Why is The Online Content Universe Surpassing Print Media?

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

The Universe is Expanding!

The online content universe has been gaining popularity over the past decade. Almost every business or start-up requires some sort of content in the form of copies, blog posts, and articles. People prefer advertising online over print advertisements. One can even find a handful of virtual newspapers with the click of a button. As the coronavirus pandemic hit all kinds of businesses, print media succumbed too and several newspapers went online. But why is it that the online content universe is surpassing print media? Is it the convenience that drives the masses towards online content? Or is it the availability of hundreds of pages of content that can be found online that appeals to them?

In this post, we’re going to discover some of the reasons which answer these questions. Let’s dive right in!

1. Establish a brand identity:

A majority of the human population is online which is why it becomes important for brands to establish an online presence as well. There are content writing services available that can help brands to carve their name in the industry. With social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook, it is easier than ever to create a page and start sharing relevant content with your audience. With a variety of photo, text, and video sharing options available, the opportunities are endless.

It has made connecting with consumers all over the world easier. Users can follow and unfollow a brand with a click and have an insight into their work process. Therefore, having an online presence is vital for any brand in the present world. Furthermore, consumers can efficiently communicate with the brand and give their feedback about their services which can help them to improve their overall service. Market research and competition analysis have become uncomplicated and simpler for upcoming brands. Statistics on social media platforms can help brands to analyze the efficiency of their ads. In fact, they can even know the age group, gender, geographical location, etc. of their consumer base with Instagram’s business insights tool. This allows them to track their progress and see if they are being discovered by their target audience.

2. Better Reach and More Discoverability:

Online content allows brands, start-ups, and companies to have a better reach which may not be possible with print content. Social media platforms, blogs, and websites allow them to reach out to people from across the globe. It has made it easier for people from remote and rural areas to have access to products and services which may not be locally available. This also helps with more discoverability. Since social media platforms push content that is relevant to users, businesses can be discovered by people with ease. By using suitable social media marketing techniques, businesses can find users who are genuinely interested in their products.

3. Greater and Easier Availability:

Unlike print media, online content is easily and readily available. You can simply type in your search bar and find news, articles, blog posts, and even scholarly opinions. Everything is organized and can be found without any hassle. All you need is a device with an internet connection and you can find almost anything online. Print media has very limited availability in comparison.

Because of this, several people who couldn’t pursue their dream jobs have turned to online platforms to showcase their skills. Some people have started writing blogs to share recipes while others share reviews of gadgets and electronics. Those who want to read such reviews can also find them on the internet. Owing to the wider availability of virtual content, e-learning is an ideal choice for learners of all age groups.

To add to that, several virtual publishing companies have made it easier for people to self-publish their work and turn it into an e-book or a hard copy. Amazon’s KDP is one such platform that allows users to self-publish their books.

4. Economical:

It may not be possible for a lot of people to afford print media. Newspapers, magazines, books, and other forms of print media require a certain amount of money which may not be affordable by those who are on a budget. Since online content can be accessed by using any device, it is a very appealing option. The only cost incurred by the user is the cost of a mobile phone/laptop/tablet along with the cost of an internet connection. In some areas, the government provides free internet facilities. Moreover, the internet allows users to publish writings and create their own blogs for free which cannot be done with print content

5. Convenience:

Online content can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. One doesn’t need to step outside or visit a particular place in order to find such material. This makes it a lot less challenging for people with disabilities to access the content. There are tools such as Instagram’s ‘Alt Text’ feature which allows businesses and users to add descriptions to their photos for the visually impaired. People of all backgrounds can use the internet as a medium to learn, educate, and share. Likewise, one can find like-minded individuals online.

6. Plethora Of Digital Marketing Solutions and Strategies:

With print media, the scope of marketing may be very restricted or finite. With a bunch of digital marketing solutions and strategies, anyone can give their business or start-up the kickstart that it requires. Search Engine Optimization, email marketing, and content marketing are only a handful of options out of the wide number of solutions that are available for businesses. Besides, the implementation of digital marketing techniques is much easier and you can even track and analyze the results to move in the right direction. 

Nearly every business that aims to create a virtual presence needs a content writer. Due to this, the creative content writing industry has seen a rise in the number of writers. People can now take up writing as a freelancer and work on blogs and articles according to their schedule.

7. Mind-blowing Return On Investment:

Marketing their services online can fetch amazing rewards for brands. The cost of digital marketing is minimal and the return on investment is massive. With print media or offline marketing, this is not the case. Companies don’t have to spend as much as they would on offline marketing. According to an eMarketer study, it was found that email marketing can fetch an ROI of about 122%. A greater return on investment means greater revenue.

While the online content universe hasn’t completely replaced print communications, it definitely offers tons of benefits to all kinds of users. Whether the printed medium will continue to succumb is still a mystery, but it is highly likely that the virtual world of media will continue to flourish!

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