5 Best Digital Marketing Companies in Ahmedabad [Updated 2024]

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Bhavik Sarkhedi
Bhavik Sarkhedi

As individuals who are aware of what digital marketing has become for the Indian society or as individuals who are learning and gaining more awareness of what digital marketing is all about, it is important to understand how before the advent of digital marketing, the methods of marketing were traditional by nature and included activities such as spreading awareness of information or any kind of experience through word of mouth, announcements and advertisements over the radio, commercials being played on the television, going from door to door to advertise a particular product or service, etc. When the internet was accepted into the society, people could understand how they could continue to provide the same kind of services that they had been doing for a long period of time, but now through the internet. With the acceptance and welcoming of smart devices as well as gadgets, individuals were able to access services from the comfort of a specific, rather than going around in search of said products and services.

The internet allowed people to reach out to larger sections of the society as well as target a certain group of audience in a more effective manner, without having to face the hassles of trying to reach out to them in person. With the internet having begun to influence and impact the lives of people from an individual’s perspective as well as a business point of view, digital marketing had been able to further branch out and target people with various types of communications. The role of digital marketing as a means of reaching to large masses of people at a time goes beyond ‘advertising’ to them about products or services they may be interested in or would want to try out. Digital marketing can highly influence people by showcasing text, audio, videos, images, etc., in various formats as well as communicative methods and this will end up leaving an impression in the minds of the potential clients who would want to work with the agency offers does digital marketing strategies and solutions, or to the target audience who will subconsciously remember about the product or service due to how appealing the imagery may have been or the how catchy the tune of the jingle may have been. Digital marketers can study their audience by following the patterns and trends as well as for how long individuals may be seen browsing through social media or other platforms and websites so as to be able to cater to them in the most error-free way possible.

Digital marketing, from the perspective of a job role, has been rapidly growing in a developing nation such as India and the reasons that contribute to digital marketing gaining popularity over the past many years is due to the concept of ‘digitization’ catching on pretty quickly and being implemented in all of the states of the country, portals being opened on the online platform, through the various channels that social media offers, and many more. There are expanding prospects in this field and it does not feel like it is going to lose the momentum anytime soon since individuals are beginning to show interest in the world of digital marketing and have a lot to offer whether it is in the form of written content, social media, etc. It was during the year 2013 when Digital Marketing as a well-known internet-based marketing tool prospered and ever since then has not stopped growing and contributing to the economy.

As a business, digital marketing is picking up pace since the number of agencies around the country can be seen emerging in abundance, some that work on small scale basis, while others are quite large organizations. Each digital marketing firm offers an array of services which could range from strategies for SEO, creating of campaigns for marketing, content writing for various social media platforms or websites, blog writing, etc. These agencies provide services that aim to fulfill every businesses’ needs in whatever area they may need a skilled individual’s expertise on and in the long run, people will begin to feel the need to interact in anyway with the brand that constantly tries to grab views, but most importantly attention and then awareness building happens in due course of time.

As an aspiring digital marketer trying to understand the world of digital marketing and all of its nuances from a business perspective as well as trying to comprehend how its growth has been resulting in an increase in the number of jobs for the citizens and its impact on the digital and media industry, digital marketing has taken over the Indian domain quite quickly. This is due to the fact that most businesses are choosing to generate a specific type of image of themselves on social media platforms as well as channels and with the changes made to their respective businesses, they aim to build relationships and reach more number of audiences not only at a local, but global level. By reading further on, we will be able to better comprehend how the digital marketing market industry has been doing well in a place such as Ahmedabad. There are various numbers of organizations that have been doing well with respect to providing hi-tech digital marketing solutions such as SEO services, web development specialization, to name a few. We shall have a look at the best 5 digital marketing companies in Ahmedabad so, read on to find out in extensive detail how these marketing companies can be your final stop for catering to all your digital marketing needs:

1) Dad of AdDad of Ad is a digital marketing agency that provides services apart from only digital marketing such as Creative Advertising, Media Planning as well as Outreach, Public Relations, Media Planning, Creative Direction, Graphic Designing, Music album Cover Designs, Photo Editing, Logo Animation and Creation, Music Video Direction, Scripting Writing Services, Scripts for Advertising, Creative Copyrighting, Taglines and Banner Advertisements and Script Writing for Video. The company is founded by Bhavik Sarkhedi and is his 4th venture since the year 2016. Dad of Ad provides all of the above services with respect to creation of content for different purposes as well as platforms as per the requirements of the clients and they make sure that the content is optimized specifically for the right platform. The team at Dad of Ad is highly skilled with respect to making sure the audience engagement rates as well as conversion rates are at the maximum.

2) Write RightWrite Right is a 360 degrees solution providing platform that delivers all kinds of solutions when it comes to content writing and the likes. The company is owned by best-selling author of ‘The Weak Point Dealer’ and ‘Will You Walk A Mile?’, Bhavik Sarkhedi, and he has been recognized as one of the best writers in the world, as he has almost 750+ blogs written by him and he has been featured in HuffingtonPost, Elite Daily, YourStory, Entrepreneur.com, and many more well-known magazines acclaimed as international. The different types of content writing services provided done by the agency are advertising, technical, non-technical, marketing related, SOP writing, to name a few. Having earned a high ranking on the global scale by Clutch and Good firms, Write Right has been recognized as one of the best content writing agencies in the whole of India as well as countries abroad. Over the past 5 years, Write Right has been able to improve and better itself in every aspect that allows to emerge as an efficient business, since the organization has time and again proven to be experts at what they create and deliver for various number of clients as well as potential startups. Creative Writing, Ghost Writing, Blog Writing, Social Media Writing, Website Writing, Email Writing, SOP Writing, Resume Writing and Photography are the services that Write Right specializes in and provides to its clients.

3) UplersUplers is a digital marketing agency that specializes in providing services such as UX/UI, web development as well as marketing automation. The CEO of Uplers is Jaymin Bhuptani. This organization has worldwide recognition and happens to be a globally acknowledged agency that outsources its services to other various businesses around the world. Uplers aims to give a chance to its clients to be, feel and see themselves as empowered in order to contribute to building an efficient digital ecosystem. The organization has over 7,000 clients on a global platform, with over 650 marketers, developers and designers and they have been extremely successful in what they have been doing for the past 8 years. Their portfolio includes big companies such as Disney, National Geographic, DHL, Ogilvy, Oracle, 21st Century Fox, and so many more. There are numerous services that they provide and some of them are Front-End Development, Search Engine Optimization, Programmatic Advertising, WordPress Development, UI/UX Design, Search Engine Marketing, HubSpot Development, Email Marketing, Marketo Automation and Salesforce Automation. Uplers has been given a voting of 4.9/5 stars on Trustpilot as well as on Clutch.

4) Litmus BrandingLitmus Branding is an advertising agency based in Ahmedabad and they provide services for Brand such as brand strategy, brand identity and logo design, for Promotions such as Packaging Design, Brochure Design and Brand Advertising, for Web such as Website Design and Development, Responsive Mobile solutions and Ecommerce Web solutions, for Mobile such as Native App Design, UI Design and UX design, for Digital such as Digital Marketing, Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing, and finally for Content such as Content Strategy, Copywriting and Presentation. The organization works to provide services to its clients as well as leave them feeling pleased by creating strategies that help impact their clients in a positive manner by providing highly customized solutions, by keeping in mind what will be effective as well as efficient and not something that is over the top.

5) GrowfuselyGrowfusely is an SEO-targeted content marketing agency that deals with creation of content, strategy development and planning, promotional activities, SEO as well as social media and work towards providing services in the form of solutions that are customized to a specific way, to serve the requirements of their clients. The company was founded by Pratik Dholakiya. There are numerous services they provide to clients which are strategizing content that is worthy of the brands that they work side by side with and they showcase it on various social media platforms, creating content that helps get attention for their clients, ensuring that client’s ranking of their sites are at the top by making sure outstanding content is publicized whilst making the necessary technical tweaks that are required, conducting digital PR based services that will help to procure mentions as well links from publications and well known industry relating websites, establishing a rigid presence on various social media platforms and then ensuring that the presence is maintained throughout. Their portfolio includes having worked with big names such as Wix, Push Monkey, sharekit, whatfix, Unbxd, Manipal ProLearn, paykickstart, GharPedia, Bajaj Allianz as well as The Address. Growfusely has been featured on prominent spaces such as Search Engine Journal, Inc42, YourStory, Entrepreneur as well as Search Engine Land. The organization has over 12 years of experience in the field they are most specialized in and they happen to have garnered over 500 relationships based on good faith and trust, in the past 12 years of having provided seamless services.

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