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Content Writing Price Chart in India Explained [detailed Guide]

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The world without writing is hard to imagine! Even before making a mansion, the whole plan is created on a piece of paper. Writing is also an imperative part of human life that educates the coming generation to prepare them for maximum productivity. Content writing is always hard to ignore in such a world that demands progressions.

In ancient times, saints and mythological characters wrote epic stories to let the upcoming generations know about the culture and past. However, nowadays, writing has more of a business need. Every business need content writing to convey its brands to prospects. Read the complete article to know the price details and significance of content writing.

What is Content Writing?

Before jumping on to know the price details of different forms of writing, you should always know what content writing in today’s domain is. In the simplest terms, content in any platform is a piece of writing that emphasizes a given topic and explains it. Content can be anything. It can be text, images, videos, GIFs, and many more. The content that writers draft is undoubtedly a text form of content.

It elaborates readers about a brand, topic, title, or product. In the customary form of business, leaflets, flyers, and signboards were the form of content that promoted businesses amongst consumers; But soon after that internet boomed, the significance of writing has even more intense nowadays. Before endowing in any product, brand, or business, every user conducts in-depth research. This is what speaks about content writing.

Implications of Content Writing

Blog Posts

There’s a purpose why blogging is the most popular form of content creation: blogs offer a wide variety of commercial advantages. Blogs are still a vital sort of content to focus on for a variety of reasons, from SEO and getting your website to the top of the rankings through elevating your brand as an authority in your sector.

If you are puzzled about what to write about in your blogs, then you can debate with your team for assistance. You can come up with brainstorming content writing ideas with your team. This will help you develop blog topics that you might not have considered before.

Social Media

Generating social media postings is an excellent approach to practice content writing. This is because social media posts are often short, crisp, and fast. You can quickly experiment with different social media writing styles to discover what people respond to. Besides, social media postings are often fluid and alterable by nature. It’s easy to shift direction and adjust to Audience demand.


The reality is that your target for newsletters and consumer emails is often people who are otherwise your clients. The writers who are knowledgeable or committed to your business put these pieces of content distinct from other sorts of content production. Offering distinctive content that they won’t find anywhere else will assist in maintaining their attention and encourage them to take your information.


Providing in-depth investigations of your products and services to your clients by creating ebooks is a terrific approach to promoting your business. This is an excellent teaching tool that may assist you in persuading potential clients to become actual customers. These items’ content writing can be more technical, but be sure to keep terminology and specialist words to a minimum or clarify them so that your audience understands.


While you might not consider an infographic to be a piece of writing articles, the fact is that infographics are a mix of visual and textual material. In an Infographic, you need to consider a variety of statistics or find intriguing data about your organization or products and turn them into infographics to share on social media. You might make a comparison sheet for a simpler infographic. A straightforward chart that contrasts your item with others might educate your clients and persuade them to buy it.

White Papers

Like ebooks, White papers are lengthier writings intended to be informative and explore further into issues. On the other hand, it assists you in promoting your company as an industry specialist and provides you credibility with consumers. White papers can build on subjects covered in blog articles or cover similar topics or viewpoints.

User Guides

User guides are one of the most imperative forms of content that educate readers about your products. It can explain to readers about the precise operations and working of any product. With the help of user guides, users can better connect with your businesses, as they will witness ease in using your product. This can be a great marketing tool as well.

Types of Content Writing

1. Blogging 

Writing blogs or articles is an important part of content creation. Because search engines reward pages that consistently publish fresh information. To do so, you’ll need to do some research to figure out what language your target consumers use while looking for solutions to their problems. You can draft blog postings that can increase your website’s SEO rankings with blogs relevant to the topic and the brand’s aims.

Blogging may span a broad range of subjects and writing styles. You’ll need to find distinct keywords to add to your posts so that your blog appears first when people search for them. Your blog postings will often be more informal and engaging; the goal is to educate, enlighten, and amuse.

2. Copywriting 

Writing website copy, marketing materials, sales material, commercials, and focusing on conventional print media (such as news releases or ad campaigns) and infographics are all examples of this form of content writing. This is the sort of content writing that most individuals don’t give much thought to or devote a lot of time to. However, this is an essential component of content marketing! These statements should be thoughtfully crafted, bearing in mind that they are the core of your brand and frequently the first stuff that prospective buyers will read.

3. Technical Writing

Technical writing is also the long form of writing that educates readers about a business or its products. The writing process may appear scary, but it might be the most straightforward form of content to create for anyone who knows your business and goods. This is your time to describe how your service or product works, how your client may use it, and educate your audience on the nuances, even if you’re writing policy documents, ebooks, or how-tos. Remember that you want something to be relatable, so avoid using too much terminology and explain it if necessary.

4. Media Writing

Social media has created an impeccable dominance amongst users. There are hardly any people who can imagine their life without social media. Social media has also become an imperative stage for business promotion. In such cases, social media writing is one form of writing that will help businesses connect with prospects on social media platforms. Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or any other social media platform, the social media writing agency creates an impeccable piece of writing to entice your potential buyers.

5. Emails Writing 

While email promotions may be classified as copywriting, it’s crucial to conceive about your emails in a different manner. Your copywriting pieces are frequently aimed at a public that is unaware of your business and the services you provide. They are usually your most devoted followers and customers who keep returning for more when it comes to emails. Since these are two distinct markets, you should take a different strategy. It’s critical to deliver added-value content to your email list in order to keep your subscribers engrossed.

6. SEO writing

One of the most common types of content writing is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO content writers are responsible for creating content that includes required keywords for websites to achieve the highest potential position in search results pages. They are a significant part of digital marketing strategy. The use of bolded headers and subheadings in short sections is prevalent in SEO content to aid reader involvement and search engine analytics.

7. Ghostwriting

Ghostwriting is the practice of writing without giving credit to the author. In content generation and digital marketing, a ghostwriter creates writing that is commonly credited to another person or organization. This helps save time or alternates for a skills shortage in the regular staff of a firm or a business owner. Ghostwriters commonly specialize in a particular field, such as public relations or brand history.

8. Social media marketing

Social media content is becoming increasingly vital for content authors. Many brands have a strong social media presence, and content writers are frequently hired to develop text and manage numerous social media channels. Social media content writers create quirky, entertaining social media postings to increase company exposure.

Famous Content Writing companies in India

1. Write Right

Write Right is a fantastic content writing company that provides the most competent and customized writing services. It is a well-known firm that provides writing services to almost all firms seeking a higher return on investment. Write Right has a large team of content writers tasked with analyzing rivals and determining the optimal structure for business content. They develop content that focuses on your items based on your business and industry position to provide you with the finest market chances.

Write Right is a reactive content writing agency as well. With a simple swipe on the website, the staff will reach out to assist you right away. The ordering procedure is likewise fairly straightforward here. You must place an order with some examples and samples of what you expect your content to be like. The writing staff will then communicate with you to write down about your products and services.

Finally, you will receive your order before the timeframe. Over the years, Write Right has received more than 20 awards in various categories. Write Right gains more trust and dependability as a result of this.

2. Bloggism

Another top-tier content writing agency that ranks first among the best writing companies in India is Bloggism. This agency’s quality is the number of deliveries and submissions made on time. It provides a wide range of content writing services in response to industry demands. Bloggism can create the most convincing content to advertise and highlight your company. Bloggism’s content guarantees you a top spot in the SERPs.

Customer service and processing times are also noteworthy. The agency accepts your purchase sooner and fulfills it before the deadline. Bloggism’s immediate response staff also reacts faster to any post-delivery editing requests. Bloggism is a dependable article writing company that can provide you with any outcome you require.

3. Taletel

It’s yet another eye-catching content writing agency that’s gained a lot of traction in a short period of time. Its USP is creating content that completely immerses prospects in your company’s story. They create content that reflects the company and industry values you have earned. Taletel is one of India’s most well-known writing agencies as it features a diverse group of writers with expertise and accreditation.

Taletel’s writers are likewise well aware of the evolving industry norms. Taletel’s domain-specific content includes all particular terms that enable firms to attract readers. Their service is a five-star rated solution that caters to various sectors’ content needs. It only takes minutes to place an order on Taletel. The support team contacts you right away to write down your content requirement.

4. Estorytellers

Another popular moniker in the content writing industry is Estorytellers. It outperforms all of its competitors by providing the most customized content writing services. When it comes to customized content, Estorytellers’ USP is optimizing content to meet prospects’ needs. Several readers now use SERPs to start their studies before investing in any goods. As a result, Estorytellers focuses on evaluating all audiences in order to create personalized content that will provide you with the highest return on investment.

Estorytellers’ content, on the other side, is more Search – engine and attention-grabbing. Estorytellers’ writers incorporate all of your products and services in a unique style and structure that may help you stand out from the crowd. Thousands of job businesses have used Estorytellers to achieve the desired ROI worldwide.

5. Kalam Kagaz

Kalam Kagaz is a one-of-a-kind content writing service that helps you improve your business by providing SEO-friendly content. Kalam Kagaz has a team of content creators and experts who have previously worked in the sector. This allows Kalam Kagaz to simply produce content that will interest prospects. Kalam Kagaz provides you with a satisfying service in a quicker turnaround time.

When users place an order on the Kalam Kagaz platform, they will receive a prompt answer. The team communicates with consumers right away to identify their needs and deliver content as needed. You might expect various sorts of content depending on the domain you are on. Kalam Kagaz stresses developing optimum content in addition to diversity in content writing.

The Detailed Price Chart for All Types of Content!

Blog Writing

Blogs, as you know, are the form of content that offers better visibility and online presence. While searching for any product/service, every user finds out information relevant to it. The blogs offer you an authoritative tone in the domain. It creates trust and brings you better ROI; the price for blog writing services in India is quite reasonable.

Different agencies are offering you blogs at INR 2 – INR 5/ per word. Most ideal content writing agencies charge you this price range for creating compelling blogs.

Website Content Writing

Website contents are the form of content that is an integral part of the business. It is like your online store where prospects see the services and products you sell. Based on the preciseness of your information, the prospects make a final decision. Thus, your website content has to be as unique as possible. You can find many content writing agencies in the market offering precise content.

The average price of website content ranges from INR 2 – INR 6/ per word. The prices below INR 2 won’t offer you the quality that you need.

Resume Writing

A resume is another form of writing that is important for job aspirants. A resume is like a short introduction that shows your skills and talents to recruiters. Apart from that, a resume also describes your past work experience. It sequentially tells your experiences to let the reader know about your professional career.

The average price of resume writing services in India is between INR 1999- INR 3999.

SOP Writing

A statement of purpose (SOP), often known as a personal statement, is a vital component of a graduate admission that informs admissions committees about who you are, your individual and career interests, and how you will contribute to the graduate program to which you are applying. The way you write your statement of purpose will describe your future. Nowadays, you can find a wide range of SOP writing services that aid in you delivering the best SOPs.

The average price for an SOP starts with INR1999 – INR 3999.

LOR Writing

A letter of recommendation is a precious document that usually tells the skills and qualities of the applicant to recruiters and universities. In today’s words, the LORs mean the documents where an industry expert recommends any individual to any organization for offering a chance in the desired job position.

The average price of LOR ranges between INR 999 – INR 2999.

Essay Writing

An essay is a short descriptive composition on any given topic. The essay is usually common in the academic field. The universities and educational institutions demand students to deliver the essay to showcase their skills and knowledge on a given topic.

The average price of essay writing in India starts from INR 2 – INR 4/ per word.

Email Writing

Emails are usually for business communication. An email is the most professional approach to interacting with the client. Apart from that, emails also have the potential to entice prospects. Several businesses are deploying email writing services just to fetch more leads.

In the writing domain, email writing will cost you between INR 3 – INR 7/ per word.


Ghostwriting is drafting all sorts of content without taking credit for it. The content writing agencies are your ghostwriters who deliver your content need by charging only its cost. You can publish these contents on your platforms by taking all credit for them.

The average price for ghostwriting is between INR 3 – INR 9/ per word. 

Press Release Writing

The press release is usually the latest news, updates, and upcoming event information about your business. A press release helps your business entice more prospects to your new launch events or create interest. A press release is the most imperative form of content for search engine optimization.

The average price for press release writing is between INR 2 – INR 3/ per word.

Social Media Content Writing

The posts that you see on social media platforms are social media content. From the business’s point of view, social media content is always the one that entices social media users to buy your products/services. Social media content has to be unique and precise. So, you need to hire specialists to deliver these forms of content.

Social media content will cost you between INR XX – INR XX/per word

LinkedIn Profile Writing

LinkedIn has become the new hub for businesses to attract a client. An appealing Linkedin profile with proper optimization will help generate more connections and improve your business.

For LinkedIn profile writing, the average cost that you can expect is INR 799 – INR 3999.

Cover Letter Writing

In simple terms, Coverletter is a document that goes with your resume adds information about your talents and experiences relevant to the job you’re applying for. To make your cover letter job-grasping, you need to get it done by professionals.

A precise cover letter will cost between INR 499 – INR 3999.


Keeping it concise, this is all you should know about the content writing price. Now that you have the price chart and price information, you can make a better deal working with a writing agency. If you need any more information, mention it in the comment section below.

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