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How to Write Error-free and Be a Grammar Nazi



During the pandemic of coronavirus, social media and online businesses have not only witnessed fast growth but have also witnessed an increase in English communication. No doubt, English is a global language and nowadays, each and every person must know how to speak and write good English if he wants to excel in his life either online on the internet or offline. For instance, if you are communicating with a client online for your business and are writing the mails with grammatical errors, it will have a bad impact on him but if you will write the mails without any errors, it will surely portray a good impression of yours on the client. This is why it has become really important to understand grammatical concepts and avoid errors.

The knowledge of the English language and grammar has now become indispensable in order to avoid any kind of embarrassment or social humiliation. The need of having a sound grasp of English grammar is not limited to social media. If your resume will be error-free, it will stand out among other resumes and it may help you in getting hired too.

How To Write Error-Free And Be A Grammar Nazi

Well, a Grammar Nazi is someone who points out the grammatical errors of other people in order to preserve the English Language. When someone points the grammatical errors of others, it means that he is having complete knowledge of that subject. If you are writing professionally, you cannot avoid the grammatical errors in your text and therefore, it is really important to know that how one can write error-free and be a grammar nazi.

Following are the steps that you must follow if you want to write grammar free and be a grammar nazi: –

  • Learn the English language– We all have been taught the English language from school time but what we really need to work on now is grammar. You can start by reading the basic concepts of grammar like nouns, pronouns, etc. Everyone knows them but a basic revision will not cause any harm. After that, try to understand the concepts of subject-verb agreement, tenses, etc. and you will be good to go. These topics are available online and in the books. Always remember that it is never too late to learn something.
  • Familiarize with the English Language- The next step is to familiarize yourself with the English language. Try to speak in English in your home or try to write a paragraph daily on different topics. You can also read novels, watch movies or can listen to songs that are in the English language. It will help you to get the concepts easily and effectively.
  • The Practice Code- Once you understand the concepts of English grammar, you can start practising. It is rightly said, “Practice makes a man perfect.”You can practice the exercises of the grammar concepts that you learnt. It will give you an idea that how much you exactly have understood and what is left. Try to clear all your doubts. You can either do this online as a lot of practice exercises on various grammatical topics are present on the internet or you can get yourself a book that contains the exercises. This will literally complete around 80% of your learning journey.
  • Evaluation- Despite a lot of practice, you may end up making some mistakes when trying to write an article or a blog. But nobody wants to showcase their grammatical errors professionally. Therefore, it is really important to evaluate the proficiency in English grammar for real now. It is important to write error-free if you are working professionally on an article or a blog. Therefore, you can take the help of grammar checkers that are available online, such as Grammarly. It is free of cost and one of the most trusted software too.

By following all the steps mentioned below, you will be able to write an error-free article easily. These will help you to develop a high command of the grammatical rules.

Tips For Writing Like A Grammar Nazi

If you want to write like a Grammar Nazi, here are some quick tips for you: –

  1. Always try to organize your ideas before writing them- This is because it will help you to get a flow of the content and readers will also find it easy to comprehend. Try to relate the sentences with each other.
  2. Analyze your weak points that lead to mistakes- Try to pick your weak points and do some homework about them.
  3. Do not repeat the same keywords- Do not repeat the same keywords in the content as it will not be a good impression for the readers. Try to learn different words and enhance your vocabulary.
  4. Always try to write simple sentences- Always try to write simple sentences and concise writing as it will not confuse anyone and there will be fewer chances of a mistake.
  5. Develop a habit of proofreading- This is because it will help you to detect your mistakes in the text and your knowledge regarding English grammar will also be improved.
  6. Use Grammar checker tools- You can use grammar checker tools that are available online. They help to detect grammatical errors in no time and can help you in making your text error-free.


Writing error-free is not only pleasing others but to develop confidence in yourself. It is not only about the mistakes related to nouns, pronouns, verbs but much more than that. It is not a difficult thing to learn, just requires some patience and effort. You can easily write error-free if you are willing to learn.

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