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What is a resume?

A robust resume converses about your qualifications and sets up a path for your career. The sole purpose of a resume is to make you noticeable in the piles of papers lying on the recruitment desk. Various job seekers think the resume summary is a full capsule of their professional history, but it should be an advertisement for you to shine the most. The resume should encompass all your experiences and expertise applicable to a particular job. The most notable strengths should be punctuated well. The appropriate accomplishments are highlighted, so the document catches attention, and you get calls for further interviews. The resume can instantly highlight your ability to handle work and hence can be a leading point for the managers to hire you.

Resume Writing Services

Why is a resume such an important document?

A resume is a resource of your first tone as to why you earn a chance to represent yourself for the role of handling implementation operations. The first and foremost impression as a probable candidate highly relies on how you showcase your work credentials, technical skills, professional accomplishments, academic achievements and relevant certificates. A persuasive resume takes your perspective along in the mighty selection process.

You might be a star performer, but a company can only accept your application once and if you give a crystal clear idea of your capabilities. Compelling work experience and flawless track records can disappoint job seekers. Many highly trained professionals face rejection because they must represent themselves well in their resumes. For professionals who have been in a company for longer tenures, upgrading their resumes becomes a hilltop task. This may cause them to lose out on far better opportunities.

It’s such an important document and practically the face of you where you are present for the impression. Hence it must be written by a professional who knows all the associated technicalities. By hiring a professional, you do more than hire someone to type up your resume or do simple updates. This acts as an investment in your strengths and career opportunities. It gives a direct occasion to land interviews for positions you know will prove to be a rendezvous, financially satisfactory, and financially rewarding.

Why hire a resume-writing service?

Opting for a top-quality resume writing service saves time and may give you an idea of how to write an appealing resume. It also helps you learn how to update your resume periodically. Experts highly recommend updating resumes though you need to apply for jobs actively.

The resume writing process could be more complex and tangled. It’s anything but simple. It is very time-consuming, and many applicants take days to months to complete the document. It’s a single tool that hastens your selection process in your dream company. So it needs to be written with utmost dedication and precision. However suitable you are at your task, you may miss out on some essential points in the document. Many choose single professionals or hire a company to write resumes to put their experience and personality in presentable order.

How can Estorytellers help you write a resume?

The first question before you gather your resume is why you need a professional writer to write your resume. The answer is straight and simple. An expert has a vast knowledge of the subject you might miss as a reader. Resume writing is a skilful art; it might be an ordinary piece of paper if done at home. But it’s a mirror that shows all your potential, merits and demerits, so it has to be a crisp statement on the form.

Many of the best resume-writing services have cropped up across the country, but deciding to hire a professional before penning it down for yourself is a critical decision. .The search ends with this brilliant team of writers called the Estorytellers.

Having its base in Ahmedabad, the company works on a global platform. The leader, Bhavik Sarkhedi, is a well-established author with a keen eye for perfection. Under his vision, not even a single resume has been non-worthy. Various professionals apply to tons of companies daily. Sometimes it is a challenging job for the selected position to select candidates. In this case, a stark and unique resume will hit the head of the selection committee.

Estorytellers has its hands in all the writing services like SOP writing, LOR writing and Resume writing services. They have excelled teams in all the departments and keep running in-house tasks to upgrade their pool of knowledge. The collection of writers understands the formats of the resume writing services and the need for the resume to be attractive. A team of writers is dedicated to each client as soon as the project is handed over. The writers are fluent in all the languages, making them remarkably the best writers in the country.

Their affordable prices and decision to submit their work on time are unique selling points for the writers in the company. A friendly and cooperative atmosphere within the company helps the writers stay motivated. However, the motivation fuels the writers to pen down the resumes in the most informative and potential ways. The company has a reputation among the most significant industries, and thus it is constantly flooded with requests to write resumes. A resume, once written at Estorytellers, always goes right.

Hiring a professional resume writing service or a resume writer is a daunting task as it’s challenging to choose one sometimes. One may trust personal writing abilities more than rely on others for such an important document. But it’s always a good idea as it ensures that all your captivating skills and gripping experiences are forwarded to your desired company with all the persuasiveness.

Are you looking for an affordable Resume Writing Service?

Estorytellers has been the industry’s most reliable and original Resume Writing Service provider. The writers at Estorytellers directly create the fastest personalized resumes. In addition, they have expertise in writing cover letters and LinkedIn profiles started by Bhavik searched; the company gives comprehensive solutions for those pursuing jobs in their corresponding fields. The testimonials are why top business leaders trust the company to help them progress in their careers.

Estorytellers offers comprehensive and affordable Resume Writing Services that have helped thousands globally. The company has built a reputation for creating perfect resumes for professionals pursuing their aspirations. The team consists of excellent resume writers, creative graphic designers and consultants who go all out to help job aspirants with resume novelties. The exceptional staff at Estorytellers assists the clients in highpoint their proficiency and knowing how to showcase their resumes in a stance so that recruiters only budge after noticing it.

The resume writing services are affordable yet are of International Standards to aid your resume up the ladder so that it is appreciated and respected in the piles of resumes. The language and technique are sure to guarantee calls and placement opportunities from top-tier organizations. With its impeccable services over the years, the company owns a reputation for applying the right strategy and quicker turnaround time to gain a reputation amongst elite professionals.

The company delivers resumes for all backgrounds. Then, the experts in the company guide you toward the best fit for you.

It offers to resume writing solutions for all skill levels and budgets. The company experts give you a personalized feed and help you to choose how much assistance you want. The team puts its heart and soul into a well-organized and keyword-optimized resume. They also help in giving the LinkedIn profile a complete makeover. A mere description of your strengths does not make sense or align with the kind of job you are aspiring for. The resume writers at Estorytellers can also write cover letters that correlate with your technical and soft skills, the position you are applying for, and the industry.

This company is well known for its most affordable resume-writing services. Once you choose the services at Estorytellers, an expert writer will be allocated within. Without wasting much of your precious time, the writer gets started. The writer will be in touch with you throughout the process to understand your note-worthy capabilities.

Typically, the final resume will reach you within 3 to 5 working days which is an excellent time to fix and fabricate your full capabilities on a piece of paper. You can choose different delivery times at affordable charges. In addition, you can avail of an edit free of cost within three to four days. The writers here are good listeners and can have revisions as you want without delays and complaints. The writers stay in touch with you throughout the revisions.

What Hire us?

Professional Resume Writing Services

Multiple companies specialize in resume writing services. With so much available, the question arises why only Estorytellers? Let’s take a close look at this question’s answer.

Quality and regulations

A resume reflects one’s personality in case of physical absence. Thousands of resumes are piled every year on the desk of the education board . in this scenario; quality is an essential factor to consider. Estorytellers has never compromised on its quality factor and has always been on the top regarding impressing the board. They specialize in crafting resumes in unique styles. Under the leadership of Bhavik Sarkhedi, the company’s writers give prime quality importance.

Estorytellers boasts a pool of writers adept with all the rules and regulations of the resume format for different countries. Every country has distinctive requirements for its resume guidelines purposes. The resume is framed so that the essential details are noticed. Any wrong formatting would immediately lead to the admission folder’s cancellation.

With the onset of COVID-19, the rules and regulations have become more strict. Hence, adhering to a bigger and more experienced pool of writers is imperative to make your admissions process risk-free. Estorytellers to make sure that the entire process and just hassle-free. The resume should be very particular about the laws of various companies. The team is trained for the same.


The team at Estorytellers is well aware that the resume is written for students applying for other jobs. Keeping this in mind, they have made their services very affordable. Compared to the various prices of other professional companies, Estorytellers is the most approachable and experienced in resume writing services. The team assigned works with you until the end and reviews your properly. At the end of the process, the resume is a unique collection of all your accomplishments and merits done precisely.


Estorytellers is very strict with its content writing policy. For example, it says a big no to content plagiarized and has no acceptance for even one person. That makes your resume a reliable, remarkable and genuine representation of your personality. Furthermore, the content mentioned in summary is well-researched by the team of writers before presenting it to the client.


The company follows a strict timeline for submission. From the day the task is assigned, the writers make it a point to work relentlessly on it to deliver the written document well on time. Being punctual is one of the biggest USPs of the company.


Each piece of writing is complete with the proper editing of it. Every document, whether it’s a letter of recommendation or a statement of purpose, should be edited and proofread by some good companies. By doing so, your resume is sure to be grammatically correct and free of any errors. Of course, we miss tiny details like punctuation marks. Editing and proofreading capture these minor errors making your resume flawless.

Multiple drafts

Writing multiple drafts would help you perfect your resume gradually. The first draft never comes out perfect. Making various changes helps it make it better. If needed, seek some help. Focus more on the relevant information and omit the irrelevant ones. Seeking help enables you to perfect your document.

Experienced writers

The company has a team of experienced writers and editors who write quality content and guarantee genuine content. Moreover, the writers write in an engaging tone. The content is written so the readers are hooked until the rope ends. The writers are genuine in all languages that are accepted globally. Every writer has a specific niche and is assigned according to their specialization.

Format of a good resume


Margins are an essential aspect of making your resume look attractive. It gives the reader a cleaner look and makes the paper more attractive. By setting an inch, the margin on all four sides, the article looks more organized and catches the eye of the reader. With so many resumes dusting the committee’s desk, an organized one’s breath of fresh air

A good font

Picking and choosing a suitable font is imperative. It increases the readability of the test. A font that is too complicated perturbs the reader, so he wants to avoid reading further. Choose globally acceptable and easy to comprehend. The font size also matters a lot. An actual size of about 11 or 12 makes it easy for the writer to read the font globally.


A resume is a long article. However, reading too much text could be more convenient. Hence it should be divided into various sections. The sections are as follows.

Contact information

A legitimate address and phone number are significant to mention for contacting purposes. Saying your full address and pin code helps send the information correctly.

Resume summary

The following section is the resume summary. It summarizes the essential parts of your experience and the achievements that you have made.

Work experience

The work experience marks one of the most critical sections of your work experience. It should include all your work experiences, including the period of internship. It gives the selector a brief about your strengths in a particular field.


Mentioning your educational qualifications and your educational background is yet worthy of a paragraph in your resume. It throws light on how you succeeded as a student and overcame the challenges thrown at you at a relatively younger age.


Most applicants forget to mention their skill set in their resumes. Every company aspires to workers who are skilled in various sets. This becomes an asset for them and also for the applicant. A paragraph stating your skill set makes the chances of selection brighter.

Use of bullets

Bullets should be used to mark the headings as they have a more evident impact on the reader. For example, past jobs and experiences can be written in the resume in bulleted forms.

Be consistent with the formatting

Sticking to a consistent format and a way of writing helps make the resume look more polished and professional. It adds value to the document. A single line spacing of 1.15 is a good and standard format to stick to. Every heading can be separated with a space and highlighted in bold. The further explanations are marked with bullets or highlighted with italics.

Maintain a specific word count

The word count depends on what you want to add to your resume. No specific word count is mentioned in the global guidelines, as it largely depends on your achievements and work experiences. An extended summary is a cumbersome read, so it’s essential to make it attractive. Good grammar and legitimate information make the word length apt. A resume that is too low and too huge a word count does not hold a chance in the selector’s eye.

No photographs

The resume should not consist of personal pictures. It makes the whole document look informal and unorganized. So refrain from putting any everyday media. However, a photograph of some critical event can be inserted.

To sum up, hiring a professional resume writing service or a resume writer is a good idea as it ensures that all your captivating skills and gripping experiences are forwarded to your desired company with all the persuasiveness. Estorytellers have been game changers for a lot of aspirants and applicants. With all the excellent reviews that hit the company’s website, it’s the number one company that can twist and twirl the resume in the best possible way.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is a resume writing service?

    A resume writing service is your ultimate secret weapon to land your dream job! It’s a professional service that helps job seekers create a standout resume that showcases their skills, achievements, and experience in the best possible light. A well-crafted resume is essential to capture the interest of recruiters and boost your chances of landing an interview. A resume writing service offers customized resumes tailored to your industry, experience, and career goals. Their expert writers know what recruiters and employers are looking for and can craft a resume that highlights your strengths and sets you apart from other applicants. With a top-notch resume, you’ll be ready to make a lasting impression and land that job you’ve been dreaming of.

    What are the benefits of a professionally written resume?

    A CV is vital since it helps to demonstrate why you’re a better match for a job right away. In today’s highly competitive corporate working world, a resume is frequently a prerequisite for progressing in the interview session.

    The benefits of a professionally written resume are as follows:

    • Describe your relevant abilities and experience.
    • Shows the advantages you provide to employers.
    • Draws employers’ attention
    • It aligns you with the job.
    • This can result in an interview.

    How does the resume-writing process work?

    The resume-writing process typically begins by reviewing job postings and identifying essential skills and qualifications that are relevant to the desired position. Next, the job seeker creates a draft of their resume, including their work experience, education, skills, and accomplishments. They then refine and edit the document, ensuring that it is tailored to the specific job they are applying for and uses appropriate formatting and language. Finally, the resume is reviewed for errors and submitted to potential employers, either through online applications or in-person networking.

    How much does a resume writing service cost?

    The cost of a resume writing service can vary depending on the provider, level of expertise, and complexity of the job seeker’s work history. At eStorytellers, the cost of their resume writing services ranges from $150 to $500, depending on the package selected. The basic package includes a professionally written resume, while the premium package includes a resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile optimization. The highest tier package includes additional services such as job search strategy consultation and interview coaching. Additional services such as rush delivery or additional revisions may also incur additional fees.

    Why should I choose Estorytellers for resume writing service?

    Looking for a job can be challenging, but with Estorytellers, crafting a winning resume doesn’t have to be. Their experienced writers will help you highlight your strengths, skills, and accomplishments, ensuring that your resume stands out from the rest. With a tailored approach that focuses on your specific needs and career goals, Estorytellers can help you get your ideal job. And with competitive pricing and positive customer reviews, choosing Estorytellers for your resume writing needs is a wise investment in your career. Let them help you tell your story and get noticed by potential employers.

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