Top Content Writing Companies to Work With (in India) [Updated 2024]

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

Gone are the days when medical, law and engineering were considered to be the only worthy professions in the country. With several startups mushrooming, the job scenario is up for a change. At the same time, there are many creative jobs on the offer. One such profession is that of content writing. Quality content is needed not just in print media and blogs. Any business that wants to convert a visitor to their website to a prospective customer will need to rely on well-written content. Due to this trend, in recent years, the career prospects for a content writer has increased by leaps and bounds. Today, a content writer may choose to work independently or take up a job in a firm. Data shows that people who work with firms record better job satisfaction and make more money.

It brings us to the crucial point of having to identify which content writing company would be the best to work for. With many organizations allowing its writers to work remote, the writer does not need to be in the same town or city as that of the company that he works for. It creates endless options for writers to choose their employers. In such a scenario, most writers prefer to work for a company that offers them a good pay in addition to the creative freedom they crave. In this article, we have curated a list of top 5 content writing companies from across the country that provides the best of these.

1. Write Right

It is the dream of every content writer to become a published author someday. To get a head start in this regard, he or she dreams of being mentored by an author. Write Right provides its writers with an opportunity of a lifetime. Founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi (who is an entrepreneur and the author of two books), the firm focuses on delivering articles that have been crafted to client needs. It stresses on deadline maintenance and trains authors working with it to heed to the same. What sets Write Right apart from the rest is the fact that it takes care of its projects even after the service. By encouraging its writers to take ownership of their work, the firm has set a new benchmark in quality content delivery while remaining one of the top content writing companies to work for. This is the perfect place to work for experienced content writers as much as it is the place for freshers.

Company website:

2. Estorytellers

It’s a company that trains their group of writers with a solid belief system. They solely believe that it is better to fail at originality than succeed in imitation. A group where your failures are counted as steppingstones, and you are too busy in work that success takes its own course and comes to you by itself. Estorytellers also understand the importance of words for their clients, and their group of writers brings out the best when it comes to weaving words. Being a subsidiary of Write Right, they follow all the precautions to protect their brand name. Estorytellers is a perfect fit for every writer as they give complete appreciation to their family of writers, where their words speak of Estoryteller’s success story as one. They follow rules where the client’s deadline is a must and prioritizes the client’s work while pushing their writers to create the best output. They believe their success mantra to be the dynamism within the group of writers, where there is equal space for new innovative creations and complete regards for the old school ideas. Estorytellers is a dream workspace for newbies who can fit in the environment of young but experienced content writers.

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3. Taletel

A company that stands to tell your amazing tale with splendid beauty. Taletel stands out from other companies when it comes to their work because they motivate their content writers to write in the most gripping way. The tales are spoken with such depth that every reader will stick to the work even after the first 10 seconds. Thus, as a writer, you will feel fulfilled when working in this space, as you can bring out the best in you. They provide a wide range of services starting from business proposal writing to scripts writing, thereby sharing a wide spectrum of work where you can easily fit in. Taletel speaks of tales that stay embedded in your heart forever, making their writers and their works immortal in unison. A brand where you will get the freshness of work mixed with the aesthetics of the clients, an environment where together they spin happiness for the readers. Taletel is where you can mix with other writers who have crossed levels of interviews to be there, and who are knowledgeable on a range of topics, like literature, fashion, sports, technology, etc. A workspace that will fuel your ambitions and will induce discipline when it comes to deadlines.

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4. Kalam Kagaz

In 2006, when the concept of content writing companies was alien to India, Kalam Kagaz was founded. Over the years, they expanded from writing mere SEO articles to complete website content, legal content, technical writing, etc. Being one of the pioneers in the field, they have seen the changing dynamics of the profession. Thus, a writer who is associated with the firm knows the in and out of the game. The company is known for familiarizing its writers with content marketing services as well. It not just improves his overall employability but also makes him a better writer.

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5. Bloggism

A conducive female-centric work environment is a preferred option for many working women. Bloggism provides you with that and aims to make the writers comfortable in the workplace. The founders believe that only when a person is at ease will they be able to deliver content to the best of their abilities. The company focuses on article writing, blog writing and is one of the few in the country to provide its writers with the opportunity to go for e-learning content writing. With a happy work-life and right work-life balance, Bloggism makes its way to one of the most preferred companies to work for in the field of content writing in India.

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6. My Writing Master

This is the perfect workplace for content writers who specialize in the field of academic content writing. My Writer has its client base spread across the University of Manchester, University of Queensland, South Cross University and a host of other foreign universities. The firm hires the most competent academic writers after making them go through a highly competitive skill test. As only the best in the industry make it here, the monetary remuneration for these is higher than that of the usual market standards. The company offers course content, workshop content, research papers, whitepapers and almost everything that is there in the world of academic content writing.

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7. Uprite

Uprite offers its clients services that range from translations, technical writing, tourism writing, sports writing, product description, recipe writing, subtitling and a lot more. If we list out all the services that they have to offer, the value stands at 101. For a writer, this means an ocean of opportunities. One can switch from one form of writing to another. Not only will this provide you with a perfect platform for learning, but it will also ensure that you never get bored in your job. The company has a unique way of encouraging its authors. The top writers make it to the ‘featured writers’ list. High paying clients (usually the ones in need of best quality articles) tend to choose from this list. The profit is shared with the writers, thereby encouraging them to strive to make it to the list.

Company website:

As is the case with every other organization, the firms discussed above have their own set of pros and cons. However, they provide the best opportunities for creative growth, monetary compensation, and an excellent work-life balance. The perfect blend of these three attributes is what makes a workplace good to work in. As content writers would know, writing is subjective, and a writer can give his best only when his environment is conducive to it. So, if you want to set yourself on a path of career growth as a content writer, you know where to join.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who are India’s finest content writers?

Some of India’s finest content writers include Mathew J Maniyamkott, Bhavik Sarkhedi, Priyanka Desai, Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma, and Mukti Masih

2. How much does content writing cost in India?

When it comes to prices, content writing services cover an extensive range. Some of India’s greatest content writing firms charge as much as 7 rupees for each word. Content writers that are just starting, on the other hand, are compensated as low as 0.5 rupees.

3. What other sorts of content writing are there?

Writing for blogs, social media, e-books, academic writing, white papers, technical writing, and SEO writing are examples of content writing.

4. How do you pick a content writing firm?

Choosing a solid content writing firm to meet your content writing requirements can be very simple

  • Look for a content writing firm with a lot of expertise.
  • Check for reviews and ratings, and if necessary, request work examples. Also, check if the content writing service provides a free trial period.
  • Make sure your content writing company meets deadlines and completes jobs on time. Their skills in project management should be excellent.
  • Don’t always look for the low-priced option. You may have to pay more if you want well-written articles. Strike an equilibrium between price and quality.
  • Choose the company’s communication channels and whether there is one or not a way to communicate instantly. The importance of transparent and open communication cannot be overstated.

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