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Are you a business forever stuck in the dreaded second or third page of Google search results? Or barely crawling up and not getting those valuable views on your content? We know the feeling as we have worked with hundreds of businesses in that same sad place.

To a new business, ranking low on search results may not seem like a big deal. But it is! Look at it this way. Every day that you slip further on the rankings is a chance for your competitors to get noticed. Basically, if nobody knows you exist, how would they buy your product or service?

The aim of any new or upcoming business is to sell. And to sell, you first and foremost need to have a strong web presence and visibility. At Write Right, that is exactly what we deliver-help businesses get eyeballs on their website and content. And we do that by providing SEO writing that is rich in keywords, plagiarism free, informative and useful.

The days of tired black hat tactics and gaming the system are over. Google has become smarter with the way it ranks web pages. You can stuff all the keywords you want in your content. But Google won’t be fooled.

What you need to do is have a strong SEO writing strategy in place. Generic content is a dime a dozen. And more often than not it is simply paraphrased. Or worse, copy pasted from other articles on the internet! Paraphrasing can get you penalized and even removed from search engine results altogether.

SEO writing which basically refers to high quality copy that is combined with targeted keywords and keyphrases is what will make Google like you. Maybe even love you!

Small and medium sized businesses often think they can do it all. And take up the job of SEO writing on their own. What they don’t realize is that it is no longer possible to get ranked high on Google with a casual SEO approach.

You may think you can find all the answers online and don’t need outside assistance. And you may even be able to create some content that works. But to be in Google’s good books forever, you need to deliver high quality, SEO optimized content consistently.

Hiring experts with a proven track record is the only way to ensure that your business never loses momentum. If you still need convincing, read on for an exact breakdown of what hiring experts can do for your business.

How can Write Right help?

At Write Right, we have worked with hundreds of business across domains and size. From startups to sole proprietorships, our writers have gained vast experience in the needs of specific businesses. But let’s not bore you with self praise. Here’s what we can exactly do for you.

Search Engine Ranking– Simply put, we can help you get those organic search rankings and visibility. We don’t believe in keyword stuffing and short sighted hacks. Our goal is to make sure our writing gets you views for the entirety of your business lifecycle.

Our team of writers are experts in a variety of domains and work to create fun, original content that provides actual value to your audience. We do that by first having a thorough discussion about your brand.

Understanding who your target customer is helps our team create content that is tailored to the correct audience. For example-say you are a luxury brand selling one of a kind jewellery, our content writers won’t add keywords like “affordable jewellery” or “handmade jewellery” to the blog posts. Instead we’ll target keywords your customer is likely searching for like “24 carat Gold” or “custom diamond earrings”.

Get you an edge over competitors– For a business to stand out, it must deliver something unique. And to ensure our content is unique, we regularly check out business competitors. We identify weaknesses in their content and also value. And then optimize your website content to be better-better written, better keywords, better results.

Our SEO writers and consultants also keep up with critical Google algorithm changes and modify your content to meet new best practices. Basically, we ensure your content remains evergreen and search engine friendly forever.

Lead Generation– Our content will get you noticed and rank higher. But what next? Our team of writers include useful CTAs and internal links to make sure the customers stay put. And eventually move down the funnel to make a purchase. Win, win! After all, providing information is all fine and good. What businesses really want to see is numbers and sales.

Social Media Sharing-We believe in cross promotion. By creating fun, useful, SEO optimized copy, we ensure that your content becomes shareable across platforms. By leveraging the reach of social media websites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, we’ll help your search engine rankings soar even further.

Now that you know what Write Right brings to the table, go one step further. Contact us today for a quote or a quick chat!

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