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What exactly is ghostwriting?

When you write material for a firm, you permit them to post that content on their website with the business’s name or the brand. When a writer (“ghostwriter”) is employed to generate material for a corporation or individual, this is referred to as ghostwriting. However, when you ghostwrite material for an organization, you give them sole control of the content to do with as they please and present as intended on the homepage.

Ghostwriters create material for various platforms, including corporate blogs, landing sites, and mobile applications.

There are several types of ghostwriting, and with the rise of digital India, the demand for Online content is constantly high. Most businesses that leverage a blog to promote their brand hire professionals or ghostwriters to execute the writing.

The blog postings help to relate to the brand and promote the business. Hence, so many businesses prefer to outsource their writing projects to freelance content writers. Today, ghostwriting is the most time-efficient Value Produced Solution.

As a result, blog articles, proposal writing, email writing, website material, newsletters, and other types of content are routinely ghostwritten. Ghostwriting is a type of outsourcing.

The Internet now makes it possible to locate a professional freelance writer to generate work of any size, from a single blog post to an actual novel.

Considering that most individuals can create their written work and quickly post it on the Internet, one would assume that ghostwriters would be obsolete by now, but that isn’t the case. Many individuals do not have to waste their time writing, and it has been easier to hire a professional to handle their tasks.

India is a country where ghostwriting is quite common. Ghostwriting is a process where you are assigned a particular project that you’ll have to complete under the deadline and it will be credited to somebody else. Ghostwriting has no doubt been another game-changer in the content writing industry. Ghostwriting services in India are easily available at reasonable prices.  Ghostwriters are available from all around Chennai, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata but Are these individual ghostwriters reliable enough to perform your work as you want?

You can go to a few agencies and companies that are masters of the content writing industry and can satisfy you with their work. They can easily invoice you and copy your style. I would tell you the 2 most important reasons to hire a company for ghostwriting before anything else.

  1. Always remember that we are not only hiring ghostwriters available in India for book writing. They can also be for business or technical write-ups which means, We need trust and dependency because we are going to spend a lot of time and energy explaining to them what we need. Always go for an agency because an agency often have a team of writers and they allot topics to them according to their specializations which means lesser chances of disappointments.
  2. Agencies take responsibilities for errors and less satisfactory work but apps don’t.  If you go with Fiverr, Upwork and, They will provide thousands of bios and profiles through which you’ll go day by day to shortlist the best but if you go with any popular company in the market, You don’t have to search for bios. You just have to ask for what you want which means less labour.

Here are the shortlisted companies which can help you and offer you great ghostwriting services in India with less time and less hard work.

 Write Right

Write Right is a company that is ruling the industry for 5 years. Write Right always write up the right things. It is no doubt one of the most efficient and reliable companies when it comes to ghostwriting. They have a team of more than 50 writers who are well experienced and can understand the needs of their clients without making them bored. They ask your details in a fun manner. Most of the times, They give you a form that is full of questions that you need to fill so they can clearly take note of things you need and which you don’t want.

This isn’t it. They will call you over or they can video call you too according to your wishes and requirements to take the smallest details about you so that they can prove themselves the ghostwriters for you. The cost is quite reasonable and they will offer you original work forever without any frauds. They have a reputation of serving Appropriate work to their clients.

What Write Right has to offer you –

1. They can pen down your thoughts

You’ll just have to tell them what to do and in just a few days, they are a pen of your thoughts. They can easily invoice you. Take the smallest details from your thoughts to add in the book or the subject, you want to get written.

2. Previous work

You can ask them for your previous work but you won’t feel a need for it because the reviews of the clients are fantastic. They are so satisfied with their ways of dealing and handling everything. The clients are so happy in the review and you’ll definitely try out this company.


Estorytellers is perfect for ghostwriting. Ghostwriters in India are mostly available on this platform. They are into both – Creative and content. You’ll try to have to try this company if you are in a need to get a ghostwriter as soon as possible.

Estorytellers have a bunch of writers who are dedicated and passionate about their work which directly means good quality of content with the ability to engage the audience.

What Estorytellers have to offer you –

1. Creative writing

Yes, Ghostwriting needs a lot of creative writing and as we know its name. They are the new storytellers in the town that are no less than magicians. You seek them, They seek you. You will have to give them some details and they can read you.

2. No Error

Estorytellers are allergic to errors and that’s why they are the perfectionists in the market. They’ll surely edit the write-ups if there is any need but you won’t find any grammatical errors or mistakes. They are the boss when it comes to language and language has everything to do with writing whether it is ghostwriting, creative writing or content writing.

3. They welcome criticism

They always welcome criticism. They believe criticism will always help them in serving their clients in the best possible way. You can criticize freely and they will do improvements.

4. Plagiarism free

They offer work that is totally plagiarism-free. They believe in original content. You’ll get everything clean.

5. Reviews

Checking out the reviews of Estorytellers is the best thing you can do today in order to get a ghostwriter as soon as possible. The reviews are positive and motivating. There are negative reviews that are handled with positivity and patience as well.


Tatel is another platform that can come up with another form of good ghostwriters to keep you updated and satisfied with your work.

Tatel is the favourite amongst people. It has less reach than other platforms but it has undoubtedly established its name even after a lot of ups and downs. Tatel is not driven by competition or the rat race that other companies in the town are facing. This company takes time to serve its best work to please the clients but it never hurries up.

What Tatel has to offer you –

1. Reach

Yes, Tatel is not quite popular but it has that kind of reach that no other company in India has. Tatel helps outsiders too. This company deals outside India too which directly means that it has more reach to experience, people and writing than other companies.

Tatel’s reach is the best thing about it. This company knows what is going in the world and not only in India. It helps students outside India with their SOP (statement of purpose) It can clearly deal with the wants of clients.

2. High Cost

It is quite costly than others but quality always comes up with some cost. However, it is only a few bucks expensive than others. It has customers who are ready to give any throwaway price for good and high-quality content. Content matters to this company a lot.

3. Innovation

Tatel is full of ideas and innovations. They are not afraid of experiments.  They just seek as much experience as they can from their experiments.

So, Here were the most trustworthy companies who can help you through your project.


All these companies are reliable. Their reviews and work are satisfactory and they own up mistakes and improvise as soon as they can. They don’t charge much and they are quite affordable. Here were the best companies to hire for ghostwriting services in India.

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