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Writing SEO-based content is not all about loading the text with repetitive keywords. It is more about integrating them wisely to blend well with the proper context and quantity. Although stuffing a reasonable number of keywords makes your website more reachable, what if the audience is not impressed with the content? Would they check your products and services? 

Absolutely, no. Only an experienced SEO content writer can ace both of them, and at Estorytellers, one of the finest SEO content writing services in Pune, we have a whole bunch of such writers.

Search engines currently have complex algorithm features that separate relevant content and valuable online marketing from other websites’ content using outdated SEO techniques. Haphazardly putting keywords into the content only lowers your brand’s online search engine results pages (SERPs) ranking. 

 Every writer at Estorytellers is proficient in the latest best SEO practices, incorporating these techniques tailored to heighten your online presence and serve the audience’s needs.

Our Takeaways For SEO Content 

  • We believe a professional web marketing service should take time to communicate and look closely at what the audience is looking for, which will serve your site’s purpose.
  • To be among the top in SERP, we believe in reviewing competitors, analyzing their shortcomings, and filling in the gaps in our client’s content.
  • We believe in implementing the precise phrases and best keywords that attract traffic to your website and convert more visitors into clients.
  • We know the importance of constantly updating with the latest search engine trends and their work.

Even if you are unaware of “SEO” or “SEO Content Writing,” we still bring more potential to the content on your website.

Want to know how?

Learn why below.

Our Key Competencies

We don’t develop trash 

We create quality content, content that works for both the audience and Google. It is well researched and interestingly drafted. Our content fulfills the searcher’s intent. This enticing content ensures that your website is not misplaced in the digital shuffle. 

Elevated Response 

Our articles, blogs, and other write-ups are crafted wisely. Our writer gives them catchy titles to captivate several audiences looking for information on the particular theme.

Higher Acceptance Rate

It takes consistent efforts to keep up with quality content production to maintain the brand’s value in the eyes of the desired target audience and search engines. Since we follow all Google SEO norms, where our content provides authentic and relevant information, our content is accepted by famous writing directories. These facts mark that your SEO copy is reasonably ahead of the curve. 


We don’t charge hefty fees, nor do we say we are free. We provide our services at reasonable rates. We always try to give our clients nothing but our best at any particular price.

SEO Experts

Our SEO content writers are not only limited to SEO writing, but they have a broader horizon. Besides, they are also experienced in developing SEO content strategies. Their strategies will help your website to maximize its search ranking and lead to the top.

Why SEO Content is Vital for your Business?

Getting Higher Ranks on Search Engine

As a leading SEO content service in Pune, we know strategies to get businesses to rank highly on the search engine results page because we are SEO professionals (SERP). We also recognise that it is critical to get to the top and stay there, and quality content is one of the most effective strategies to achieve — and maintain — this goal. This is because Google and other search engines prefer websites with interesting, engaging content.
SEO content is tailored to the user rather than the search engine. Our content writers generate clear, engaging information intended for people, not computers.

Turning Visitors into Customers

One of the reasons SEO content matters the most is turning visitors into customers. Finely crafted SEO blog content can attract more visitors and induce them to turn customers. Our SEO content team understands these vital aspects and drafts the content accordingly.

Building Brand

SEO content can help in building a brand. One way to make your product and service recognizable to the audience is to create SEO content that can help build a brand. The content written on your website can tell the story and give a clear idea about your service.

Get Help from Professional SEO Content Service in Pune

With the support of our team of experts and professionals, our company provides first-rate SEO content writing services in Pune to organisations and websites looking to improve their inbound marketing. Since of our expert authors’ believe in quality and originality, we are the leading SEO content writing firm that guarantees 100 per cent customer satisfaction.

Since there is honestly in our writers’ for their customers, we are currently serving all brands, businesses, and companies worldwide, and we have a large fan base and recommendations.

Our team never creates low-quality SEO content since we have never deceived our clients for profit; instead, our research team thoroughly examines the content before delivering it to you.

Search engine optimization is one of the crucial steps in digital marketing. Here are some types of SEO content that can help boost the website traffic and SEO ranking on your site.

Keywords-related articles/search query-based articles

This is one of the primary types of SEO content. Blogs are written around the keywords /search series frequently raised by users. It is a way of delivering content demanded by the customers. If the keywords are combed, selected judiciously, and combined well content, then keyword-related blogs can fair highly as SEO content.

Brand information/Product development

One of the main objectives of SEO content development is to increase SEO rankings, draw traffic to the website, enhance customer engagement, and increase brand awareness. Blogs related to brand information or brand storytelling (depending on how well the narrative is created) stand as good options for SEO to initially opt for brand storytelling and later include blogs catering to customers’ search queries.

Product/Service description

Though SEO content and blogs only give out information about a product/service, they contribute indirectly to the sales funnel by driving customers’ brand awareness and image.

Moreover, SEO content needs to be updated regularly for a stable position in SEO rankings and website traffic. These two tasks can be accomplished with regular SEO content updates about new products/services of your business.

Frequently asked questions

As a website holder, your focus is to draw maximum visitors to your site, inform them, and turn them into customers eventually. As a preliminary step, you need to create more ways for people to access, visit and revisit your site. This can be accomplished by creating SEO content on frequently asked questions by customers. You will likely attract more visitors when your site holds valuable answers to FAQs.

Tutorials/ guides

With the advent of search engines, the internet is the place to find solutions, guides, and tutorials to complete any task. Your site can host good SEO content on tutorials, guide articles, and how-to-do lists related to your niche. If you are a moving company, you can include a guide to packing, moving, etc., on your site to assist customers.

Predicting/ forecasting trends

Prediction and forecasting articles are one of the most popular SEO content types. But the predictions or trends must be related to your business or niche. If you manage a real estate marketing website, forecast articles on property prices, housing and renting costs, etc., can draw attention to your website.

You may choose any one or a combination of them or more types of SEO content suiting your business needs. EStorytellers are here to offer plagiarism and error-free SEO writing services backed with keyword analysis, engaging content, and SEO optimization techniques.

Our Content Creation Process

While we write SEO content for you, we want you to be as involved as we are. At Estorytellers, we believe in working together; with your timely feedback, we would develop engaging content that resonates with the demands of potential customers. 

  • We assign you one devoted content specialist, who will be in regular touch with you. You will be free to give any instructions, ask any query, and request any modifications you would like to see in your content.
  • You choose what needs to be covered. Whether you want the tone of your content to be humorous or formal, business-like or informal, we know how to fit a particular style into any content.
  • We are confident in our skills. We guarantee you content that is attractive to both the audience and search engines.
  • After we complete the content, the final approval is yours. We want you to revise the content not just once but as many times as you wish. If you want to recreate something, just let us know we will get it done!

Why Are We Best?

A Conclusion

Estorytellers is a content writing agency that aims to create valuable and affordable content for everyone. Our SEO optimization and various other services enable small, medium, and big businesses to get a cutting edge over their competition. While you set up your brand, you must work with an agency that you can trust and understand your brand’s purpose.

We provide you with a flexible platform where you can easily get connected with great writers who have a deep understanding of SEO content writing. Our SEO content is unique, engaging, amusing, and provides knowledge that you won’t get anywhere else. 

Our writers have a vision beyond keywords; they know how to uncover the intent behind the words and write content that justifies that intent. 

Within a few years, we are considered among the leading names in the field of SEO Content Writing Services in Pune. Our articles and blogs have outstanding click-through rates, giving confidence that readers will check your website.

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