Everything you need to know about SOPs in 2024

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

Why are universities seeking the Statement of purpose or SOP?

The SOP assists colleges and universities in analyzing if candidates are sincerely interested in the course for which they have applied, their potential to pursue and accomplish the programme effectively, and whether they will be able to contribute meaning or credit to the University.

An excellent SOP, is like a good cover letter or job application letter, aids applicants in emphasizing their skills during the admissions process internationally. A good SOP entices admissions officers who go through hundreds of applicants.

The Importance of SOP in the Admissions Process.

The SOP is perceived as one of the most crucial aspects and is an integral part of your application and a significant bridge of the whole admissions process. The SOP gives the admissions officers the most vital impression of you. Your SOP will silently convey a lot about you that a robust profile would never be able to say. The SOP reveals your attitude, ambition, clarity of thinking, and personality, and it can leverage a low GPA and average test scores (SAT, GRE, or GMAT). While your GPA and exam results are objective, your SOP is a subjective component of your application. The SOP provides you with a genuine opportunity to stand out from the crowd.

Given the significance of an SOP, it makes sense to devote time and effort to it. However, as non-native speakers of the language, it might be challenging to create an SOP that is an engaging read. Many highly gifted students fail to live up to their academic and personal profiles, resulting in the loss of a coveted seat.

To prevent inconvenience, it is recommended that you get expert assistance in drafting your SOP. With hundreds of service providers accessible, choosing which one would best meet your needs can be challenging.

To assist you in resolving this difficulty below is a breakdown of all you need to know about the SOP…

Are you concerned with taking the next big step in your academic life? Studying abroad is probably one of the best opportunities you would get to experience different styles of education in specialized universities. But wait, what is an SOP that you’re asked to submit?

Well, we’re here to help you with this confusing application process while you’ve decided to pursue the course you like in your dream university.

When grades do not reflect your capabilities, but rather your passion, interests and personal strengths are also given equal importance- you know that it’s your chance to showcase yourself. With a flawlessly crafted Statement Of Purpose, highlight your vision and distinguish yourself from your grades.

What is a Statement Of Purpose?

Statement of Purpose, also known as SOP, is a long essay that is submitted during the application process while you apply to enroll in a university abroad. The essay intends to show the admission committee about your career objectives and illustrates the reason why you would like to pursue a particular course in the university/institution you apply for.

SOP is a crucial document as it informs the admission committee about your academic background, qualifications, achievements and career aspirations while focusing on your personal interests and reasons to learn the intended course. It also emphasizes on your future goals, past experiences and other influences that have paved the way towards your current interest in the chosen field.

Importance of SOP

An SOP makes you unique and focuses on you as an individual who is different from other candidates. It is also the only document that allows you to express yourself subjectively as a person with aspirations and dreams.

So keep it original and explain yourself in the most peculiar way. You might even start with an interesting anecdote that helped you in realising your professional interests.

As a candidate, SOP hugely determines your admission to the desired program as it demonstrates you as the right person to acquire the necessary skills that the university offers. Likewise, it also reflects your strengths and accomplishments that can possibly contribute to the institution. For example, if you’re good at sports or can contribute to their community, it might prove to be an additional advantage.

Common guidelines for SOP Writing

While different courses require a varied format and some universities might even provide you with their own guidelines for SOP Writing, these are some of the common practices that need to be followed.

  1. The general word limit is ideally between 500-1200 words and can be 1-2 pages long.
  2. Unless otherwise specified, make sure to use Times New Roman with a 12 point font.
  3. Leave at least 1 inch margin on all sides and choose 1.5 as line spacing.
  4. Avoid using colourful texts or images.

Essential tips for SOP Writing

  • Keep it concise and to the point
  • Use simple language
  • Write in a positive tone
  • Express your sincerity and genuineness
  • Avoid using arrogant and overbearing statements
  • Check for good vocabulary, avoid typos and grammar mistakes
  • Divide into organized paragraphs
  • Provide a consistent flow

Not sure about what to write in your SOP?  Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

SOP Writing Services

You might find it difficult to write an essay covering all your past achievements, present involvements and future goals in an objective and credible manner. Students often tend to be carried away while they write about themselves. This could result in focusing more on one’s personal information which is unrelated to the study.

While writing an SOP, it is always important to follow a proper structure or format to make your content legible and comprehensible. The tone, choice of words and your writing style plays a major role in portraying yourself to the selection committee. Poor sentence construction and grammar mistakes can make you look bad. It is always a wise choice to get professional and flawless SOP’s that improve your chances of getting into your dream institution.

Want to create an authentic SOP? Get it professionally crafted with some of the best SOP Writing Services in India.

Write Right

If you’re looking for a professional SOP writing service that provides an SOP after thorough research in a clear and sophisticated manner, then get it written from Write Right. This company offers some of the best SOP writing services in India and has been helping students from varied academic backgrounds in securing admission in their dream colleges.

Write Right illustrates your life’s journey and academic achievements in an unique and authentic way. For this purpose, their in-house team of professional SOP writers and editors invest a lot of time in getting to know you. They engage you in the process and ask for your inputs and feedback.

You would get expert assistance from Write Right and be able to get a tailored SOP based on your needs.


When it comes to SOP Writing, Estorytellers have unbeatable talent in blending your abilities, accomplishments and research interests. Every detail is crafted with professionalism as they convey your enthusiasm in a positive and confident tone. 

Estorytellers’ team of top notch SOP writers and experienced editors highlight your uniqueness and secure your admission. They value originality and provide personalised SOP’s that are engaging and convincing to read.

Your SOP goes through a series of rigorous proofreading checks before you get the final draft. They also offer free corrections to satisfy the client’s needs and demands. Thus the company provides a high quality SOP that reflects your personality in the best light possible.


Taletel is a one stop destination for all your SOP and Content Writing needs. The company provides all types of SOP writing services for courses including MBA, MS, PhD, engineering, law, tourism, etc. They have a proven track record of getting students into some of the top universities around the globe.

Taletel’s team of 10+ professional SOP writers are updated with the latest formats and constantly monitor the current trends in SOP writing. Thus they assure you in providing SOP’s with a professional and personal touch.

They are highly reliable and provide SOP’s with formats acclaimed internationally. They also provide on-time delivery for all their services. Taletel can prove to be the best option to get a high quality SOP with a reasonable price.


Writing an SOP is a time consuming task. It may require you to invest a lot of time in self-introspection and allows you to learn more about yourself. Remember that the admission committee is interested in getting to know you as a person with your own purpose. So submitting an original and engaging SOP would surely help you to make a lasting impression.

Although it is important to tell your story, make sure that you also focus on what you can offer to enrich their community. Your understanding of the university and references to the faculty’s research studies might get them interested. So be specific and share information that is relevant to your study area.

We hope that this article was helpful in providing you with all the necessary information on SOP Writing. All the very best for your future endeavours!

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