Which Is Better: Write Right or Avon Resumes [Honest Review]

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A resume is the most important document when applying for a job or admission into a university. It highlights your academic history, accomplishments, and strengths, thereby becoming a vital tool in leaving a stunning first impression on the recruiter or the admission authorities. With stiff competition, due to the unemployment rates rising globally, it has become even more vital to have a professional, ever-lasting resume and give the reader an excellent overview of your personality. You can get your hands on a sparkling resume using two ways; one is to write it by yourself, and the second is to take the help of a professional resume writing firm.

Several companies provide Resume writing services, but to stand apart from the rest, you have to compare the best and choose the most elite firm. Write Right, and Avon Resumes are two firms that are regarded highly for their Resume writing services. Honestly, it is tough to say which one of them is better than the other from the outset. However, having used the services of both of them and gone through the testimonies of their clients across platforms, here is an honest review of Write Right and Avon Resumes that will help you choose the proper organization for future requirements. This review has been divided into 4 points to make it easier to understand and follow.

Ease of purchase and affordability

First things first, how effortless is it to make a Resume writing request? The process is quite the same for both firms, with only a strand of difference separating them. You can simply reach their websites and navigate to the option for Resume writing services. At Write Right, you can post a request by filling a straightforward form, where you can explain in detail your exact requirements. You can also call them, use email, or contact them through a text or WhatsApp message.

On the other hand, at Avon Resumes, you have all the options you get at Write Right, but there is an added benefit. They have three categories, National, International, and Combo, and the charges are based on various things like work experience, add-on services, etc. All these options are there with Write Right as well, but not at the time of filling the form. They personally contact you to learn about specific requirements.

There’s not much to separate the two in terms of application. While Avon Resumes gives you an option to customize your order, Write Right allows you to post a request from their Homepage itself, meaning you don’t have to go and search for Resume writing services specifically. If we talk about affordability, both have a competitive price structure, and it depends totally on what you are ordering. For example, you may need an SOP, LOR, or a Cover Letter to go along with the Resume, or you may want to have a different structure of the Resume, which might lead to a change in price. Over the years, as Avon Resumes is an older firm than Write Right, their rates have also increased, which isn’t yet the case with the latter. Therefore, the value for money quotient is a tad higher with Write Right. And, when it comes to two of the best firms in their fields, these small things make a big difference.

Pre-Sale customer support

Any organization is known by the way they communicate with their prospective customers. Pre-sale support means the promptness with which a firm resolves user queries related to the services they are planning to purchase. Both Write Right and Avon Resumes are customer-oriented companies and have effective mechanisms like one-click contact options through email and WhatsApp. There is very little to differentiate the two, but that doesn’t mean there’s no difference at all. From the outset, i.e., from a look at their respective websites, Avon Resumes seems to be leading the race of ease of communication. They have incorporated a helpline number in their website tab itself, meaning that if you open their website’s tab in a browser and hover over it with the cursor, you will notice a mobile number where you can contact them for help. But is that it? Surely, not.

In the end, it is not only about accessibility but also how effectively they are able to solve your issues. While call-based support is better at Avon Resumes, Write Right aces chat-based customer support because of the reduced usage of bots, meaning they are more about human-to-human interaction than human-to-AI responses.

After-sale services and number of corrections

Being prompt before taking the order is one thing and staying active after an order has been placed is another thing. Once you post your requirements to Write Right, it is easier to contact them through various means like WhatsApp, email, etc. It is also possible that they might let you directly contact the professional working on your Resume from whom you can easily track the progress. With Avon Resumes, it is also quite the same. They provide 24×7 global sales support to help you in need. Their representatives are also friendly, like the ones at Write Right. However, as mentioned above, the reduced interaction with bots gives Write Right some brownie points. It doesn’t mean Avon Resumes is not good at customer support, but their counterpart is just a centimeter ahead of them.

Both the firms offer unlimited modifications, which is a plus point for you when it comes to customization. There’s nothing to separate the two companies in this regard. Sometimes, Write Right is prompt in delivering corrections, and, at times, it is Avon Resumes that is a step ahead. It is probably about the availability of specific writers. However, there is a catch. Unlimited modifications at Avon Resumes are one time, meaning that once they provide you a draft, you can revert them with detailed modifications, after which they deliver the final Resume. Accepting modifications to the final submission is their prerogative.

On the other hand, things at Write Right are pretty different. You can ask them for modifications any number of times. Even after the first round of changes, if you feel something needs to be changed, they would incorporate them in the final submission.

Quality of work

This point has been deliberately kept at the end to make for an easier understanding regarding quality, having already mentioned other dimensions of their services. First of all, how is the quality of something determined? Basically, it depends on professionalism, customer support, and experience. Undoubtedly, writers and editors working at these two firms are highly professional, accurate, and goal-oriented. They would ask for every small detail important for crafting your Resume and be fully aware of the latest trends in the corporate world regarding the acceptance and rejection of applications. Avon Resumes comes with an experience of over 19 years and a vast pool of professional writers. It caters to more than 87 countries worldwide.

Whereas, Write Right has over 50 professional writers and comes with the experience of more than 10 years. Like Avon Resumes, it also provides a Resume Counsellor to take into account your exact demands. If you look at the data, there is a simple winner, but not all that glitters is gold. Write Right, being a less experienced firm has a higher success rate when it comes to delivering outcomes. They are neck to neck with the professionalism of writers at Avon Resumes, and the biggest thing is that they are a company conceptualized by a single man, Bhavik Sarkhedi. Indeed, that doesn’t make Avon Resumes a wrong firm but extra points to Write Right for staying upright even with stiff competition.


There is not even a pinch of doubt that both Write Right and Avon Resumes are highly professional companies and have helped several individuals get their dream job. Customer service, modifications, affordability, quality of work, etc., are spectacular at both of them. We cannot say that one of them dominates or outshines the other in any of the mentioned points. However, when such big bulls are put against each other, it is the little things that make huge differences. It is easier to purchase a service from Avon Resumes from the user’s perspective, but Write Right is more affordable.

Similarly, call-based customer support is easier to access at Avon Resumes but Write Right aces the chat-based arena. Due to the reduced bot-based communication, Write Right leads in the race of after-sale customer support. Also, in terms of modifications, it has a slight lead over its counterpart. Both provide superior quality to client’s. By just margins Avon Resumes gives a tough fight to Write Right and vice versa. Since the difference is not too big, there is a possibility that both giants might equalize or might even get a big lead in the future. For clients, at least one thing is sure that they will definitely get the benefit from this competition.

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