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Do you have a story to tell? Let us use our words to convey your ideas to your target audience. We have a clear understanding of the vast range of storytelling options that fall under the umbrella of ‘nonfiction’ from academic guides to personal stories our non fiction ghostwriting agency covers it all.

With our professional non fiction ghostwriting agency, you can tell your story uniquely, making you stand out from the other authors in the industry. We are dedicated to providing your ideas with a distinctive narrative created by a non fiction ghostwriter to convey your story to your audiences in a way tailored to your needs.

As a non fiction ghostwriting agency, we are committed to helping you tell your story in your style. With a team of non fiction ghostwriters who are experts in their field, we aim to turn your ideas into a reality.

What does non fiction ghostwriting comprise?

Non fiction ghostwriting can only produce successful results when there are 2 vital factors involved: an individual with a unique story to tell and a non fiction ghostwriting agency that is committed to telling their story in the most impactful way.

Non fiction ghostwriting comprises of a non fiction ghostwriter who will take the time to understand your needs and requirements clearly. Once the non fiction ghostwriter has understood your expectations, they move on to research before writing a first draft. It is a long, drawn-out process that demands a writer’s skill, time, and dedication.

At Estorytellers, we recognise how difficult it can be to commit to such a demanding and drawn-out writing project. This is why we gathered a team of experts and professional non fiction ghostwriters to partner with us and help you bring your story to life without you having to lift a finger.

At our non fiction ghostwriting agency, the process involves a few steps to ensure the final products exceeds expectations. The non fiction ghostwriter assigned to you will begin with in-depth research after they successfully get a clear understanding of your wants and vision. After this, the non fiction ghostwriter will write a draft of your story that will be plagiarism-free and rigorously quality-checked. Once you have reviewed the draft and edits are made, we will hand you the final draft, which will be your story to share with the world.

Why choose our non fiction ghostwriting agency?

Professional non fiction ghostwriting

Nonfiction is a genre that is not easy to write in a way that keeps the audience hooked. It requires an individualistic approach to writing that very few writers have the ability to master.

In our non fiction ghostwriting agency we house a pool of writers who are thoroughly trained in non fiction ghostwriting. The non fiction ghostwriter assigned to you has expert knowledge of crafting a seamless narrative that keeps readers engaged until the very last page while keeping the content informative and crisp.

Our non fiction ghostwriter has a professional understanding of non fiction ghostwriting, and each writer has spent years mastering the right techniques. You can sit back and focus on the finer things in life while your non fiction ghostwriter works to give your ideas a voice that is heard by your audience

Useful inputs

Non fiction ghostwriting does not just consist of taking your idea and using the magic of words to turn it into reality, but there’s more. A fantastic perk of hiring a non fiction ghostwriter is their ability to provide a fresh perspective and valuable input to enhance your ideas and help refine them so the final book is a masterpiece that lives up to all your expectations. When working with our non fiction ghostwriting agency, all your ideas, wants, and requirements will be clearly understood and integrated into the final product.


We know how time-consuming it can be to write a successful non fiction novel. Hiring a non fiction ghostwriter will allow you to focus on your next big story idea while we bring the current idea to life. Our non fiction ghostwriting agency requires little to no effort from your end. We know how to do the job efficiently and quickly while you sit back and watch your vision become a reality.

Research and Quality Checks

When writing a novel or book of any genre, in-depth research must be conducted before the writing process begins. This can be a long and drawn-out procedure and may result in writers getting frustrated or conducting insufficient research. The lack of thorough research can be a major hurdle in the writing journey.

Partnering with a professional non fiction ghostwriting agency who has been in the industry of non fiction ghostwriting for years can help with the research to a great extent. The non fiction ghostwriters writers we provide are trained step by step to deliver top-notch quality; this includes thorough research before they begin their work and a rigorous quality check and plagiarism check after their work is completed. So your romance novel is well researched, well written, and faces no compromise of quality.

Our non fiction ghostwriting agency can help you educate

Non fiction is a truly diverse and equally impactful genre. Non fiction writers have the ability to impart knowledge, educate, tell fascinating stories and inspire their readers. Our team of non fiction ghost writers work hard to keep our non fiction ghostwriting agency on the top of its game.

We can create true art when your expertise meets our storytelling abilities. At our non fiction ghostwriting agency we believe everyone has a story worth telling, and we are committed to helping them tell those stories in ways that leave a lasting impact on their audiences. Click here to let us tell your story.

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