Which is Better: Write Right or Gyandhan [Honest Review]

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

The answer to this question has long been a source of contention. Which one is preferable? Not only in the content writing domain, but also across all industries that operate in one or more domains, as mentioned above. And it is at this time, the argument will begin, as people start to grasp the fact that a particular organization is superior to the other possibilities on the table. This article will focus on two highly regarded content writing firms, Write Right and Gyandhan. 

This article will assist you in comparing and contrasting the two services pages based on a variety of characteristics. Furthermore, you will gain in-depth knowledge about the two companies, which will aid you in determining which one is the most excellent fit for your situation. Suppose that a given company can meet the needs of one client while failing to meet the needs of another. This variety is almost definitely because each client has a unique set of expectations and, more particularly, prefers a unique writing style.

In this situation, it is preferable to analyse the companies and then select the greatest ones based on your expectations from the company. According to your criteria, your best option is an agency that meets your requirements with the most significant degree of precision and accuracy possible. A brief remark to the reader: This is an honest review in which we assist you in analysing the top two content writing firms and selecting the most suited one based on your specific requirements.

Detail Information about Write Right, and Gyandhan

Write Right was founded in 2016 by Bhavik Sarkhedi, who is considered one of the world’s top content writers. Bhavik has been a prolific writer, entrepreneur, and author of four novels, among other accomplishments. Furthermore, he is a dedicated writer for some of the most prestigious magazines globally, including Entrepreneur India, HuffingtonPost, Yourstory, Elite Daily, and 45 others. Until this point, Write Right’s journey has been incredible; they have climbed from near obscurity to become one of India’s most respected content writing businesses. In addition, well-known businesses such as Good firms and Clutch have recognized the agency as the most excellent writing service provider in the industry.

Gyandhan, on the other hand, is another highly rated company by a slew of well-known companies. Gyandhan, which has its headquarters in Delhi, was founded in 2015. After a lot of hard effort, they established themselves as the most successful SOP writing services. They believe that Financial marketing is a lost cause without SOP content. Gyandhan is one of the most excellent solutions for many students, small companies who want to expand themselves. An SOP writer himself, Jainesh Sinha founded the company in 2015. With increased competition and nearly every SOP writing service offering similar quality services within the same price range in recent years, the core philosophy of Gyandhan appears to have been lost. Gyandhan, on the other hand, is the most acceptable option for you because they are consistently regarded as one of the most excellent SOP service providers in India.

Services that have been given

Both organizations are devoted to the creation of standard operating procedures. To be more specific, Write Right and Gyandhan focus on formal content categories rather than informal content kinds. Gyandhan is well-known for generating educational material and providing SOP writing services. On the other hand, Write Right specializes in creating articles and blogs, resume writing, and creative copywriting services, among other things. Both companies have their in-house authors, and, more significantly, both companies provide high-quality content at a reasonable price.

Also, worth noting is that these companies will only offer you the content; they will not assist you in releasing the information. Perhaps more crucially, the organization is committed to ongoing development in client satisfaction. If you compare this company to other companies in this field, then ensure that the content is unique and creative. The type of content mainly determines the turn-in time; however, it is generally between 24-48 hours in most cases. Occasionally, the write-up is completed and given within 24 hours. According to a general poll and information from many sources, it appears that Write Right has more employees than Gyandhan when compared to the two companies.


Based on the testimonies received by both companies, it appears that both companies have excellent clients. Write Right has offered services to several well-known companies, including Tata Consultancy Services, 360 Technosoft, E-Spark Biz, Sun Media Marketing, Software Suggest, and others. Gyandhan, on the other hand, has worked with many reputed companies whose main objectives are to provide education loans and SOP writing services. According to customer feedback, Write Right has won the race since they have worked with some of the most successful companies in India in terms of market capitalization (market capitalization). Another point to consider is that because both companies have their roots in formal content, it is vital to keep an eye on the firm’s experience.

Regardless of the business, customer testimonials are the most valuable source of information when evaluating a given agency. It reflects the company’s recent success in terms of revenue and earnings per share, respectively. The presence of good companies as clients demonstrates the level of material that a given company can produce. Compared to Gyandhan, Write Right has significantly more professional testimonials, making it the clear winner here.

Price and other considerations

In recent years, the industry has experienced tremendous growth. On the other hand, the client’s expectations are increasing. These days, clients expect higher-quality material while yet paying a reasonable price for it. In most cases, the typical remuneration for articles and blogs is between Rs. 1 and Rs. 2 per word, depending on the industry. Even though it is expected to be used for more particular writing, such as website content and SOP writing services, Write Right and Gyandhan both charge fees in a different ballpark.

As previously noted, Write Right is more involved in producing resumes and standard operating procedures (SOPs), and they often charge Rs 3 to Rs 6 per word for writing a fantastic resume. They are specialists in resume writing, and they have demonstrated a high degree of precision and accuracy in recent years. Write Right has received the highest possible rating of 4.9 stars, the most elevated conceivable on the internet. Gyandhan, on the other hand, even though it is one of the most outstanding SOP writing services online, many customers rated their company with good ratings and some with an average rating.

Gyandhan is best known for writing academic material and statements of purposes (SOPs). Similar to their opponent, they charge in a similar price range. Despite the contrasts in their approaches to writing and the genres in which they specialize, Write Right and Gyandhan have one thing in common: both companies are based in tier 1 cities in India.

Even though, Gyandhan has been concentrating on small-scale enterprises. Its headquarters in the capital of India, the company has been unable to capitalize on the opportunity. Competitors with more experience, such as Write Right, have achieved excellent outcomes on the back end for some well-known companies. The current phase of Gyandhan’s development can be characterized as an average phase, since the company is solely concerned with running the business and not with growing it fast. It is the window of opportunity for other agencies to gain an advantage in the race.

Speaking about other elements of the business, Write Right has several subsidiaries, all of which have been operating successfully under the umbrella of the former. When it comes to Gyandhan, the situation is not so favourable. Gyandhan has only one subsidiary SOP writing service, and it appears that the work that Gyandhan and its subsidiary deliver is done in tandem; thus, it is essentially the same as distributing the profit within the company. When compared to Gyandhan, Write Right takes a more optimistic attitude to business development.

On the other hand, Write Right has its blog, which Bhavik Sarkhedi also runs, the agency’s creator, who also has his blog. Additionally, the company’s subsidiaries each have their blogs, which allows the companies to promote their work while also attracting additional customers. Based on experience, Gyandhan’s SOP crown has now been taken by Write Right, which has received more than 1000 legitimate testimonials.

What factors and ratings should you contemplate before hiring a writing agency?

Undoubtedly, this editorial brings you the two most top-of-the-line writing agencies and compares them. However, before bringing you two indispensable names, professionals have compared more than dozens of writing agencies. Professionals have gathered several data, reviews, work samples, and ordered services to achieve an exact customer experience in the process. If you are also comparing writing agencies, you must consider the below factors to make your final decision.

  • Ordering process

The ordering process is the primary feature that forecasts your experience. The ordering process must be seamless, and you must be able to rate it at least 8/10.

  • Writer communication

As the writer is the ultimate service provider, you must easily communicate with them. The rating to expect is 9 out of 10.

  • Clarity and quality in writing

These are the most imperative features to compare. You must expect 8 out of 10 in rating for clarity and quality in writing.


From the perspective of individuals seeking content writing services or SOP writing services, regardless of the genre, there has always been a discussion about whether Write Right is the best or whether Gyandhan would produce an exceptionally well-written write-up. Not only has this been a topic of discussion in the content sector. But it has also been a topic of discussion in every industry. This post can be a starting point for a person looking to evaluate India’s best content writing companies. We haven’t declared anyone to be the best or a specific company to be the worst. 

Furthermore, we detailed the nature of the companies; in other words, we provided an overview of the two companies in question. Later, we talked about the services offered, testimonials, pricing, and other factors. The play is balanced, but Write Right is the overall winner for the most satisfactory performance in every field of writing services, as it is also winning the hearts of many customers.

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