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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

Ghostwriters and ventriloquists are pretty similar. They both speak for others by giving their voice or words in the form of a blog, memoir, or manuscript. The ghostwriters in India and the world are internalized ventriloquists in the world of literary fests and publications.

The term ghostwriting in layman’s term means a writer forfeiting is right on his work. For example, writing an article, content copy, e-book, or manuscript for someone else in exchange for financial transactions and not using it under your byline. Ghostwriting services in India are gaining prominence as entrepreneurs, celebrities, politicians, and even start-ups want to talk about their success. They want to be found, and e-books, memoirs, autobiographies are the best way to upscale their fame. But, they have the wherewithal to outsource writing. That’s where content agencies like Estorytellers come into the picture.

Ghostwriters in India are veiled writers providing writing services to everyone from publications to Bollywood to content marketing companies like Write Right. There many reasons why people opt for ghostwriters except for the apparent lack of writing skills.

Seven reasons to hire ghostwriters in India or anywhere in the world:


Ghostwriters are the subject-matter experts

Ghostwriters have their expertise and niche. They are the subject matter experts and will make cumbersome work easy and streamlined. As they are proficient in their field, you can expect a well-researched, fact-checked, and err-free write-up. It is a primary reason why people hire ghostwriters from Taletel or Estorytellers. They will fill the gaps of knowledge with their research and pen down a gripping write-up.

Ghostwriters are time savers

When Mr. Ramani wanted to write his book on success mantras, he calculated the time required to finish a 150-page book. Owing to his busy schedule and social obligations, he realised that he could invest one hour daily, which means it will take three months to complete the book. Next minute he contacted us at Write Right and placed the order with one month deadline. We assigned our dedicated writer, who completed the project in twenty-five, including revisions and editing.

Ghostwriting services save time because ghostwriters in India take over the responsibility of interviewing, researching, drafting the first template, and finally creating a manuscript. When a dedicated ghostwriter works on the project, a 1000 hour project can be reduced to 100 hours with a premium quality outcome.

No need not to learn how to write a book or blog

Are you planning to showcase your products online but don’t have a product catalogue? Or, you want to create a bio page for Wikipedia? Or, you have a website with zero blogs?

Ghostwriting services in India cover everything you can think of but have no idea how to implement. Ghostwriters will create an engaging blog, conduct a survey, create a report on the industry trends, and even write a fiction book with no credit.  They know the technicalities of writing a book, formatting a blog, and are a pro at syntax or vernacular. So, outsourcing work to a ghostwriter will help save time and energy on learning the art of writing.

Your work will be complete in the stipulated time

Ghostwriters in India or abroad work on deadlines and intend to stick to the deadlines to get more projects. Freelance ghostwriters especially respect the deadline because their earnings depend on the consistency of multiple projects. It is advantageous for you as the project will be completed in less time without compromising the quality.

You don’t have to be an expert in the subject

You have a vague idea and want to implement it? That’s enough for a ghostwriter to start research and dig deep. As mentioned earlier, ghostwriters are good at research and will compile the data required for the project. Even if you aren’t the subject matter, they are and will pen down a write-up from a company’s or an entrepreneur’s perspective. It will save you from researching and understanding the complexities. Most ghostwriters even prepare short notes or FAQs so that client can answer the question related to the book or business plan.

Experience, Professionalism

A ghostwriter is likely to be familiar with the literature that will contend with yours and may make your work far more outstanding than your competitors. Experience, professionalism, vision, and creativeness are all essential. Even if they are exceptional intellectual leaders, CEOs, or entrepreneurs, many people do not believe they can write.

Writing effective work requires specific information. Hiring a ghostwriter with expertise and experience in publishing results in a premium product for you.

It takes time — a lot of time — to write a story. Many writers may make more money doing what they love rather than quitting their day job to devote months to writing a book. Hiring a ghostwriter is an investment that will pay dividends in the long run.

A great ghostwriter writes the compelling content you provide him with. Still, he also leverages his creativity, intellect, and expertise to complement and improve on what you would have written yourself.

Better content & less stress

Ghostwriters are passionate about writing, and it shows in their writings. Their content will, by default, be of high quality. Because not all ghostwriters are set equal, evaluate their portfolio and references before employing one.

To keep ahead of the pack, you must develop a lot of new material since content writing is critical to creating a successful internet business. It would be stressful if you handled everything yourself. Hiring a ghostwriter to create original content will allow you to focus on growing and marketing your company.

Types of Ghostwriting Services in India


Content Writing

With the advent of digital marketing, content writing has become the backbone of a company expanding its business online. Anything from website content to articles to a press release or guest posts is written by ghostwriters in India and abroad. Moreover, Google, the No.1 search engine in the world, relies on content. It captures well-researched content with new information that will help resolve user queries. So, the ghostwriters are high in demand and expected to write content that’s consumer-oriented and optimized according to SEO guidelines.


In simple words, copies written to sell any product or service on the internet are called copywriting (not copyrighting.) It includes content for sales funnel pages, advertisement of social media and search engines, emails, social media copywriting (posts on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter), lead magnets, and free guides. Copywriting is an extensive field that requires top talent and research to understand the customers’ pain points, psychology, and buyer’s journey to create a revenue-generating copy. Most ghostwriters working as copywriters are highly paid in the industry.


Are you planning to create a short video or write a fiction book or create a promo video to market your product? In any case, you need a manuscript, and ghostwriters will make that for you. It is a popular form of ghostwriting service in India. Many scriptwriters, producers, and publication agencies hire ghostwriters to create compelling manuscripts. Often a ghostwriter interviews the client to understand the nature of the work or theme of the movie and accordingly make the first draft.

Creative Writing

Creative writing is a vast field that includes anything from short motivational stories to poems to fiction writing. Fiction ghostwriters are in demand today because people outsource the plotting and conceptualizing to the ghostwriters in India and abroad. They don’t want to go through the entire creative process of finding the motivation or getting in the zone or researching, so instead, outsource it to a scholar in the field to ghostwrite for them.

Hardcover or E-books

In the digital age where millennials and digital-savvy professionals prefer e-books, still, there is a segment of hardcover readers. There are several books, from fiction to non-fiction to self-help, written by ghostwriters but printed with the names of famous authors. It is an inexhaustible industry as people are not reading for leisure anymore. They are constantly consuming knowledge and learning new concepts. You can find E-guides on any topic, and most of them will be written by a ghostwriter in India or someone easting croissant in a foreign country.

Autobiography and Speeches

Autobiographies and memoirs can never go out of demand. Digital marketing makes a small start-up company look like a brand and a budding entrepreneur like an internet mogul. The millennial generation is becoming influencers, and brands are looking for youth icons. In the fame game, entrepreneurs, politicians, and celebrities want to stand out of the rat race by becoming inspiration, and autobiographies are the best way even today. With the easy availability of e-book and Kindle, autobiographies and memoirs can be quickly promoted and sold. All you need is a kickass ghostwriter to make your life story inspirational. He will weave words that will create a lasting impact on the readers’ mind.


The deep-rooted knowledge of the ghostwriters, versatility in their writing, and the knack of binding the audience with their writing make ghostwriting services in India one of the most popular. We at Write Right have a well-versed and diverse team of ghostwriters who can write anything from a blog to a book. They are storytellers, researchers, fact-checkers, and subject-matter experts ready to create an emotional connection between the readers and the companies with their words.

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