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We all are digitally hooked so much; we do so much of searching, web- browsing and googling all the time. We open so many articles, websites and what not. In doing so sometimes you would have stumbled upon a blog as well, might have read also while web- searching for “healthy vegan food recipe” or “healthy lifestyle.”

On contrary you could have also used a blog for searching some strategies on SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Fun fact, if you are reading this, guess what? You are on a blog yourself (very ingenious, I know.)

Blog writing is most basic yet plays a significant key role in developing your online presence, helps in proving your worth and expertise in the industry and even attract increasingly like- minded people and they lead to your page or site resulting in increase of traffic on your website.

If you are still contemplating on whether to write blog for business or not, keep reading, this might help you.

What is Blog?

Let us first go to the time when blog was first invented or just brief history- in 1994, Justin Hall of Swarthmore College is credited with the very first creation of blog. But at that time, it was more of a personal homepage than a blog.

Then in 1997, a blogger Jorn Barger who did blog for Robot Wisdom produced the term “weblog”, which meant describing any event or process that ‘log in the web’. Then after two years in 1999 the word got shortened into “Blog” by a programmer Peter Merholz.

But in the initial stage a blog was only considered something of a personal web log or a kind of personal journal in which people could share their journey, information or even their opinion on various different topics. The order of posting was reverse chronological, which means the most recent shared post used to go at top and would appear first.

Nowadays the definition of blog has changed, now blog is a regularly updated website or any web page and can be used to provide any business or personal information as well. Now blogging has become the center of every known digital marketing strategy. In a way it is most affordable as well as your company’s digital presence is also established on the social media platforms, it can help build up your brand, attract more and more traffic to the website, and provide you with more visibility in the search engine as well.

While all that seem fancy and easy to obtain but it is not, as a blog needs to be engaging all the time and has to be your business relevant as well so that your content can be viewed regularly and effectively by the people you are trying to be engaging with. So, all this require a consistent blogging and it will not be easy without an expert blog writer, as they can do consistent blogging with all the required material like proper research, regular updating with latest information and publishing an excellent quality content, answering questions asked by individuals visiting your sites and even asking for feedbacks so that the chain of audience engagement is not broken. Even the study shows that a well- established company require minimum of 34 to 40 hours in a month so that their social media platforms function regularly.

Blogging can have enormous impact on the brand, so if not done properly and efficiently it can rupture the credibility and reputation of the company rather than building one. Living in an English proficient country one might think anyone can write up the blog, but that is not the case because blog writing is more than just writing, it is an art of attracting audience into reading your long paragraph of content and then taking action on your website, such as shopping, login, or sharing information about your site.

So, according to the requirement one needs a blog writing services that can handle your blog writing and help you communicate with your audience. There are many blog writing services provided in India but I will help you save the effort of hours of web- browsing as I am going to jot down some of the best Blog Writing Services in India that you can use in order to upgrade your Blog writing game.

These services provide with efficient creation of blog, maintenance of blog online, they come with flexibility of content order and you can give some of your personalized touch to it as well with the help of Blog writers. If you don’t have time these services can help you with content regularly.

Content Whale

Content Whale distinguishes itself in the realm of blog writing with a vast network of specialized expertise, employing over 20,000 subject matter experts and maintaining a rigorous standard with 120+ in-house editors.

Their approach integrates advanced SEO practices within each blog post to enhance search visibility and drive meaningful engagement. This commitment to quality and detail ensures that each piece of content is not only tailored to the client’s specific industry needs but also poised to make a significant impact on digital platforms. By prioritizing swift delivery and customizable content solutions, Content Whale supports businesses in achieving substantial growth and sustained online presence.

Their strategy revolves around creating compelling blog narratives that capture the target audience’s interest and foster long-term brand loyalty.

Write Right

This company is globally renowned as one of the best content writing companies by Goodfirms, and Sortlist. In just a span of five years’ worth of content writing service provider, this company ranks in Top 3 Content Writing Services Company recognized by Kandra Digital, Mindsnoop, IIMSkills etc. With a team of more than 50 expert and well- curated blog writers in India, Write Right can be the best choice for you.

The writers here are experts in various niches. They provide diverse services to give the boost your company needs such as Digital Marketing, social media, Content writing, website content, etc. Merits you will gain are:

  • Posting on the blog as per the agreed schedule.
  • Making your blog post much more visually appealing by adding images as well
  • Suggesting relevant theme for your blog post based on the industry vertical as well as keyword research.
  • Search Engine Optimization, which makes the blog article rich in keywords, using anchor text and tags to optimize your company’s image.

The content you desire will be top- notch in quality, relevant to your company, uniqueness and in a time frame provided. This frees you up and you can go focus on your critical- business task while Wright Right provides you with professional- quality content for your specific business.


“Tell your amazing tale, Your way.”- Taletel

Give the kickstart to your business that you desire just by hiring Taletel as your Blog Writing Services and forget all about the worries of daily updating your blog. The writers at Taletel with more than 15 years of experience will take over your blog writing and provide you with content creation, publication, and distribution as well. The writers aim to provide highly audience aimed content, well- researched and professionally written as well based on your needed service.

All these actions aim to provide boost in your SEO ranking of your website, which means more audience traffic which results in more organic growth of your company. There are other services also provided by them that you can use other than blog writing is- content writing, copywriting, social media writing, article writing etc.

If you are the one looking for increasing your audience engagement as well as client base, look no more as Taletel is the way for you. Independent business and online marketing agencies will benefit the most from these assorted services provided.


The writers at Estorytellers are well- versed in some of the important topics such as- finance, IT, law, E- commerce, management, business and other more industries. With English proficient and more that 20 writers this service is much needed for someone looking for business growth.

You can easily connect with the writers on a call or through emails as well, they can easily help you understand with the content and you can even put your personalized information to give it a distinctive touch that make audience stop and think. By giving their focus on the needs of organization’s targeted audience, the company can help you in maintaining that relationship as well through blogs.

Estorytellers will help you in developing a unique identity for your company or business by its services. The blogs provided by them are up- to- the point and will give right value to your company in best conceivable way. Since they work so hard in providing and engaging new ways to the service that it aids in improving the brand value and gain more organic visibility to your company.


At Bloggism, the blog writing services are fortified with a team of professional blog writers that are specialized in writing personalized blogs, providing specific needs for your business or company. The blog writers here offer specified keyword optimization, creative and unique articles completely in sync with the industry niche or your business.

Facilities offered by Bloggism that satisfies the customers are:

  • Posting on the blog as per the agreed schedule.
  • Making your blog post much more visually appealing by adding images.
  • Suggesting relevant theme for your blog post based on the industry vertical as well as keyword research.
  • Search Engine Optimization, which makes the blog article rich in keywords, using anchor text and tags to optimize your company’s image.
  • Many other services are provided as well such as- Professional blog writing services including compelling blog post titles and blog post writing for audience.

Although blogging can help you improve your website’s rankings and result in organic growth, it will not happen unless you have a smart SEO blog writing strategy in place. You need to post quality blogs regularly and consistently to get noticed, that is the only trick here. This is where you need an expert; an expert who can maintain and keep your blog brimming with activity and engaged with your audience and you keep growing.

Kalam Kagaz

Generally, blog is a small write up- purposely kept in short length so that the reader is reading the whole content and not gets disinterested in the blog. So, the work of the blog writing expert is to make sure that in limited amount of time and with limited content they can cause an impact to the reader.

Blogs have enormous influence on advertisement, even more than any visual advertisement or any other form of written media. The different benefits of hiring a Blog Content Writers for your company are:

  • It provides with scope of inserting your website link in the text- once in the beginning and one at the end of the blog.
  • By clicking the provided link, the buyer can land directly on your website and could take further actions.
  • Using this link builds up exercise more and more; the website gets established top rank on Search Engine Optimization.
  • The traffic that is created is Organic and no extra payment need to be made.
  • Blog writing is generally seen as a ‘personal talk’ scope to your targeted audience.
  • A blog well- curated by a blog writing expert or freelancer can help with diminishing the fear, misconception, confusion and irrelevant notion about the service or the product your company is providing as an ‘expert advice’ to the reader.
  • The timely updated blog will keep the content on your web always new; keep the customer engaged and loyal towards you.

Pepper Content

Pepper Content provides excellent services in blog writing. They have hundreds of experienced writers that contribute to their content. Due to the diverse working force, they provide helpful insights into relevant and acute topics. This confirms that they have every industry experience to work on. If you are looking for engaging content, expert analysis, latest trending topics or developments, they have every area covered. The quality of your content will not be compromised.

Advantages of hiring their blog writing services are:

  • Your brand or company will get better brand visibility, recall, and appeal with consistency in blog and engagement from audience.
  • Compelling content will have better chance into getting the customers; get assured your chances will get improved.
  • The traffic and interest generated will boost your ranking in SEO as well.

When looking for blog and article writing services, what traits should you look for?

After reading the reviews, you should know which writing company to hire for your blog and article writing. However, selecting one from among them remains a tedious task. You’ll find a list of things to look for while looking for blog and article writing services below.

1. The effectiveness with which you write for your prospects

You won’t get exact blog and article writing by comparing prices and selecting a writing service. Rather, you should look for writing services to help you reach your goals. Unfortunately, finding writers/writing services who are familiar with your sector is difficult. For instance, if you work in the legal field. The qualities of producing accurate blogs and articles on legal services must be determined by the agency you employ.

2. They should be enthusiastic about writing your material.

The work you receive will only have an impact on the audience if it has the necessary audience-connecting qualities. It’s referred to as a buyer’s persona in the business world. The buyer’s persona can only be achieved in the case of blog and article writing when the writing services and writers are enthusiastic about creating your content.

3. SEO expertise

The most important characteristic to consider is SEO knowledge! However, it’s not as simple as it appears to write content optimized for search engines. There are a plethora of factors that influence the Page rank of your company’s website. To appear on the first page of SERPs, it must contain all of these characteristics, regardless of how great a writing agency you hire.

4. In-depth investigation

The most crucial aspect of content creation is research. You won’t be able to entice your audience unless you conduct a study. In such circumstances, if you want to rank higher on digital platforms, you’ll need to generate audience-targeted content that will drive targeted traffic to your site.


Result is obtained when you work for it. Given the importance of blogging I explained and the role that blogging plays in company’s growth, this is not the best area to save your money from. Blogging is necessary as soon as one realizes that their marketing strategies become more successful. Hiring the right services for blog writing enables you to have an effective business without doing the much of writing work yourself, as blog writers are here to save you.

Some remarkable features to look out for while hiring a blog writing service are:

  • Thorough research on the topic to give your leads some quality information that is useful to them and consequently build their trust in your brand
  • Unparalleled rates
  • Quality maintenance is not compromised despite being cost-effective and affordable
  • Delivering blog posts within promised deadlines is their priority.
  • Simple-to -understand, fun, and informal language that grabs the attention of readers and gains easy acceptance from them as well.
  • Best blog writers at your service, with each writer holding a degree in creative writing and more than five years of experience under their belt is enough for you to build trust with them.

Blog writing may seem simple at first, but to draw out its full benefits of branding, drawing customers and boosting sales a professional blog writing services are needed to provide businesses an edge due to their experience in the field and available qualified resources available and cause an impact to your brand, company or website. Think smartly!

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