted SOP with zero plagiarism and grammatical errors will add to the points.

Why choose Estorytellers as your SOP Partner?

Usually, students and even professionals shy away from writing technical SOPs. The reason is simple; they may have technical knowledge but lack the art of expressing through words. An SOP is supposed to be a fine balance between tone, knowledge and research. You can’t be emotional and too personal in the SOP, whereas it shouldn’t be hard to understand and monotonous. So, it is always better to seek the experts’ assistance to write a captivating yet practical SOP. Estorytellers aim to create that fine balance with words.

Our writers are educated, experienced and bilingual. They have been trained to draft SOPs that follow the educational institutes’ strict guidelines yet not making them monotonous. We have segmented writers according to their specialization and niche so that our clients get experts of the field as their writers. Apart from the diversified and talented team of writers, our process is simple and practical. Our clients directly communicate with the writers and share brief. It makes SOP writing a collaborative and creative process that brings out a personalized SOP for our clients.

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