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Bangalore, India’s technology hub, is a haven for international firms that seek to dominate their respective industries. Like in any other place, content for companies in the heart of Karnataka has become an unavoidable aspect, courtesy of the roaring takeover of the world by the internet and social media. But merely producing blogs and articles is not enough. They have to be intriguing, thought-provoking, and, most importantly, SEO-friendly to generate healthy leads. At the moment, companies are fiercely fighting for the top spot in Google search results, and to gain an edge, you have to be at your best. With proficient writers and trained content strategists at Estorytellers, ranking higher in search results is no challenging feat to conquer.

Best SEO Content Writing Services in Bangalore

For years, we have worked hard to reach a point where we can provide the client with organic traffic using our writing services. In Bangalore, startups and businesses are swelling every second day, and so is the need to grow their online presence. We offer the following services to help businesses thrive:

  • Blogs and Articles
  • Website Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Product Description and Review Writing
  • Technical Writing Services
  • Academic Writing Services
  • SOP, LOR, LOM writing services
  • Editing services
  • Scriptwriting
  • Other Content Writing Services

Why is SEO important?

Going back a few years, not many were even aware of the full form of the term SEO (Search Engine Optimization), not because it wasn’t in the works then but simply due to the lack of awareness. At present, since most of the business processes have moved online, it has become imperative to make a place in the good books of search engines like Google and Bing. A good SEO strategy helps you:

  • gain organic traffic
  • appear on top in relevant search queries
  • market to the right people
  • convert leads into sales
  • increase ROI
  • promote your brand 24×7
  • build a loyal consumer base

How do we create the best SEO-friendly content?

SEO is a short-term but a big concept for businesses to stay afloat during the growing online competition. Estorytellers’ process to develop SEO friendly content consists of several arduous steps to ensure our clients get immediate and long-lasting results:

  • Engaging Call-to-action tone: SEO is about pulling the audience to become a customer, which is not possible without a startling call-to-action button. Our SEO experts ensure a smooth flow of engaging information before the reader reaches the CTA button.
  • Zero-error policy: Though we are not averse to make updates, it is tricky to entirely rely on them, for they might reshuffle the webpage’s search engine ranking. Therefore, we follow an error-free policy to leave no loopholes.
  • Effective keyword placement: Our experts make keywords part of the content and not the content part of the keywords. We understand the importance of audiences’ experience and follow a good keyword density technique to ensure they are not against the write-up flow.
  • Google Algorithms: What algorithms does Google use to show search results, and how does it crawl for web pages? This can be tricky for some, but thankfully, the flawless SEO experts at our disposal have cracked the code to deliver astonishing results to our clients.
  • Catchy title and subheadings: The title and sub-headings on a webpage should be attractive and alluring. We use a blend of human creativity and machine intelligence to generate compelling titles that give good returns.
  • Backlinking: Backlinks on a webpage can directly affect its SEO rankings. They are a relay race, passing the baton to the following website to achieve a positive end result. SEO enthusiasts at Estorytellers come equipped with stupendous knowledge and ideas to give a successful push to a webpage’s backlinks.

Why choose Estorytellers for SEO content writing services in Bangalore?

Bangalore’s entrepreneurship mindset is set to roll further with Estorytellers’ outstanding content writing services. But what makes us the best? And, why should you choose us? Below are some drool-worthy reasons to let us serve you:

Customization: Be it a blog or website content, we intricately create it based on your exclusive needs. From the target audience and age group to the tonality of the piece, you decide all of it.

Affordable and Qualitative content writing services: We offer quality combined with affordability to ensure the burden on your pocket is not much. Value for money is the ultimate concern of every client, and we understand it.

High conversation rates: When we take up a project, we have certain expectations from ourselves, one of which is to ensure the highest return on investment for the client. With us at the helm of your content needs, leads are sure to become sales, and prospective customers are bound to become customers, both leading to a robust consumer base in the long run.

The focus is SEO: We can’t stop boasting about our excellent SEO skills. All agencies use techniques, but we act fast to produce positive results efficiently.

Handling your content needs in the current times is undoubtedly a tedious task. Content has evolved over the years and is still changing, resulting in a well-aware consumer mindset. The unprecedented rise of social media and other digital channels adds to it, making the competition levels cross previous peaks. Every firm wants to be seen and shown on the internet consistently and interactively, and Search Engine Optimization is the right way to go about it. But, SEO is not everybody’s game, and, therefore, it is best left to the experts of the best Content Writing Service provider in Bangalore, EStorytellers.

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