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Book writing is a passion for most people, but with busy business hours or office hours, this passion is often neglected. A book allows a person to express his/her thoughts to millions of people who might read it. Books contain a plethora of information hidden inside each page, and it is the writer who allows the audience to unveil the information with each new page opened. 

But how to publish a book when you are too busy with your schedule. The answer is simple, Write Right with subsidiaries Estorytellers and Taletel is presenting ghost book writing services at affordable prices and ensuring the best quality. The book to be written would wholly depend on the expectations of the client and we ensure that the content written is plagiarism-free, with no grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. The meaning of ghost book writing service is that no matter which writer wrote the book for a particular client, the final credits of the book will be given to the client, and in return, the writer would be paid a justified amount of money for writing the content. 

Invest in quality content and you will surely see returns soon after the release of the book. 

We offer well-written books that offer value to the audience. Each expectation and the detailed client mentality will be reflected as the writer progresses in writing the book. And more importantly, just tell us what genre you would like to get the book written, it’s the challenge to Write Right and its subsidiaries to finish it to perfection. We own the largest pool of writers for each category, allowing us to write quality content within time and according to the client’s expectations. You finalise a deal with us, thereafter it is our responsibility to keep you updated at every stage of the process. Within a few days, you will have your book, and we will be having the most valued thing, that is customer satisfaction. 

Make your dream come true, join hands with Write Right

With the quickest turnaround, time and the best quality assured, we at Write Right along with our subsidiaries Estorytellers and Taletel welcome you to join hands with us. We will surely help you one step forward the success ladder and indeed help your dream come true. We further ensure that once the book is delivered, you will get the exclusive rights of the book. During the book writing process, the client shall share some of his expectations regarding the content of the book and chapter names involved, further our team will review the chapter names, and suggest some improvements if needed and post that the write-up will be handed to the writer who will get the job done. 

Write Right providing beautifully tailored, error-free and original content for books

Write Right handling the content writing job, does make the client feel relaxed and we ensure that we will stand to the client’s expectations. No matter what genre you look to write a book in, we are the expert ebook writers in all genres. The confidence that is filled in the writers to face any challenge and perform to their best, is the success mantra for us. With a team of 50+ writers and editors, we are pretty comfortable handling your job. Finally, we listen to the client’s views and expectations, we understand what the client needs and we create the best content that fulfils the client’s expectations, indeed helping us to maintain 100% customer satisfaction.  

We assemble one of our best teams to write the content for you making us highly reliable book writing service providers. With the right amount of experience and skills poured in we have what each author needs, an all-round book writing service that many were searching for. We do provide transparency in our services, and the client has full authority to ask whether or not the content progresses. Furthermore, we proofread each book we write through a meticulous process of editing and proofreading, placing us on top of all other book writing services in the industry. 

Our writers research the topic thoroughly before starting the job, understanding each element of content better further helps our writers to produce the best piece of content. Our writers use certified plagiarism checkers at several stages of content before the final piece reaches you. Our writers would love to go the extra mile to fetch the best quality content for your book. We believe in providing services according to the client’s expectations, the client has full freedom to express views if he/she wants the content on a particular date and our writers would be happy to complete the task within time. 

Whether the client wishes to write a 50-page ebook or 1000 page ebook, we treat each author equally and ensure that the quality of the service is maintained. High-quality low-cost ebook writing services is what each author looks for in the market, and with Write Right & subsidiaries, your dream is about to come true. This is probably why 1000+ brands and authors trust our service with their content needs. 


Book writing is a passion to many, but due to most people being time-bound to a particular task, book writing as a passion is often neglected. Write Right with its subsidiaries Taletel and Estorytellers presents a ghost book writing service. Many people can fulfil their passion of writing a book, with the top-notch services by Write Right. A team with balanced experience and skill would love to go the extra mile for authors to deliver top quality content within the given time. Error-free, unique content and customizable content has helped Write Right to rank first amongst other book writing service providers. Transforming ideas into exciting books is never an easy task, just fill in the form, describe your requirements and get the required within a few days.

1000+ brands and authors trust us, it’s your time now to give it a try.

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