How To Analyze If Your Content Marketing Is working Or Not

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

A comedian on a stage has content!

An advertisement has content!

A brand has content on the website!

A Film has content!

Compelling content is an integral part of marketing. The expansion of content to various platforms has significantly catalyzed the competition. Any brand or business undermining the power of content has minimal survival chances. There are new writers, directors, advertisers and creatives who are bringing an array of new concepts to the table.

Content marketing analyzing tips

  • Track conversions
  • Accumulate actionable metrics
  • Talk and learn from industry peers
  • Be ready to adapt
  • Systematize data collection
  • Take time for analysis and evaluate

How do you analyze content performance? Learn how to analyze and improve your content performance at each stage most effectively.

  • Setting clear goals
  • Check out how much traffic your top-performing web pages drive at the moment.
  • Analyze the search volume and struggle of the keywords you plan to target.
  • Explore your competitors’ high-ranking posts.

Metrics to check while evaluating content performance

Points to calculate.PNG

 Let’s see parameters to check relevance of your content strategy!

1. Conversion rates

Conversion can occur in various forms. It refers to the act which you are targeting with your content on display. For example, if you are an e-marketplace owner, you wish for viewers to read and buy. If it’s a news web platform, then the number of readers who read entirely and share your news piece is your conversion. Analyzing the conversion rate is the best way to check whether the content is working or not!

 2. Analyze the content

Content writing might sound an effortless task, but it’s not. It requires research, comparison and structural delivery. Also, every platform or channel has its demand. The content which might work on a website not necessarily is worth for a social media platform. There are customized requirements for every platform. Blindly putting irrelevant content without analysis is foolishness!

3. Crosscheck competitors

Competitors are the most significant factor in any brands growth. It’s a fact that no brand can ever grow if there is no competition. Taking a hint or an upgrade from competitor helps you rank higher. Also, good content is the only eligibility to rank higher in google search. If you own the content, then you are the shark in the online space.

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4.  Bounce rate analysis

Always make sure the pamphlet design shows the products available in the store!

Your user might look for a “Blue Jeans at 10%” off promotion and enter your portal. But, when the page shows other clothing items T-shirt, Blue ties and so on then, he may never revisit the entrance. Also, remember one interaction is enough to make a judgement!

So stay careful with content, so that bounce rate is low.

5. Read ratio

How much heed the reader is paying to your content can be analyzed with the reading ratio. If the content is engaging, then the reader will explore complete information without jumping.

One should always be ready to understand the core strategies offered and must stick with the goals and purposes of the content marketing. While this blog is to render insight and tips on how to know content marketing is working, it also reflects the pros and cons

Interestingly, some experts are expertise in “measuring everything,” while others are focused and concerned about whether their content truly helps people. You can mix and match advice to the best way to evaluate whether your content marketing works for you or not.

Plan to measure

Avoid the stress that comes with postponing the evaluations for the later. Make sure to include an analysis plan in your content marketing strategy and create a clear vision for how you will prove the value of your content before you draft or publish your first blog or the article.

Each analysis or evaluation plan should include methods for calculating progress toward identifying the core business and marketing objectives and the impacts for the business growth. Additionally, each piece of content should be measurable against its purpose as part of the overall strategy.

Know your most significant analytics

Total page views on content pages – which predicts and evaluates that your headlines and social promotion are sufficiently click-worthy to drive people to the page

Engagement time and conversions of the leads

On conversions, specifically, focus on entrances to the site via content pages – did people who clicked to the site through content take any of the desired actions?

If the plot and content are not appealing then, the user might look for highlight and them jump. In such a case, you should talk to your writer or concerned creative experts to include more exciting elements to make content to approachable and fun.

There are many options available to make the content exciting. You can include videos, GIF’s and infographics to make it more insightful. You need to grip the attraction point of the audience and then stick to it to run things smoothly.

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