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Content writing is deemed professional and impactful when it contains quality. How is the quality of any content measured? Other than the usual factors such as the information provided by the content, engagement level, ease of understanding, etc., the one factor that plays an essential role in the determination of the quality of content is SEO. 

What is SEO content writing? It is the process of creating pieces that aim to rank higher in the search engine rankings. Thus, the webpage will be pushed up on the page showing search results. Under this process, targeted keywords are included in the content that is most searched by the audience. These keywords are strategically used such that the search engine algorithm acknowledges the quality of the content and highlights it on the search results. 

Why do you need professional SEO Writing Services?

While ensuring that any piece of content is search engine optimised, most people believe that all they have to do is include keywords randomly in their content. That technique might have worked in the past when the competition was limited. However, these days, the algorithm for search engines looks for the keyword and the quality of the content. 

The demographic of the USA makes it necessary to optimise the content properly as the users and readers are well-informed. Also, the neck-to-neck competition across the country has amplified the need to acquire every method to boost your popularity and search engine rankings. Here are different steps that one needs to follow to ensure that their content is appropriately optimised.

  • The main keyword that is most searched by the expected audience should appear in the title of the content piece. 
  • This main keyword should also be used throughout the content, especially in the main or introductory paragraph. 
  • Other than the main phrases or keywords, one also needs to include alternative phrases. These are called LSI keywords, where LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. These phrases and keywords are directly or indirectly related to the main keyword. If you find that your main keyword is repeated a lot of times throughout the content, you should replace it with an appropriate LSI keyword. 
  • The keywords should be used in subheadings, such as heading 1, heading 2, and so on, to emphasise it. 
  • The main and LSI keywords should also be incorporated in the anchor text of the webpage or blog post. 

Sounds too much? It comes with no surprise that SEO has become such an essential concept that needs special attention during the process of content creation. Most content-creating teams and companies have one or several SEO specialists on board to ensure that the content created is completely prepared as per the algorithm followed by prominent search engines. 

However, you can acquire specialised and experienced SEO content writing services by just placing an order. At Estorytellers, SEO is kept at the forefront while creating any piece of content. The team houses specialists and experienced professionals. They ensure that the final piece you receive ranks higher in the search engine ranks. 

How do we create search engine optimised content?

While creating SEO-friendly content, the search engine’s algorithm and rankings need to be considered, but the quality of the content needs to be maintained. The recent updates in the ranking rules of Google and other search engines check the quality and competitiveness of the content while determining its rank. 

Thus, our team ensures that the content abides by all the rules. Here are the steps followed by our experienced and dedicated SEO team to create quality content.  

Keyword Research 

The first step while drafting any content piece is to research the most targeted and searched keywords. A comprehensive list is formed that includes all the keywords related to a particular topic that trend on search engines the most. The user or customers are most likely to use these terms while searching for the concerned topic. 

Write Content 

The first draft of the content is then created. The step includes extensive research, fact-checking, editing, and other such processes that ensure that the quality of the content is maintained. While writing the content, the writers ensure to incorporate main and LSI keywords appropriately throughout the content. Along with that, the writer will also include backlinks and hyperlinks to attract more attention to the webpage or blog post. 

How can you receive SEO-friendly content?

Whether you want to boost your website, kickstart a new business, revamp your blog, or attract footfall to your online shop, SEO-friendly content can ensure that more and more people are diverted to your website. With the proficient services offered by Estorytellers, you can get the success that you have been planning for. You can contact our team through our website and get search engine optimised content right from the fingers of experts through the following steps.

Explain your needs

Be as explanatory as possible. Elaborate on the aim of your business, what you want to achieve, what do you expect from the content, the form of content you need, etc. We will coordinate and cooperate with your needs seamlessly. 

We begin writing

After you provide the details, our team begins writing the content. It is edited through several steps, automated and manual. An SEO expert will ensure that the keywords are appropriately used. 

Final delivery

Once the content has passed all the quality checks, it will be delivered to you by the delivery date.

We always welcome feedback from our clients. We believe feedback not only improves our performance but also develops and deepens our relationship with the clients.

Importance of SEO

Content marketing is an essential dynamic marketing technique for companies of all sizes, enabling them to create more profit with little effort and investment.

Involve and Empower Your Audience

The mismatch between you and your clients may be the most significant cause of your company’s downfall. You need to know your ideal consumer to have a tough time marketing your goods or services.

Rated first in search engine results pages

Appropriate SEO information increases the likelihood of appearing on Google, where thousands of users seek answers to their issues daily. One of the most amazing facts about content creation is that the less data you produce, the better your site rating on browsers will be.

Obtain High-Quality Links From Several Prominent Sites

You’re likely familiar with SEO professionals concentrating on producing elevated levels for successful relationship development. Other site operators, people, and corporations trade links when searching for high-quality content to give their potential customers. Guest blogging is one of the most effective ways for link building.

Build a good name on social media networks

More than simply being on social media is required to attract a larger following. One should keep updating pertinent data on all social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Why Choose Us

Keep Your Customers Happy

SEO and UX enhance your business. The customer experience of your website relates to how your users engage with it. When your clients have a pleasant encounter with your company, you get more internet hits, increasing revenue and your SEO. Your position on a search engine results page (SERP) will move progressively nearer to the top slots.

The ease with which your clients may traverse your site is called user experience. The basis of your website must be solid and stable. Organic trust will be built in your business due to good SEO and UX.

Honesty attracts clientele.

Acquiring visibility organically signifies that your site shows as a result of everything your clients searched for. SEO is a path to visibility that, depending on your goals, might influence the buying cycle.

You must ensure that the content fits google analytics’ rules while generating and promoting it, or it may result in a consequence. The organisation is continually fulfilling the writing requirements of a broad spectrum of domestic and international customers by providing various solutions such as e-books, technical, SEO, website content, travel, script, and more.

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