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Do you know that according to the Ghostwriting Association of America, more than 50% of business leaders take the help of an expert business book ghostwriter for their books? We live in a world where personal branding is one of the major reasons for a brand’s success. Today, a company is mostly recognized by their powerful leaders. Estorytellers understand the power of personal branding, and there is one way to create personal branding.

Business book writing is that powerful marketing tool that straightaway sets you up as a thought leader and helps gain followers instead of audiences. Through your years of experience in the industry, you can pass on your goals, achievements and strategies to your audience. Business book writing helps you create a thought leadership that differentiates you from other business owners.

What exactly are business ghostwriting services?

You are a business owner. It has been quite some time for you to stay in the market. Your ideas, solutions and skills have not only helped you create a successful business but also invented new ways of approaching some problems fundamentally. These solutions can greatly help other entrepreneurs or even industry leaders to reduce their process time, production costs, and help improve the quality of their products or services.

In return, this act of knowledge-sharing will give you the title of a thought leader, influencing people to become your hardcore followers. Though there are many ways to share these learnings and experiences but the best way to create a prominent presence is through business book writing.

Benefits of Hiring a Business Book Ghostwriter

Do you have 100 hours? Can you focus on writing a book instead of giving your 100% to your business? These are the questions that most of the business leaders face. And to solve these problems, they hire a business book ghostwriter. Here are a few benefits of hiring a business book ghostwriter:

  • You don’t need 100 hours to invest in your book with an expert business ghostwriter. In fact, it can take as little as 1/10th of the time.
  • You can focus more on expanding your business and exploring new ideas while also setting yourself up as a thought leader.
  • Since a business book ghostwriter is trained in this specific task, he will take your ideas to curate something of exceptional value to the business book readers.
  • Not only that, the business ghostwriter will make sure the book influences the audience to see you as an industry expert, which is the primary objective of writing the book in the first place.

So, these are a few significant benefits of hiring business book ghostwriters.

Estorytellers business ghostwriting services are known to have the best business book ghostwriters in the world. This is because of our approach to writing content. Our expertise lies in creating engagement-worthly content through ghostwriting services for business leaders like you. We have helped a significant number of clients with our business ghostwriting services, serving them with thought leadership articles, whitepapers and business books.

Advantages of business books on branding

A business book strategy can invite many opportunities and drive your business to immeasurable heights when executed correctly. While your personal branding is the primary objective of your business books, your business brand can also significantly benefit from business books in terms of recognition, credibility and revenue boost as a result.

  • They can help you establish yourself as a subject matter expert and a thought leader in your field. Writing a book can demonstrate your knowledge, abilities, and insights to your potential customers and audiences. A well-written business book by an expert business book ghostwriter can set you apart from your rivals in your industry.
  • They can assist you in elevating your brand’s reputation and recognition. Your visibility and exposure to new markets and opportunities can increase after you publish a book. Connecting your name with a reputable publisher or platform can also improve your reputation and authority.
  • Business books also develop opportunities for media coverage. You may be able to reach a wider range of audiences with your message and expertise if you publish a book. Additionally, it invites social opportunities such as events, conferences, podcasts, or interviews.

Therefore, while strategizing a business book plan, it is of utmost importance to publish a book that actually delivers value to the audience as well as to you and your branding needs. And an expert business book ghostwriter can ensure that.

Why us?

If you are looking for professional and reliable business ghostwriting services, we have every tool at our disposal to ensure your business is of world-class quality and delivers on the objectives. We are a quality-oriented content writing agency in India specialising in personalized storytelling content for various niches. A few reasons why we have the best business book ghostwriters and we can provide you with the best business ghostwriting services:

  • Each business book ghostwriter in our team is experienced, and a creative writer who can craft not only engaging and informative business books but also a content piece that showcases your expertise, insights, and value proposition. Our business book ghostwriters can write on any topic related to business, such as entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, finance, innovation, strategy, and more.
  • Most of our business book ghostwriters are trained to comprehend your given insights as quickly as possible and write exceptional and expert-level business books.
  • We are flexible with pricing in order to meet your budget and needs. Depending on the length, complexity, and quality of your business book, you may select from a variety of packages and alternatives. Until you are happy with the final product, we are there for unlimited revisions.
  • We are proud to say that we provide the fastest turnaround time when it comes to business ghostwriting services in the industry. This is because of our talented business book ghostwriters who can deliver your business book within the agreed deadline without compromising on the quality and originality of the content. Our business book ghostwriters also provide constant and instant support for your queries and doubts via various mediums.
  • We ensure that your business book written by our business book ghostwriter is 100% plagiarism-free and unique through our multi-layered quality check. We also provide a report of plagiarism-free content to safeguard your valuable time and reputation.
  • At Estorytellers, we assign you a business book ghostwriter to curate a business book for you, but we also help you publish and promote your business book on various platforms and channels through our marketing team. We can help you with your business book’s editing, proofreading, design, and distribution. In order to reach your target audience and increase leads and sales, we can also assist you with the marketing and branding of your business book.

We are not just a content writing agency but a partner in your success. Through our business ghostwriting services, our expert writers will create a business book showcasing your leadership and your brand identity, personality, and voice. Each business book ghostwriter at Estorytellers is committed to aiding you in achieving your goals and objectives with our personalized storytelling content. If you want to write a business book that sells, we are one of the best business ghostwriting services. Thanks to our exceptionally talented business book ghostwriters.

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