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Blogging is quite a trending word amongst netizens. However, more than a word, it is a concept. Some people think of blogs and articles as the same, but that doesn’t hold. While an article is a formal language to present facts and figures, a blog contains the same facts and figures but is written in an informal way, which gives it a personal touch.

Delhi has always captured the audiences’ attention with artistic attractions. Whether you’re an individual trying to enhance your online presence or a company looking to increase traffic to your website with captivating blogs, Estorytellers is the company to look out for.

Delhi is called the heart of Hindustan (India), and blogs are written through the heart. How? While reading a blog, what do you prefer? Sophisticated writing with no feelings or a lively article that helps you connect? Blogging is more about connecting with the reader, understanding, and establishing a relation between the blog and the audience.

Reasons why Blogs fail?

Paraphrased content:

It is a famous practice to find a good blog on the web and produce it in different words. Companies and individuals think of it as a quick way to increase traffic. However, readers are intelligent to point out non-original content on the web and blacklist them for the future.

Bland Language:

Language is the first thing a reader notices while beginning to read a blog. A poor impression will lead to an immediate switch to a substitute blog. 

Poor SEO strategy:

In digital times like these, you have to ace your SEO game to rank higher on search results. Wrong keyword placement, poor image optimization, redundant backlinks, etc., are some of the SEO blunders that lead to the failure of a blog.

Staggered Outline: 

You will fail big time if you don’t have a clearly meted-out plan to write a blog. Inconsistent writing, long paragraphs, no proper segmentation of content, etc., are examples of a staggered blog outline. 

Benefits of a Good Blog

More traffic: 

An adequately written blog attracts readers’ attention and increases traffic to your website. If the write-up is good, other web pages will hyperlink your blog in their content pieces. As a result, you will see a substantial spike in your blog’s traffic and engagement.

Increased Revenue: 

Both individuals and firms can earn through blogs. Firms can use blogs as a low-cost marketing tool to better sales, while individuals can use them as a creative tool to earn passive income. When a company uses blogs as a promotional tactic, it wins over a different niche of readers who can later convert into customers.

Enhanced Trust: 

If you regularly write qualitative blogs, you can quickly build trust among the readers. Superior quality makes people crave for more. Moreover, with peaking digitization, there is more clutter than gold on the internet. If you produce quality, you are already a step ahead of others.

Low-cost Marketing: 

Writing blogs requires no costs at all. If you choose a blog writing agency, you will have to pay. However, if you pick Estorytellers, the cost will be substantially lower. It makes blog writing an affordable tool to market your business to the target readers. 

Why choose Estorytellers for Blog writing services in Delhi?

A wide array of services: 

Creative blogs, customized blogs, informational blogs, technical blogs, or any other type of blog you are seeking, we have writers for all. The diversity of blogs at Estorytellers is what makes it a unique content writing company.

Engaging Blogs: 

With a professional team of creative writers, we are accustomed to producing captivating blogs for readers. Even if the topic is dull, our writers will infuse lively elements to make for an engaging read.  

Original and Fresh ideas: 

Plagiarism and paraphrasing have no place in our workspace. We bring original concepts to the table that are fresh to read. The blend of originality and creativity makes us produce delicious content. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): 

We mingle the latest SEO techniques into your blog so that it ranks better in the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Consequently, your website’s traffic increases, and you get to develop a vast audience base.


We are punctually committed to our clients and work diligently to fulfill their requirements. If we commit to a deadline, there is no way we are going to back out. You can customize the blog in whatever way you deem fit and leave the rest to us.

We do our homework: 

Before starting the work, we diligently research your company, target audience, and prospective keywords. It helps us craft a brilliant piece of art that a reader can enjoy to the fullest.

Open to edits: 

Sometimes, our writers and your concept visualization may not be on the same page. But you don’t have to worry; we are open to providing edits until you are satisfied. Customer satisfaction is central to our operations. 

Undoubtedly, several companies offer blog writing services in Delhi, but the quality of work at Estorytelles is hard to match. Our professional writers are always roaring to produce engaging and thought-provoking content according to your specific needs. Also, we are affordable to keep your costs low and revenues high. From researching to meeting deadlines, Estorytellers ticks all the boxes of an efficient blog writing service in Delhi.  

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