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An internship in a renowned company can open many doors for you. A fresher often get less compensation and have to hustle to attain experience; only then he can make the “big jump.” But, a decent internship in a reputed company can change everything as your experience will speak itself. However, one must not forget the stiff competition for the handful of positions. A Statement of Purpose for an Internship is not a document of formality but an opportunity to get your dream internship. A well-written SOP will make you unique and professional. If you have the potential to become the best in your field, then pass the hurdle of writing an SOP with the below-mentioned pointers.

How to write an SOP for getting an Internship?


1. Open with an engaging Introductory Statement

Imagine that you are asked to read an essay, and the first few lines make you think, “What’s new?” That is the reaction of the recruiters as they get hundreds of applications with the same generic content. The essay’s opening lines should be thought-provoking, engaging or factual that raises the reader’s curiosity. Therefore, when you sit down to write SOP for an internship, think about what the readers or recruiters want to read and write a captivating introduction. It can be a question or an incident from your personal life or an anecdote from the life of your idol that changed your life. But, make sure it engages the decision-makers.

2. Share relevant academic background

If a biotechnology student will apply for the fashion house internship, will he get the internship? No. You must apply to those companies that are relevant to your field of study. Relevant academic background is proof that you have theoretical knowledge of the field, and your knowledge can be put to use. Be it a summer internship or after the course completion, while writing an SOP, make sure to mention academic scores, certificates or accolades you receive during the course. It will add to your portfolio and make your profile stand out from the crowd.

3. Research and Learn about the company

An internship is a serious business as it gives you exposure to the real world. Therefore, it is important to research about the company before applying. Learn about their working style, who will be your supervisors, his experience and expertise, etc. You must know all the internship details like the designation they are offering, is it a paid or unpaid internship, hours of work and what will be the key takeaway? Will they offer full-time employment after the internship or give a certification of internship only. Apply for an internship only after a thorough research as it will make a positive or negative perception about the corporate world.

4. What are the job responsibilities?

It is important to learn about the job responsibilities before applying for the internship. Your job description will decide how much you will learn in the internship and whether the internship is suitable for you or not. If the job responsibilities are favourable, then you must mention in the SOP that it was the deciding factor. Mentioning in the SOP what will you learn in the internship will show the decision-maker you have done your research, you are selective and know what you want. It will also make you look the committed and smart one who decides after thorough research.

5. How will the internship help you?

Before writing an SOP for an internship, it is important to ask yourself, “How will the internship help me?”, “What am I seeking from the internship?

When you have a clear idea about your expectations, you can choose wisely. While applying for the internship, one must mention how the internship will help in career growth. Now is the time to share your reasons for applying to the specific company and how it will help you gain practical experience.

6. What are your career goals after the internship?

What do you intend to do after the internship? Are you seeking employment in the company? Which designation are you aiming for after the internship? Is a full-time job your goal or starting a business? Are you planning to work in a domestic or foreign country?

The decision-makers want to know your goals, and these are the questions, if logically answered, that can get you an internship in the topmost companies. Think about these questions and mention your future goals. It is ideal to make short-term and long-term goals instead of sharing your dreams. It is practical and will convince the recruiters.

7. Be your True Self

Lastly, an SOP is a document where you must be authentic and not make any false claims. The recruiters often go for background checks, and anything that turns out to be misinformation will lead to rejection. So, reveal your true intention and represent actual facts.

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