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A Statement of Purpose is a document that can be a nightmare to write for some applicants. But it can change your life. Do you know 50% of your visa approval depends only on the personal statement and the rest 50% collectively on other supporting documents? Statement of Purpose is a self-statement that must contain relevant information about the educational background, achievements, internship and valid reasons to choose a specific course. It is a document that can help in General Temporary Entrant (GTE), if written correctly, will help you get admission to renowned Australian University and student visa approval.

A significant difference in writing SOP for Australia and other countries like the USA or Canada is that emphasis should be on past records, current facts and logical factors that convinced you to choose a program. Whereas in other countries, the focus is on narrative instead of facts. If you apply for a Business, Arts or Education program, then one should write an SOP, but an SOP is required for graduate and post-graduate courses in other countries. In Australia, SOP is required while applying for a student visa, not much for university unless explicitly mentioned in the admission criteria.

Why writing a Statement of Purpose is important?

Every year thousands of students apply and compete for limited seats of a program. So, the admission committee works on the negation rule, where they look for loopholes in the application to reject it. After the pre-screening and negation process, they still have hundreds of applications, out of which a handful will be extended offer letter. So, how can you stand out from the crowd? What is the USP that will help you grant an unconditional offer letter? A statement of purpose allows you to share your point of view, discuss goals and career planning. It shouldn’t be an emotional ranting but a practical yet insightful document explaining your motivations and plans.

Most students get nervous while writing the statement of purpose or don’t know how to craft a well-structured SOP. That’s where we come in. Our experienced writers write a well-researched personal statement keeping the Australian guidelines for the student visa in mind.

Guidelines for writing SOP for Australia

While applying for an Australia visa under subclass 500 GTE, it is mandatory to write a personal statement. If you are planning to write SOP yourself, then there are few things to keep in mind.

  • Word count: Ideally, one should not write more than three pages of SOP. Some institutes explicitly mention the word count of 600-800 words or not more than 1000 words. For example, the University of New South Wales explicitly mentions 2500 characters for high school and 1000 characters for the choice of program.
  • Proficiency in language: The tone of the document should be formal. While writing an SOP for Australia, write like a native keeping the terminology, sentence structure and grammar in mind.
  • Guidelines for SOP: Read and double-check the guidelines mentioned in the admission criteria. Most of the student miss the guidelines or forget to implement a point or two, leading to rejection.
  • Relevant Content: Do not write stories in the statement of purpose for Australia. The narrative should be evidence-based and factual that complements the supporting documents in the file.

Tips for writing an effective SOP for Australia


1. Make a blueprint

Writing an SOP is not about pouring your feelings down on paper. It is important to think and plan what should be included in the document. You may start with a real-life story or family information, but the paragraphs should make sense. Often students write an SOP which is mere information without sync between the paragraphs.

2. Research

While mentioning the choice of program, you must research about the program, its future prospects, and introspect, how it will help your career. Proper research helps in writing down valid points that show the selectors that you are well-informed. The same goes for the choice of the institute, why you choose a particular institute/university out for so many.

3. Mention a turning point

Is there any turning point that led to the decision? Mention the turning point like that can be your USP. It can be advanced research in the field of study or career growth, or anything personal that made you apply for study abroad.

4. Conclusive proof

An SOP should mention facts like academic score, job tenure, designation and other things that can be verified. It will add weightage to the SOP, and you will be considered a sincere student with genuine intentions. Remember, meaningful points and proof increases the chances of admission, not pointless rambling.

Why choose us as your SOP Partners?

Our legacy of satisfied students speaks about us. Our proficient team of writers and researchers scan the institute or university where you want to apply and research the course before writing an SOP. We aim to write a well-documented SOP based on your brief and include it in factual information that will engage the admission committee. When we write an SOP, we ensure that every aspect of your portfolio is covered and written in sync. It will leave no room for confusion. Allow us to help you write an SOP that the admission committee and visa officers will love and grant you a ticket to fulfilling your dreams.

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