How to Earn as a Freelance Content Writer?

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

Since we are amid a pandemic, which is certainly not showing any signs of slowing down, there is also an increase in job loss and the WFH environment. According to one estimate, there will be around 400 million job losses globally in 2020. It’s 2022; just when things were getting normal, the new Covid-19 variant has attacked, pushing people back to stay-at-home days and fearing job loss. In this situation, people are keen to look for alternate job options to generate revenue. As full-time staff position has dwindled, demand for freelance or contract surged. Companies looking to cut-short expenses are hiring freelance writers to outsource projects. For blogs, articles, or social media posts, freelancer content writers are in demand.

But it is not a cakewalk to take up a project and start earning. Freelance content writing requires basic concept understanding, patience, and skill to grab clients. Whether you are taking up freelance content writing for passive income or full-time earning, there are specific ways to get things done in shape.

Freelancer writers can work on different content areas, including creative writing, newspaper, magazine, blogs, etc. Some are even hired as copywriters to create social media content. If you are among those who got affected due to a pandemic and are keen on taking up freelance writing, then here are a few top tips you can follow.

But first, let’s take a look at freelance writing in general.

What is the definition of a freelance writer?

A freelance writer’s primary responsibility is to create the content their clients require. While this may look simple, there are substantial differences in writing, subject areas, preparation, and related activities when generating that material. People hire freelance writers to produce everything from novels and books to articles, website pages, news items, social media updates, and comprehensive reports.

You may utilize content management systems like WordPress to work with information written in word processors like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. You can generate social material immediately on a service like Twitter or Facebook, or you can utilize social media organizing tools to create a large amount of information and schedule it to once and broadcast later.

Thankfully, there will be people and corporations looking for anything you like to write and wherever you like to write it.

Tips to earn as a Freelance Content Writer

1. Learn, Unlearn and Relearn

Freelance content writing is now a highly competitive area. Every other person having a flare of writing takes up the project and starts earning. However, not everyone succeeds for long. Irrespective of the language you write the content, it is vital to have fluency, understand the flow and structure, and sentence formation. These aspects play a significant role when writing content in English. You need to carry vital vocab and grammar prospects. Once you get the idea of these aspects, you can improve accordingly and take up projects.

2. Invest in a Credible Online Content Writing Class

Right from 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, online class business skyrocketed. An individual can now enroll in an online course and get a certificate that can be useful in the future. An advanced content marketing certification course could be a getaway for freelance projects. It will help you create engaging content, strategies, and processes to enhance overall marketing. You can take up practice projects, case studies, learn comprehensive content, and other benefits through online courses.

3. Starting a Blog

Blogging is ideal for reaching out to clients and sharing your skills. Having a blog is the best way to exhibit and market your work. Whether your niche is education, health, travel, or technical, you can create a blog and develop content representing your skills. Having a blog will help you write a portfolio and make enough money out of it. Some of the benefits you will get from starting a blog are-

  • Consistent practice writing on topics that you are passionate about;
  • Lead generation strategy
  • Building a target audience and your brand

When creating a blog, ensure you provide a Bio that defines you, stick to your niche, and try marketing it on different platforms.

4. Finding a Profitable Niche

Let us be clear, not every niche offers high-paid content work. Moreover, not every writing service will provide you with high-paid or regular work. It is vital to do good research work before taking up projects. There are some profitable niches like medical, education, travel, and digital media. Niche down and search for more projects on content writing, offering good pay.

5. Pitching your Stories

If you have the zeal for writing and got some stories to explore and write, you can either open approach any magazine or blogging website or open up your blog. Thanks to WordPress, BlogSpot, and other mediums, you can quickly write down your thoughts and submit them. If you are approaching a magazine or journal, and the story gets published, there is a high chance your ideas will be further accepted and read by readers. If you are not confident of your vision, open up your blog, start posting, and market it online.

6. Get Acquainted with SEO

Content writing is a part of Search Engine Optimization helping the website rank top on the Google search result. So before venturing, learn some SEO basics, including proper sentence formation, Meta description, and keyword usage. Usually, clients hire writers with a good flair for SEO and use a keyword that matches the content theme, and you should know the proper placement of keywords and other aspects of SEO.

7. Try out Different Types of Writing Assignments

Having a niche is good, but keeping your options open will help you gain different clients and more money. If a digital media company or writing service hires, you are bound to get assignments to write on various topics or formats. One client may assign white papers requiring well-researched content. The format may be different, and money is good too. Another client would ask you to write social media post for their online platform account. For every gig you take up, you need to ensure you have the basic flare of writing the specific. The more options you open, the more you earn.

8. Work on your Time Management Skills

Once you grow in freelance content writing, you will take multiple projects and work on different articles in a day. This is when you need to start working on your time management skills. If you are already good at it, you can work on different projects without compromising the content’s quality. Some clients give 24hrs deadline to complete a 500-1000 words content; it depends on your writing speed and management skill how you finish the content before the deadline and work on others. It is better to focus on your writing and completing the task.

9. Familiarize with style guide

There are different style guides you need to be aware and follow when it comes to content writing. Each style guide comes with different grammar, format, spelling, and punctuation styles. It is best to read each type of content, understand every aspect of the guide to follow, and create content accordingly.

10. Search Clients on different Platform

Today, there is a vast list of websites and social media pages where you will find clients looking to hire freelance content writers. From Indeed to Upwork, and even pages on Facebook, you will find posts from potential clients searching for writers. Send your work sample, resume, and charges so that they can compare your work and costs with other applicants. One of the best ways is to engage in cold-calling to connect with potential clients directly, and this is the most impactful way to approach clients. While sending samples, ensure they are approved ones and have no error.


Last but not least, price setting is the most vital part of freelance content writing. As mentioned earlier, freelancing is now the most competitive field, and one needs to stay updated and reasonable enough. Clients prefer writers who charge less but also offer quality content. The best is to research the current price trend in India and overseas, compare the same and accordingly charge yours. It is best to start with a low price, but as your experience increases and your writing skill has improved, increase your price. You can charge on a per-word basis or a flat price per piece. If you have a website or blog promoting your work and service, do mention the same so that clients can directly connect with you.

Let us know in the comments if these tips helped you become a promising freelance content writer.

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