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Master’s in Computer Science is a technical field that requires a background in computer application. Graduates in computer science aspiring to learn computer science in-depth opt for a Master’s, but it is a highly competitive field. An essential admission requirement is to write an SOP with the application. While writing a statement of purpose for a Master’s in Computer Science, one must write a detailed account of the academic and non-academic background. It is advised that students with an I.T. background only should apply for the Master’s as it requires technical competence.

Applicants should research writing the SOP. Every case is different, and a personalized SOP will show the deciding committee that you are genuine and applying to learn, not for student visa approval. If you are planning to write SOP yourself, follow the below-mentioned process.

5-Stage SOP Writing Process to Ace the Application

1. Create a link between the past and future

The statement of purpose is supposed to give an overview of your educational background, family background, work experience, achievements, and future prospects. The deciding committee wants to know what makes you an ideal candidate. By giving them a peak in the past, they will know you were a sincere student, your performance at work and your family background. Whereas mentioning goals and ambitions will help them understand why you chose a specific course and where you see yourself after the course. It helps in building confidence as they know your motivation and long-term goals. Remember to mention only authentic information.

2. Share your academic and non-academic achievements

Some applicants ask why to share achievements, especially non-academic. By non-academic achievements, we mean something related to sports, social work, or innovative solutions that helped in the company’s growth. These non-academic achievements give an insight into the personality of the person. Are you a team player? Do you like to learn new software? It will make you an all-rounder who has the clarity and confidence to pursue your dreams. Especially while applying for Masters in Computer Science, one must mention awards and certifications received for conference or boot camps or competitions. It will add a feather to your hat and make you an ideal prospect.

3. Answer the “why.”

There are many “whys” in deciding committee’s mind, and your statement of purpose should be the answer. Why do you want to do a Master’s in Computer Science? Why you chose this university or college? Why don’t you want to pursue a Master’s in your home country? These are some of the implied questions that should be answered logically in the SOP. The applicant should research the benefits of doing a Master’s in Computer Science, career options, industry trends, and growth in the next ten years. After research, pen down reasons, how a Master’s will help in career enhancement and why you shortlisted the particular educational institute.

4. Give a glimpse of your future

What are your career plans? How will the Master’s in Computer Science grow your career? Do you intend to stay here or return to your home country? These questions should be answered after thorough research. Thorough research on jobs after a Master’s in India and abroad, designation and package will give you clarity about the future. Accordingly, mention in the SOP where you want to work, which profile attracts you, and your long-term goals. Talking about the future gives the selectors an impression that you know what you want to do after the course.

5. Give an assertive concluding statement

A concluding statement should be an apt closure defining your course of action after the program. Usually, while writing an SOP for a study visa, ideally, the document should be closed by mentioning what you will do after returning to your home country. In case of SOP for admission, give a closure mentioning the key takeaways of the course and how you will implement it in your career.

Top 5 proven SOP Writing Tips from Estorytellers

  • Make a pros and cons list of points to add to the SOP. It will help you make an outline of the SOP.
  • Be authentic and add factual information. Your academic and work experience related information should have documents to
  • The tone of the SOP should be formal, neutral, engaging and informative
  • Write to express, not impress. You shouldn’t request them to approve or plea to share personal challenges like financial problems.
  • Write an error-free and grammatically correct SOP. Don’t send the first draft as it is a rough draft. Proof-read it and edit the draft to give a polished look.

Why outsource your SOP to Estorytellers?

A statement of purpose is a document that can get you a visa or offer letter of your dream university, but it is also a document that can put a break on your dreams. It is an official document where you share your academic journey and talk about the future. If anything on the document makes the deciding committee doubtful, it can result in rejection.

Estorytellers have a team of ace SOP writers holding expertise in research, fact-checking and English language. We will draft a statement of purpose that will give a detailed overview of your academics, work experience, goals and ambitions, yet engage and convince the deciding committee that you are an ideal candidate. So, if your SOP is giving you stress, we are here to ease the process.

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