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Be found – Grab the best deal and dream job through powerful LinkedIn writing

Take your professional status over the web to the next level through our professional LinkedIn writing services.

The significance of LinkedIn needs no introduction. However, the following facts are for those who haven’t realized its worth yet.

  • In 2020, there were 14 million openings on the LinkedIn platform.
  • 97% of recruiters consider LinkedIn for evaluating and selecting the candidates.
  • There are 122 million who have successfully got interviews through LinkedIn.  

Undoubtedly, LinkedIn is highly promising for professionals and jobseekers. However, not everyone having a profile on LinkedIn manages to be successful. Hence, with such encouraging figures, you should only go with experts for LinkedIn writing. Estorytellers, as a prestigious writing service provider, can help you with your LinkedIn writing requirements.

Making you stand out from the crowd

There are above 660 million LinkedIn members around the globe. However, Estorytellers can still promise you about making your profile stand out. Naturally, you can expect greater success through your job search.

Our secret to success!

Estorytellers house a specialist team of LinkedIn writers. Furthermore, all these professionals carry years of LinkedIn writing experience. Most importantly, they hold the expertise in writing quality LinkedIn posts with impeccable keyword placement. Naturally, this enables the profile to stand out from the crowd to appear among the professionals.           

The distinguishing aspect of LinkedIn writing by Estorytellers is that we write to ensure it aligns with your CV well. The narrative remains professionally engaging and impressive at the same time. Interestingly, our in-house writers are adept in writing skill-focused profiles boasting the candidate’s achievement incredibly. This enables your profile to rank high among the recruiters.

Expect better responses

Are you feeling negative about not getting a good response through your LinkedIn profile? If yes, Estorytellers can help you in the best way. We have helped thousands with similar issues. Moreover, we have a massive team of professionals revamping your profile and giving it a competitive edge.

Dedicating a writer for you

Estorytellers is a firm believer in transparency. In this context, we assign a specialist writer for each client. In fact, you can connect with the writer as well for any of your queries. You can discuss with him/her and share details of your goal.

We are proven!

Indeed, creating a LinkedIn profile has become highly important for professionals, irrespective of their experience. The specialty of our LinkedIn writing is that it can help you explore hundreds of professionals. The best part, this is not a mere claim. Rather, we can show you hundreds of examples of profiles attaining incredible results. Above all, we can optimize your profile thoroughly to enable you to connect with thousands of profiles.  

It works for all

LinkedIn is a platform that can be equally incredible for all professionals. No matter, you are a job seeker, you are a recruiter, business owner, etc., and it works for all. Most importantly, one needs to have a LinkedIn profile presenting key details strategically. Starting from fresher-level job seekers to pros, start-up recruiters to top MNCs, we have the best examples for all. In short, don’t hesitate to connect with us, irrespective of your requirement.

Networking gets easy!

LinkedIn is not just about job seeking or recruiting. Rather, you can expect great help through user feedback, recommendations, etc., from professionals. At the same time, LinkedIn has turned out to be a powerful platform for networking as well. Starting from sales professionals to business people, our service can be relevant for building a network.       

Connect with top HRs

Are you looking forward to connecting with an HR professional in your segment? If yes, look no further of Estorytellers. Noteworthy here is that HR professionals don’t bother replying or connecting unless the profile is well written. Interestingly, our professional LinkedIn writing can help you thoroughly on this matter. Most importantly, we have helped hundreds of candidates in connecting with the HR professionals they aim at.

24×7 customer support

Our LinkedIn writing service remains 24×7 available for clients. You can connect with the support team to ask for any kind of change.

Quality service at the best price

LinkedIn writing by Estorytellers is best in quality and affordable at the same time. Interestingly, we offer discounts for bulk requirements. So, feel free to connect with us!

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