क्या Corona, क्या नहीं Corona

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

इसको पढना पूरा प्लीज़
अभी टाइम हे, फिर शायद ना हो
पता हे मुझे मरना तो हे सबको एक दिन
पर ऐसे एक साथ नहीं
केसा लगेगा भगवान को ये तो सोचो
के इंसान को उसके घर में रहने को बोला था, मेरे घर पे नहीं

I woke up early today, not because the दूधवाला rang the bell at 6 but I heard the birds chirping outside my bedroom window. Let me get this straight, there ain’t any birds or animals around our place. By the way, the birds were beautiful, and it just let me introspect – What’s happening?

Yes, the simple question is ‘What the hell is happening?

And, unlike every mysterious question, the answer is ‘We don’t know, do we?’ No ways, this article is not going to guide you on washing your hands and wear masks, duh, I know that you are [not] doing that whole [not] heartedly. Come on 🙂

Later that morning [early] the recommended video in YouTube led me to see this similar pandemic which happened in 1918 and killed 50 million people. I watched that because I guess I care about me, oopss, did I say anything wrong?

This was no different than Corona. See it. Feel it.

The numbers are horrifying, aren’t they? That’s the problem, you see. The numbers.

We, Indians, love numbers. Right from Teen Patti game to Angel Investors’ gross revenue to a Fortune 500 company’s valuation to cricketers’ highest scores to CTC of your boss to counting 2000 rupees note in your Tijori [only if you are rich] , we are overwhelmed only when we see the numbers.

And this under-estimated Corona Virus hasn’t still shown any NUMBERS in India and so we [Being Democratic AF] roam around in the streets, do the hell we want to do. Hey, we have the right to do so, okay?

Well, right, only if You Live, hehe, lol!

Moving On. Since I had nothing much to do, I watched another video

Ask yourself if you would survive in such lock down?

Too long, if you may have not seen. The below are the important takeaways.

This was done to stop a deadly virus from spreading further across the nation. STRICTLY. We know about our country, don’t we?

Netflix, Prime, Hoststar and YouTube Premium – if are your answers for LOCKDOWN. F*** your logic as psychologically we get bored of anything and everything which is monotonous and singular and unaltered.

Somehow, YouTube (Robot) knew me more than myself

Bookmark this season, perhaps, you will need to watch this in YOUR next phase LOCKDOWN period. It will tell you the consequences of ‘Being at the same place’ and what damaging effects will it have to your so-called Brilliant Brain.

The Possible Best and Worst Case Scenario – From New York Times

क्या Corona, क्या नहीं Corona – जो करना हे वो अभी करोना

To end this, I am just like you all, sometime un-obedient, some times the most obeying person, the same who keeps asking ‘When will it end?’. Honestly and evidently, we don’t know. But, India is vulnerable because of its population. Don’t UNDERESTIMATE IT. So, STAY INSIDE. STAAYYY WITH YOUR FAMILY.

And ending it with this guy passing the good message with God’s will. I liked his ‘Economy will go down, but will affect everyone, will handle it TOGETHER’.

IF you are still someone who is IGNORANT, में कुछ नहीं करूँगा , be prepared for this

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