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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

We all have heard that ‘Content is King’. But why is it so? It is because people love to read and relate. If you know what your services aim to bring up and how they can benefit others then you are set to ace the market. Here is an in-depth guideline as to how one can sketch his content marketing plan:

What’s your goal behind the Content marketing strategy?

Any new campaign, lead generations strategy or user engagement framework through content strategy must be backed by a goal. You should know what you want and how much of it. This is important because it decides how successful your strategy is. You can follow the S.M.A.R.T technique to design your goals. It includes:

  1. Specific- Spend time brainstorming what your company or you, as a sole proprietor, want from your content marketing strategy. Questions like Who is your target customer, Why this strategy and How to cross your benchmark, should be addressed by you or your marketing team.
  2. Measurable- Success is measurable and you should measure yours too. Make feasible goals and learn to predict your profits as precisely as possible. For example, you launched a campaign but you’re clueless about how much traffic it can generate, this is a lame way of planning out a strategy. Avoid shooting arrows in the dark.
  3. Achievable- Challenges are undoubtedly good for growth but too much of it can be exhaustive. Whenever you’re planning your content marketing strategy it should be effective as well as feasible. Don’t aim too high at once. Understand your time constraints and budgets impediments wisely and then set your goals accordingly.
  4. Realistic- Draw realistic plans. Any content marketing strategy doesn’t boom in a few days. It takes time to show up leads before you can discard them. Patience is a key element of strategy evaluation. Never forget the power of SEO. Give your strategy some time to bloom. You can’t avoid the gestation period but you can reduce it if your strategist knows the right content marketing strategy.
  5. Timely – You can create checkpoints to measure if your strategy is working or not. For example, if you want to raise lead generation by 10 percent within six months then after every two months it should increase by two percent. Small checkpoints are a very effective way of channelizing and analyzing your strategy.

Choose your Audience Wisely

Your audience is the most critical factor which you must consider before shooting a content strategy framework. After all, it is your audience for whom these brainstorming strategies are being built. Choosing the right target audience can enhance your engagement and lead to conversion. For example, if you are running a makeup blog and your target audience is above 40 years of age, then it will definitely lead to poor conversions. In such cases, it is important to understand your product and its potential users. Here are some points that you should consider while choosing your target audience

  • Age- Before you plan your product strategy, you must understand the age group for which it is beneficial. Any Tom, Dick and Harry won’t use your service or product until you target the potential customers.
  • Gender- Again a very important factor is gender. It is like if you are running a makeup blog then the likeliness of female engagement is more than makes. Your content should be appealing to females. Bring out their insecurities and address their problems.
  • Income- If you’re selling premium services or products then only a certain class of people could afford it. It makes no sense to target every individual. it saves your time as well as money.
  • Location- Location-based optimization is very useful to dominate the local market. It helps in outpacing your competitors and open the doors of opportunity for you.

If you learn to identify your potential customer, your limitations, budget and time then you can weave a beautiful and effective content marketing strategy. Creating a random blog article won’t serve your need unless it is optimized with proper target resources. Content is the king of all digital marketing fields and it is time to dive deep and harness its potential to grow your business.

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