Top 5 Content Marketers in India in 2024 [Updated List]

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There’s no business in this world whose customers are not media savvy. Many a times, people ignore magazine and newspaper advertisements altogether as they have become so used to surfing online channels and social media. This is where content marketing comes in. Content marketing is essentially a marketing process that involves curating unique, relevant and insightful content that your target audience will find significant and useful. This art of communication is a pre-requisite before selling to them as first you need to make them aware about your products or teach them how your services work.It is observed that content marketing has risen to the top of the priority list for Indian firms in recent years. As a result, it is not strange to discover an incredible increase in the number of content marketing firms in India

.We live in a world where it is progressively difficult to discern between noise and information. Furthermore, it has been discovered that brands create more content than ever before. Consumers have many gadgets and an infinite number of channels to absorb information. Hence considering the facts and figures as marketers in the content market industry ensures that content boosts the value of both the brand and the customer. Imagine content marketing being the torch in a marketing sprint race.

Material marketing is a marketing strategy that involves developing and delivering valuable content to a specific target to garner the desired action.It aims at creating ties and loyalty with its consumers by providing benefits.Content marketing is known to research, generate, and distribute information to your target audience. It assists you in boosting brand recognition, persuading customers to take action, and driving revenue. There are different kinds of content marketing, such as social media and blogs, but new trends and strategies develop every year, altering how companies engage with their customers.As a marketer, you must understand what your rivals are working on to develop a plan and attract the consumer.Doesn’t it pique your interest? Here is a short rundown of content marketing from some of India’s largest businesses, with unique insights.By a survey taken by Times Internet and DMA Asia, content marketing surpassed social media as the most preferred practice in India in 2017-18. The increased demand for content marketing has increased the number of content marketing industries in India.India has also evolved as the leading market for content marketing opportunities.

Consequently  Content marketing is utilized to draw in and build up a particular target market with a definitive objective of making genuine client engagement. Through utilizing content marketing, you should change and improve your client’s conduct toward your organization in a positive way. In the event that you incessantly convey significant data to your clients you will actually want to acquire their trust and following.

Why is content marketing significant today?

  • It centers around online and social media as opposed to just borrowing it.
  • It upgrades your social media technique.
  • It helps your SEO (search engine ranking and results), since search engines reward organizations that distribute one of a kind, quality content.
  • It is an effective PR strategy. It allows you to address issues readers care about as opposed to simply advancing your business.
  • It makes content which drives inbound traffic and leads

The bottom line is that content marketing is quickly becoming the key to having a successful marketing campaign for your business. Adjusting your current marketing campaign to include a large portion of content marketing is a great way to get started in 2021. Searching a dedicated and proficient content writer as well as marketer who can cater to all of your organization’s content needs and fulfil your marketing goals in the best possible way can be tedious and tiring.

Top Content Marketing Agencies know how and when to execute the online strategy in order to gain immense Business growth.

Here’s our recommended list of top 5 content marketers of India

Amit Panchal

Website :

Amit Panchal is an independent Digital Marketing Consultant with 10+ years of experience in Social Media Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, and Reputation Management. He is known for creating exceptional branding and marketing solutions for various brands. He helps businesses transform their online presence and make the brand ready for digital growth. Apart from creating effective digital marketing strategies, he is also a Mentor at GUSEC (Gujarat University Start-up & Entrepreneurship Council) & Incubator at Silver oak College and invited faculty at EDI, Gandhinagar. He is also a social media influencer with 42,000 followers on Twitter and 12,000+ connections on LinkedIn. He was a part of Social Media Week events in India for Mumbai & Bangalore as a Social Media Strategist.

Apart from social contribution, he also spares his quality time for Royal Enfield Motorcycles rides, restaurants & other social activities. He’s an amicable person and ready to support and help the needy. He is also a co-founder of Blood Monk, a social initiative for donating and getting blood. He has been appreciated by wide range of media for this noble cause.

Digital Deepak

Website : is now ranked as one of the top 10 digital marketing blogs in India and it has become a well-known brand. It started as a personal blog where he used to write notes on digital marketing for his future reference.

He writes about digital marketing on this blog and is a columnist at and YourStory. His first startup was an online motorcycle publication called BikeAdvice, which eventually became the No.1 motorcycle blog in India with 1,00,000+ followers and 1 Million+ page views per month.

He had an exit from BikeAdvice in 2012. After that, he worked as digital marketing manager in startups like Exotel, Practo, Instamojo and Razorpay where he used to also write, speak and consult on digital marketing.

Soon after he came across an article which talked about how one can earn revenue from blogging and AdSense. He got inspired and thought, “If I could earn some money from home then it would be nice. I need not depend on my dad for pocket money.”

The first try was opening a blog at and opening an AdSense account to place ad blocks on the blog. He made a dummy blog and put the ad codes in it (at that time AdSense accounts were approved for everyone who applied). Eventually he learned that one needs a lot of traffic to earn revenue from ads. And to get a lot of traffic, one needs to have quality content. He also learned that it is always better to have your own domain so that you can control the brand.

He was very interested in motorcycles and used to spend hours reading motorcycle magazines and watching videos online. Further, he observed that there was no website in India dedicated to motorcycles and reviewing Indian motorcycle models. That was the time when the idea struck me: “I could start a blog about motorcycles. I was inspired by So, I started That’s how my first business was born.”

Bhavik Sarkhedi

Website :

Bhavik Sarkhedi graduated from Marwadi University, pursued Mechanical Engineering and then went for Creative Content Writing and Copywriting. He is the founder and CEO of ‘Write Right‘ – a 4-year-old independent content writing company, primarily targeting businesses and startups with the technological background, the author of 3 books. His subsidiary venture includes Estorytellers and Taletel. Write Right is Clutch, Goodfirms, JustDial, Sortlist Verified and 4.5 Star Ranking Content Writing and Marketing Agency.

He is author of 8 published books including the best-sellers– The Unproposed Guy, The Weak Point Dealer, Will You Walk A Mile and The C to T of Content Marketing. He is recognized (By Google) and listed in the Top Content Writers in the World and Best Content Writers in India. He has been a dedicated and contributing writer to Entrepreneur India Magazine, Huffington Post, Yourstory and 15 other reputed blogs.

Being bibliophilic in nature and engaged in personal diary writing since I was 9, the enthusiasm I have for writing can be expressed clearly when I write about the intersection of Technology, Startup, Entrepreneurship, Advertising and Juggle them. If you are finding the unsurpassed among the better Website content writer or Professional Statement of Purpose SOP Writers then Bhavik Sarkhedi is one of the innovators in the wordsmith’s community. I, business content writer, bring a personal and effective approach to every project I work on.

He is one of the many authors in Indian who has published in The New York Times and Forbes US. You can check out his LinkedIn here.

Here’s what he offers :

  • Blog Writing
  • Online content writing service
  • Website writing service
  • SOP/LOR writing
  • Admission essays
  • Copywriting service
  • E-commerce content creation service
  • Social media ads writing service
  • Product reviews and comparisons
  • Creative writing service
  • Email creation
  • E-book writing
  • Novel typing
  • White paper writing
  • Press release
  • And more

Sorav Jain

Website :

Sorav is a branding expert, an agency owner, trainer, keynote speaker and a digital marketing consultant with several award-winning campaigns.

Sorav Jain is an entrepreneur, and one of India’s top digital marketing and social media marketing experts. He is also a skilled consultant, trainer, author and speaker. He has a qualified Master’s in International Marketing Management from Leeds University Business School and is a proud alumnus of Loyola College, Chennai. Sorav started his career at the age of 17 as an SEO executive and carries about ten years of Industry experience.

Sorav spearheads echoVME, a digital marketing agency based out of Chennai, where some of the best Social Media Strategists work in tandem to drive results. Sorav believes ‘Digital Marketing is All About Practise’ and hence acclaimed organisations like Bosch India, Ramco Systems, Ramco Smart Build, Oliva Clinic, Equitas, Infinitheism,, The Hindu Events, Smart CEO Magazine, Urban Tree Infrastructures, Oliva Clinic, Kay Fashions, Chu Chu TV, JCS Jewel Creations, Datri, Welona Clinic, SPR Highliving, Wink, Fomra Housing, Manyavar and another 50+ brands are part of echoVME‘s client list.

Owing to his passion for teaching Digital, in September 2019, Sorav started Digital Scholar, India’s first agency-styled Digital Marketing agency. It is situated in Chennai and covers more than 12 different modules that touch all the major aspects of Digital Marketing. The approach is more agency-based, which goes beyond classroom training; this makes students work-ready from day one.

Sorav has been listed as Top Social Media Marketers under the age of 30 by Social Samosa and Global Youth Marketing Forum has awarded him as ‘Top 25 Social Media Professionals of India‘. Sorav has trained more than 100,000 professionals in the field of Digital Marketing, Personal Branding, Facebook Advertisements and has offered his lectures at Confederation of Indian Industry, NASSCOM, TiE Chennai, TiE Coimbatore, National Entrepreneurship Network, IIM – Kozhikode, LIBA, GLIM, Madras Chamber of Commerce, PSE University and at various other prestigious institutes.

Sorav is also a corporate trainer and regularly hosts programs for 2020MSL, Hanmer MSL, Times Internet, Genpact, Shriram Value, Bosch India, Preethi Appliances, Hexaware, Communicate India and many other IT, PR, digital and advertising agencies.
Sorav drives one of the top Digital Marketing communities on Facebook with 60,000+ Members titled Digital Marketing Question and Answers on Facebook.

Sorav is on a mission to reach out to rural India to teach Digital Marketing. And hence he launched a Free Hindi Digital Marketing course to help people define the purpose of using digital. Sorav has also authored some of the highly insightful books about Digital Marketing. His first book was “Social Media for Business” which was a well-written compilation of cases of Indian Brands. His next book was ‘101 Content Marketing Tips on Social Media’ which was a quick handbook full of practical tips. Next up is his latest book, Become a Brand, which is a comprehensive guide on how to build your personal brand on Social Media with many examples and Case Studies from local, Indian and Global market.

So, if you are looking to hire an expert in SMM, SMO, SEO, and Personal Branding, then book a consultation meeting with Sorav now!

Digital Pratik

Website :

Digital Pratik is into his 30s, is the smiling dude, a practical practitioner of life & the Indian Romeo of building a successful & powerful personal brand by applying branding & marketing strategies which work in the now.

Digital Pratik is a Personal Branding Practitioner & a Social Media Influencer who delivers consistent value on Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Giphy, Apple Podcasts, Spotify & more. He also trains professionals with his coaching, mentoring & consulting programs.

Apart from this, Digital Pratik is also a very good digital marketing consultant.  He does consultancy for digital marketing.  So, if you want to get any kind of suggestions to grow your business, then you should contact him for consultancy.

He is a college dropout thrice, he focused on his work and now he is a successful human being.  In 2010, he left his first college due to some family problems.  Then he joined the call center’s job for four years. After that, he joined a company as a digital marketing executive. In that company, Pratik trains many employees for digital marketing. Apart from this, in 2010, he was working for his brand. In 2018 his brand gone viral. And now he is a successful content creator. This is a big achievement for him.

Bonus Content: Bonus Digital Marketing Experts

List of 20-25 questions and answers regarding authors and their influence in the field of content marketing in India:

Q1: Who are some of the prominent authors shaping the content marketing landscape in India?
A1: Notable authors such as Neil Patel, Bhavik Sarkhedi, Ann Handley, Joe Pulizzi, Rand Fishkin, and Jay Baer have significantly influenced the field of content marketing in India.

Q2: What are the key contributions of these authors to the content marketing industry?
A2: These authors have contributed valuable insights, strategies, and frameworks through their books, blogs, podcasts, and speaking engagements, helping marketers navigate the complexities of content marketing effectively.

Q3: How do these authors stay relevant in an ever-changing digital landscape?
A3: These authors continuously research emerging trends, conduct case studies, and engage with industry professionals to stay abreast of the latest developments in content marketing, ensuring their insights remain timely and relevant.

Q4: What distinguishes the writing style of these authors from others in the industry?
A4: Their writing is characterized by a blend of expertise, storytelling prowess, and practicality, making complex concepts accessible and actionable for marketers at all levels.

Q5: How do these authors inspire creativity and innovation among marketers?
A5: Through thought-provoking content, real-world examples, and actionable advice, these authors stimulate creativity and encourage marketers to explore innovative approaches to content creation and distribution.

Q6: What role do these authors play in shaping ethical content marketing practices?
A6: These authors advocate for ethical content marketing practices, emphasizing transparency, authenticity, and respect for the audience. They set standards for responsible marketing conduct and highlight the long-term benefits of ethical content strategies.

Q7: How do these authors engage with their audience beyond their written work?
A7: They actively participate in industry events, conduct workshops, host webinars, and engage with their audience on social media platforms, fostering a sense of community and collaboration among marketers.

Q8: What impact have these authors had on the professional development of content marketers in India?
A8: Their insights and guidance have empowered content marketers to enhance their skills, expand their knowledge, and achieve greater success in their careers. They serve as mentors and role models for aspiring professionals in the industry.

Q9: How do these authors address the unique challenges faced by content marketers operating in the Indian market?
A9: They provide context-specific advice, case studies, and examples tailored to the Indian market dynamics, helping marketers navigate cultural nuances, linguistic diversity, and regional preferences effectively.

Q10: What lessons can content marketers learn from the experiences shared by these authors?
A10: Marketers can learn valuable lessons about audience engagement, content strategy, measurement, and optimization from the practical experiences and anecdotes shared by these authors.

Q11: How do these authors foster collaboration and knowledge-sharing within the content marketing community?
A11: They encourage collaboration through guest blogging, podcast appearances, and networking events, creating opportunities for professionals to share insights, exchange ideas, and learn from each other.

Q12: What emerging trends and technologies do these authors often discuss in their work?
A12: These authors frequently explore topics such as artificial intelligence, voice search, interactive content, personalization, and omnichannel marketing, providing valuable insights into leveraging new technologies for content success.

Q13: How do these authors address the evolving role of content in the customer journey?
A13: They emphasize the importance of creating customer-centric content that resonates with audiences at every stage of the buyer’s journey, from awareness to advocacy, driving meaningful engagement and conversion.

Q14: What strategies do these authors recommend for measuring the effectiveness of content marketing efforts?
A14: They advocate for a data-driven approach to measurement, emphasizing the use of key performance indicators (KPIs), analytics tools, and attribution models to assess the impact of content marketing on business outcomes.

Q15: How do these authors balance creativity with strategic objectives in content creation?
A15: They stress the importance of aligning creative storytelling with overarching business goals and audience needs, striking a balance between artistic expression and measurable results in content development.

Q16: What advice do these authors offer to marketers seeking to build a strong personal brand through content?
A16: They emphasize the importance of authenticity, consistency, and value-driven content in building a personal brand, encouraging marketers to share their unique perspectives, experiences, and expertise with their audience.

Q17: How do these authors address the growing importance of visual and interactive content in marketing?
A17: They explore the role of visual storytelling, interactive experiences, and multimedia formats in capturing audience attention and enhancing engagement, providing practical tips for creating compelling visual content.

Q18: What strategies do these authors recommend for optimizing content for search engines and social media?
A18: They provide actionable SEO and social media tactics, including keyword research, content optimization, social sharing strategies, and community building techniques, to maximize visibility and reach.

Q19: How do these authors anticipate and adapt to changes in content consumption habits and platform preferences?
A19: They closely monitor consumer behavior trends, platform updates, and algorithm changes, adapting their content strategies accordingly to meet evolving audience expectations and preferences.

Q20: What collaborative opportunities do these authors create for marketers to learn from each other and share best practices?
A20: They organize mastermind groups, online communities, and industry events where marketers can connect, collaborate, and exchange insights, fostering a culture of continuous learning and professional development.

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