How to Start your career as a Freelance Writer in India?

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Words are a playground for any writer and if you are good with words then what’s better than turning this into a profession? If you are someone in India who doesn’t like belonging to the rat race of 9-5 Jobs and want to make a living with the way you play with words then being a Freelance is the best option for you.

But what exactly is freelancing? Recently, this word has entered the mainstream world and anybody who is good at something thinks about doing freelancing for their respective field. It can be writing, graphic designing, photography, video editing, etc.

But is it easy? No. Like any other profession, freelancing also takes dedication and hard work from any writer. If you are willing to put in all the efforts then this would turn out to be very profitable for you.

“Writing is easy, even a seven-year-old boy can do that. But writing about things that matter and being able to connect with your audience and fulfill all the requirements of your client, that’s hard…but definitely worth it.”

So how do you become a Freelance Writer in India? There is so much information available on the internet about this that it is very difficult to filter out the information that matters and helpful.

So let us help you and present you the simple guide to becoming a freelance writer in India. Hold your seatbelts and let us start the journey.

Step 1: Create Something for Yourself and Understand What You Are Good at

This is the first step you will have to take if you are going to embark on the journey of being a freelance writer in India. You would have to create something for yourself that can act as a platform for your work. It can be a Facebook Page, a Website, or a Blog, but the idea is to make a platform and write regularly so that people can see your work when you pitch your clients. When you set up a platform for yourself, you would understand whether you’re a master or one thing or a jack of all. In short, making a platform would give you tremendous benefits. It would act as a platform, portfolio and you would have something to show to your clients.

Step 2: Know Your Words and the Tools to Use Them Better

The second step would be to familiarize yourself with all the writing tools. If you want to portray yourself as someone who is serious about his/her profession then you need to know all the tools. Tools such as MS-Word, Juggernaut, WordPress, Grammarly, Plagiarism Checker, SEO, Google Keywords, Thesaurus, etc. would come in handy in meeting all the requirements of your client because write-ups won’t be the same and the topic needs to be well researched, authentic, and plagiarism free. You would also need to be a bit more organized and store all the information regarding all your freelance projects, client information, and requirements.

Step 3: Train Yourself

After you have made a platform for yourself and familiarize yourself with all the tools, the next step is to train and equip yourself with all the knowledge and skills regarding your field. You need to understand that the freelance market is ever-changing, it is never constant. Your demand will change, the writing style will change, the market will change. There will be new trends coming in. So you need to ensure that you are staying updated with all the skills. Browse websites such as Coursera, Edx, Udemy, etc and browse their courses regarding Social Media, Digital Market, and Writing styles and stay in the loop with all your clients and give yourself a competitive edge.

Step 4: Pitching and Networking

Now the fourth step is to pitch yourself to clients. You need to understand the concept of Networking and use it to your advantage. Join all the relevant platforms in India where you can find people who can be your potential clients in the future. Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, LinkedIn, etc. can come in handy when it comes to finding clients for freelancing. Facebook Groups can also be a nice way to find freelance clients and market yourself as a freelancer in India. Unless and Until people don’t know about you as a Freelancer, they are not going to pitch you automatically. You need to make a personal brand that can help you identify yourself as a freelancer.

Step 5: Practice, Practice, and Practice!

After you have done all the above steps and made a personal brand for yourself, the final step is to practice what you have learned. Practice is the only way you are going to polish your skills. The more you practice, the more you are going to be better at it. So, go ahead and practice your skills, knowledge and pitch more and more clients by practicing your networking skills as well.

Just go for it

The most challenging aspect of any new endeavor is usually getting started. Freelance writing is a terrific way to express yourself creatively while still earning money. And, best of all, you’ll need little to no money to get started. So create a free blog or website, spend some time daydreaming about what you’d like to write about, and then start writing. That’s all for it.

To be added as the conclusion.

The best-paying writing jobs aren’t often listed on the job sites. However, you do not need to chase anyone if you are competent at your job, develop your own blog/website, build a strong portfolio of work, and make yourself prominent in the online realm through social media.
Work will eventually come to you from domestic and foreign clients, and you will be highly compensated.

Find things priced differently in every industry, geared at the different clientele. You have expensive automobiles like BMW and Audi, but you also got Maruti and Tata cars that are made and priced for a specific customer niche.
Likewise, there will be low-cost and high-cost freelance writers and low-cost and high-cost clients. But, again, it is entirely up to you to decide wherever you want to be on that map, and you must act appropriately.

To Summarize, being a Freelance Writer in India is not an impossible job. You just need to equip yourself with the right kind of people, knowledge, and skills. You need to be able to understand all the concepts pretty well in ogre to understand the requirements of your clients.

You need to make yourself a personal brand and take pride in the fact that you have chosen to step out of the rat race of 9 to 5 jobs and decided to become a freelance writer in this country. And for that, you need to know all the concept that comes with Digital Marketing, Social Media Presence, and brand management so that you can be comfortable with any kind of project that comes your way.

If your work is good and you are offering consistency, then there will always be clients coming your way. One happy client will lead to 5 more potential clients in your way and soon enough you will be able to create a matrix of all the potential clients and projects coming frequently

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