Is the Content Writing Industry Emerging? How and Why?

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The content writing industry has seen a massive increase in career opportunities. Since businesses from different industries are planning to go online and build a virtual presence, they require content writing services. And to help them out, there are dozens of freelance writers who offer their expertise. Websites like Freelancer, Upwork, and Fiverr have given a platform to new writers who want to pursue content writing as a side hustle. This has given a better shape to the existing industry and it allows businesses to connect with proficient writers from across the world. The Dentsu Aegis Network has estimated that the digital industry is set to reach 50,000 crores in the upcoming 5 years. This marvelous growth will also give the content industry a much-needed boost.

In this post, we’ll be looking at some of the factors which have led to growth in this industry:

Brands Can Build A Reputation and Establish An Online Presence

With the help of the right kind of content and appropriate digital marketing tactics, brands can easily build a reputation. They can publish informative writings and build customer trust. Content is a crucial medium that allows brands to convey their message as effectively as possible. Since brands and upcoming companies have realized the power of good-quality content and how it can bring in multiple rewards, they are now investing their money in writing services.

Since the digital world is expanding every day, it is safe to say that this industry will see impressive growth as well. The number of freelancers and full-time professionals is increasing rapidly, which means that many writers are ready to take up projects. There are as many writers willing to write for money as the number of companies and businesses that are looking to upgrade or change their means of advertising or promotion of products or services.

The best part about this industry is that it is very open to accepting individuals from all backgrounds to become writers. The lack of professional university-certified courses on content writing has allowed this industry to welcome professionals from other fields.

People who love gadgets have started writing reviews while creative professionals have started writing about lifestyle, health, parenting, and much more. There are so many niches that it’s hard to just pick one!

The internet has further helped individuals who don’t have adequate knowledge about the subjects to research and gather sources without having to spend much money. As a bonus, there are a variety of courses on websites such as Coursera that allow individuals to polish their skills or learn more about this field without stepping out of their house.

Don’t have a degree in Literature? No problem.

While a majority of recruiters require freelancers to have a degree in Literature or Journalism, a lot of them are okay with writers who don’t have these degrees as long as they possess the right skills. This allows people to pursue content writing as a part-time profession. All they need is a couple of hours a day to whip out an informative article. Who doesn’t love some extra cash?

Experienced writers even take multiple projects or work from different companies at a time. For this reason, the resources, i.e writers, of the content writing industry never dwindle.

Content is one of the most rudimentary needs of any company. Whether you own a start-up or a top-notch company, you will need a couple of writers who can take your business to the next level. The importance of good creative writing services has become prominent now. The cost of digital marketing is lower than that of traditional modes and the return on investment is amazing as well. To top it off, companies have an insight into how well their marketing campaigns work. They can find out which areas they need to work on with the help of feedback from consumers. 

Well-placed Strategy = Higher Conversion Rate

If the content on one’s website or blog is placed strategically, it can lead to a higher conversion rate. Organizing content and keeping a uniform format can be a great way to make the website more SEO friendly. Plus high-quality write-ups can push the website higher in the search engine rankings.

By using different kinds of content formats such as emailers, social media copies, white papers, blogs, and more, companies aim to answer some of the basic questions that people have while imparting knowledge and value.

Retain Your Audience!

Posting regularly on your website and blog allows users to have loyal, returning customers. Since these posts are shareable across social media platforms, you can use them along with your social media strategy and build your audience.

Educating customers about their products and services can make it easier for brands to convince the users to make a purchase. It can help them to make the right choice and move along the conversion funnel. This way, users will be convinced that your brand is worth investing in. By showcasing your products and letting your customers know how they can benefit from the services you offer, you can help them to make better and smarter choices. When you consistently publish helpful write-ups that can answer questions that consumers may have, search engines will rank your brand higher, leading to more visitors and a higher conversion rate. This is how Freelancers and writers can be an asset to any business organization.

Not only this, fresh content can help you to open up new conversations with your audience. You can use the platform to talk about issues in society and build a connection with your user base. Remember that the relationship between an organization and the audience is not transactional but it should be empowering and engaging.

Give Your Brand Its Personality

Because effective language coupled with reliable information is necessary to attract customers or patrons, people who are good at using the right words are more in demand than ever.

Have you come across brands that seem to post a certain kind of content? It may be because the writers have a style of writing which reflects in their work. Likewise, someone who has a humorous and witty style may consciously or unconsciously merge that in their work.

Brands are not imaginary entities, they are only a puzzle piece of a bigger picture – a picture that lets the consumers understand the ethics of a brand, its goals and motives, and what the brand stands for. In addition to efficient marketing strategies, the brand must focus on fighting for social causes such as racism or Islamophobia. This helps the consumers understand that the brand is not in the race for money but that it wants to create awareness among the masses and uproot these social evils.

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