Top Resume Writing Services in India [Updated List 2024]

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

What precisely do you understand by resume?

A resume is a brief outline of one’s personal and professional experiences, abilities, and educational background. Its primary goal is to showcase your best self to potential employers. A resume is critical for your university/job search since it provides a page or two where you may highlight your most valuable abilities and attributes.

Moreover, it is a document created by the students to seek admission to the university or by the candidate to enumerate their qualifications for a position. A resume is often accompanied by a customized cover letter. The candidate shows interest in a particular job role and draws attention to essential details on the CV. It describes your abilities and training, job experience and education, and, most significantly, your achievements with previous employers. It should also educate the employer about your career aim (the position you want) and identify the benefits you will bring to the work if selected concisely. A resume may be divided into four types: chronological resumes, professional resumes, hybrid resumes, and tailored resumes.

What specifically are Impressive Resumes?

Impressive resumes are Out-of-the-box resumes for professionals with Effortless creation, real-time details and eye-catching summaries, allowing you to obtain your desired university or employment with the exact resume companies are looking for! A professional service provider will provide you with Styles: Elegant, Creative, Modern, and Basic to fit your money and save time.

Besides your formal qualifications, the recruiter also looks for soft skills, leadership skills, and teamwork capabilities in their potential candidates. Enlist certain things about you that show your enthusiasm and eagerness to learn and expand your knowledge and skills. It incorporates the correct language. The use of the right language and words has a considerable effect. Perfect grammar with no errors is essential as it may reflect on your competence. Use proper words that mirror your qualifications and make you sound confident.

Why You Should Consider Hiring Professional Resume Writing Services in India?

Writing the perfect resume that stands out among the crowd is a time-consuming task and very difficult without proper skills. Still, there are many professional resume writing services available. You should choose a resume writing service as it saves your time, and you get a resume written by a professional that creates a significant impact.

Here are a few benefits of hiring resume writing services in India:

  • You receive a top-quality resume.
  • These services’ only concern is to provide you with the best and most effective resume, so they know how to present their clients better to help them get noticed in the competitive job market.
  • Building a resume is a stressful and time-consuming task. Hiring professionals for your resume not only unburdens your stress but saves your time and lets you focus on the next step of your job search.
  • A professional resume relates an objective view. One of the bonus benefits of hiring a resume writing service is that they offer an impartial assessment of your skills and competency.
  • They help you build a professional profile that acts as your professional online persona.
  • The writing services help you create a resume matching the prospective employer’s needs and help you land an interview.
  • These services employ various professional resume writers in India with experiences in different backgrounds who know how to recognize the right piece of information to be highlighted for your recruiter.
  • The professional resume writing services are well updated on recent formats and changing trends.
  • The writer goes through the drafted resume several times following your feedback to ensure they are error-free and provide you with the better objective that makes up your resume.
  • A good resume writing service provides you with several formats until it meets your expectations and updates it according to what is needed for the particular job.

With so many options, it is also essential to look for resume writing services that can provide resumes written personally for you, customized to outline your qualifications and skill suited for the job you’re applying for. But you should do your due research before employing these professionals to see if they can serve the needs that you expect from them.

To help your search, here are some of the top resume writing services.


Write Right is a content writing agency based in India, founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi – one of the top content writers in the world. It is one of the top-rated content writing agencies that provide extensive services, including Resume writing. Their resume writing services include professional resume writing, Visual resumes, LinkedIn profile, international resumes, Cover letters, and CXO resumes. They offer the most superior and best quality of services in this field. They provide customized resumes that pay attention to each client’s skills and highlights based on the customers’ job necessity. The company has competent and professional resume writers in India who craft your resumes who are highly qualified in different fields of the industry, offering a range of professional writers with familiarity in various job fields. Write Right promotes clear transparency with its clients. They directly connect you with the allocated professional writer for your resume; this allows you to follow and track the process of making your resume, which makes it reliable and worth your time and money. The service provider sticks to the provided deadline and has a reasonable delivery time. They also prepare several formats that are updated with time and universally accepted by the recruiters.


Estorytellers is a subsidiary of the company Write-Right. Being affiliated with the above company Estorytellers is one of the most reviewed and one of the top digital agencies. The services offered by the company are budget-friendly, delivering the most out of your investments. They provide fast delivery, prioritizing the deadline provided by the customer in any scenario. They have highly experienced professional resume writers who craft a resume based on your demands and needs. The company understands the needs and concerns of their customers, so they offer several revisions to meet up to your expectations and deliver the final format that is suitable for their clients’ targeted job.


Taletel is also one of the highly rated and most considered professional writing services you can opt for. They offer a range of services like online content writing services, web content writing, creative writing, Email writing, blog posts, novel typing, SOP writing, taglines and catalogues, cover letter, letter of recommendations, press releases, product reviews and comparisons, and many more services related to all your online content requirements. Their professional resume writers have an experienced background in the industry, which makes them more than reliable and helps them deliver what you need. The resume is drafted based on the details provided by you. You also have the option of several revisions and feedback to create a perfect final resume for you within the time provided and quick delivery of the final format. They provide clarity to their clients by connecting them with their assigned writer.


Get set resumes is another professional resume writing company founded in 2011, based in India. It is another option available for you to help with your resumes. You can book an online appointment or schedule an on-site visit to avail their services. You have to upload your old resume or other details to their secure and private servers. They will analyze your requirements, and their professional resume writers will cover your requirements in detail by constant contact. They offer you several revisions until you approve and send the final resume. This company provides unlimited iterations and a revision period of six months. Additionally, they give you a customized URL to get access to your resume anytime on any device, giving you your entire worth for your investments. But it takes a bit longer to deliver.


Avon resume has office branches all across India. The company provides a writer experienced in your area of job. The service proposes unlimited modifications with the purchase of their resume packages. They also provide resume samples available on their websites for you to go through. It has services that provide custom-crafted formats and personalized attention. Although depending on the services you want to purchase, Avon resume is one of the more expensive resume writing services available in the market, something that can be a con for the customers if they are on a budget.


Excel CV is a company in New Delhi, India. It employs professional resume writers who are experienced in the industry’s different backgrounds, which helps you get a resume drafted by a writer who is familiar with the background of the particular job and fully understands your demands and needs. They provide services that let you connect with your writer directly and have a quick completion time. Also, they serve all around the clock with a 100 per cent satisfaction guarantee and unlimited revisions for over two months. But they can be a bit heavy on the pockets of fresher applying for a new job.


The uppercase resume is a newly established professional writing service among the provided list, founded in 2019. The company offers you a sample available on their website that you can check before purchasing their services. They also provide revisions to their drafted format. They provide a revision period that extends over 90 days. This provides an advantage for their clients as they change their resume and get it according to their needs.

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