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Businesses still make the mistake of thinking writing is a cheap commodity. After all, anyone can write right? Wrong! Puns aside, sure any person, irrespective of qualification or lack thereof can string a couple of words together in a semi coherent sentence.

But not everyone is an expert. After all, you wouldn’t expect a primarily lifestyle content writer to tackle a research heavy tech blog right? If you do, you are doing yourself and your business a huge disservice. Similarly, you may be an excellent businessperson and start-up founder selling game changing products and services. But that doesn’t mean you possess the gift of writing or presenting your ideas and thoughts in a way that compels people to buy.

This is where Estorytellers comes into the picture. It’s all in the name. We tailor our content to your business niche. And match our clients with the writers who have the correct expertise for the domain. How do we do that? Say you are a business who comes to us for assistance. We help you create a business blog that provides informative, well researched articles that deliver valuable insights to you target audience. In the process we turn your viewers into customers.

Why Business Blogging?

Business blogs can be of 2 types-blogs targeted to consumer readers and B2B business blogs. B2B business blogs basically refer to blogs that provide information revolving around a specific industry. The content of B2B business blogs are targeted towards other businesses and not consumers. And contain information about a business’s products and services, latest niche specific research, expert interviews etc.

At Estorytellers, we have helped hundreds of businesses scale up, rank higher and become legitimately trustworthy authorities on the internet. We have done that by creating quality content, detailed infographics and articles that answer real queries our clients’ target audience and industry have. Read on for how Estorytellers uses business blogging as a marketing tool:

Bring Traffic-Every time you publish a new post on your business blog, you are adding one more page that can be indexed by Google. It is important for you to churn out new content regularly so that your site gets indexed more. This can also impact your search performance results. Remember, regularly adding content won’t automatically guarantee that it gets indexed. High quality, non duplicate content however will.

Bring Leads- The most obvious ROI of business blogging is getting leads. Customers are inundated with generic content across the internet. To make yours stand out, you need to create niche specific articles that answer real questions your audience have. It doesn’t matter whether your customer is another business or a regular person. B2B companies with solid business blogs have been found to receive almost 67% new leads every single month! And B2C companies aren’t far behind.

Want those same results? At Estorytellers, we provide content that is not only high quality but contains a useful Call to Action to prompt visitors to convert. And that’s not all. We have many other tactics that are honed from years of experience generating leads for our clients.

Build Authority- Trust is an important component of business blogging. Visitors to your site that find you through SEO optimized content need to then feel that your content is generating value. Remember, the focus of all content marketing efforts, including business blogging is first and foremost to raise awareness and provide information.

Turning viewers into customers is secondary. If your content is solving viewers’ problems or answering highly specific search queries, you will eventually win them over. Quality business blogs aim to create a strong brand reputation for businesses. And project them as thought leaders with valuable insights to share. Over time, sales follow.

With business blogging you need to look at long term results. The more value you generate for your customers, the more likely they are to move further along the sales funnel. At Estorytellers, our goal is always to look at the big picture and large goals.

Backlinks- Businesses need quality backlinks to rank high on Google search engine results. And the only way to get these quality backlinks- meaning backlinks from industry respected websites -is to generate valuable content. Backlinks are also crucial for building domain authority and improving your overall discoverability. By treating your business blog as a marketing asset, we at Estorytellers deliver the respectability and reputation you need for your business. Now that you know just how important business blogging is, contact us to get started.

Knowing the impact B2b blogging can have on your business, it’s time to know what makes a good business blog.

While you may think of content as the primary stakeholder here, other elements need to matter in making or breaking your blogging strategy.

Essential checklist for a good blog

Meta description

A good blog is a tagline with a gripping meta description. A meta description is usually a short synopsis of 150-160 characters stating the theme or content of your blog. As this appears to users while searching for content, an attractive meta description holds the strength to draw readers to your blog.


Any good blogging strategy starts with niche and keyword analysis. Instead of writing your own creative stories, a blog needs to be centered around what users like and want to know. Likes, demands, and queries of users can be understood through keywords. A good business blog should be centered around keywords to deliver relevant content and increase its visibility and SEO ranking.

Clear content

While the meta description and keywords can draw users to your blog, only engaging content can retain them. The narrative building, storytelling, and content engagement drive the readers to read the blog till the end. As the main objective of a B2B blog is to inform and convince, it can be done only through quality content.

Language and tone

Every business has a unique communication style toward the market. If they still need to, they develop a customized tone to communicate with their users. While B2b blogging mainly focuses on brand image building, maintaining your unique tone gives your blogging strategy a customized and unique standing.

Format and errors

While links and add-ons are a ‘big yes’ in blogging, errors and lack of formatting are a ‘big no.’ Blogging aims to deliver excellent blogs that inspire readers, leading them toward action.

Why choose us??

Brand storytelling is a challenging task. We blend customer queries, brand tone, search engine demands(Keywords and meta description), infographics, and illustrations into well-written, worth-reading, plagiarism-free blog content. Choosing a suitable blog writer is imperative to enable readers to draw, visit and revisit your site.

As now you know what makes a good blog, it’s time to knock at Estorytellers door. We are your key to providing the best, original and unique content.

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